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23 April, 2009

Frank Hammer: Put auto industry in a public trust and use it to create a green transportation system

As the government works with the management of GM and Chrysler to help them become competitive auto companies, many of the company’s workers are demanding a drastically different approach.

Paul Jay sits down in Detroit with Frank Hammer, who has helped organized the Auto Worker Caravan, an organization of active and retired auto workers that is lobbying Washington to change their question. Instead of asking what would make the companies competitive, Hammer believes the question the Obama administration should be asking is what would best serve the transportation and economic needs of the American people?

BioFrank Hammer is a retired General Motors employee and former President and Chairman of Local 909 in Warren, MIchigan. He now organizes with the Auto Worker Caravan, an association of active and retired auto workers who advocate for workers demands in Washington.