HLLN 7 February, 2010 – Ratcheting up genocide in Haiti

7 February, 2010 – Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

Before earthquake the killing was by UN bullets, exclusion, NGO false benevolence, US false charity and cruel immigration laws. After Jan 12 it’s all those PLUS our people are allowed to die of critical earthquake injuries, starvation, suffering, trauma and thirst


They’re letting the people die. We see the food and water that the world has sent to Haiti, but the World Relief Organizations who have been entrusted to distribute the world’s aid to Haiti’s suffering earthquake victims are letting it just stockpiled. Tell the world, PLEASE. They’re letting the world die.

Where is the Diaspora? Where is the voices raised against this utter inhumanity?

– A Haitian Lawyer in Haiti Feb. 7, 2010

Ezili’s Response:

Kouraj my sister. The only ones we can count on are ourselves. Give me your location, we’ve trucked some food and water down from the DR, if some is still left, I’ll try and get it to your location.

Ezili Danto.

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– Ratcheting up genocide in Haiti: Before earthquake the killing was by UN bullets, exclusion, NGO false benevolence, US false charity and cruel immigration laws. After Jan 12 it’s all those PLUS our people are allowed to die of critical earthquake injuries, starvation, suffering, trauma and thirst


I don’t know what else to say. I have no more words to tell you of the inhumanity going on in Haiti and how USAID and the US and their NGOs have taken control of the generosity of the world and are letting the people of Haiti DIE, DIE, DIE. And in plain SIGHT there is food, there is water. Aid that the world’s people have sent to assuage suffering, thirst, hunger, pain of the earthquake victims of Haiti. But it’s not being distributed. The suffering is devastating. It took me days after returning from Haiti to get my hands to stop shaking. And no Haitian has the luxury of allowing trauma to paralyze. Our enemies are not taking a rest in their genocidal maneuverings for our people. No. The Chicago-boys’ Disaster capitalism is on schedule.

But Haitians at home ask me to tell you they’re dying. They’re dying.


I say the US is blocking flights into Haiti and Haitians must go through the Dominican Republic and if they are not US citizens and just mere legal residents in the US, they’re afraid to come, even the long way around, because the US is only allowing US citizens to LEAVE Haiti and those severely injured who will DIE within 48hours if not flown out!!! So, if they come and cannot leave, who will take care of their families in the US? This is so inhumane, so heart-stopping cruel and the evil is telling the world it’s “helping Haitians.” The way they helped with the search and rescue of Haitians entombed under concrete the first 48 hours when many could have been saved? What human being can ever stop hearing those cries, those moans, desperate, shrieking and then, as days went by, and then nothing.

Zili, i can still hear her, she’s down there. Still alive. Put your ear to the stone. See I told you she’s still alive. But at least this time I couldn’t hear anything. I’ve heard in other places where frantic parents dug with their hands. How does a mother live after that. How does a father find strength to be useful again, after that? And now, they who survived the death of every family member, or of a child, a parent, a friend, a relative, now they wish they had died too because the water, the food that could keep their bodies going, as their souls writher in remembrance, in lost, and in unbounded grief, is being withheld. What terror?

Water boarding the detainees at Guantanamo is nothing compared to this. Nothing.

I remember Father Jean Juste’s “Message to the Diaspora.”

It was at a time in 2005 when Bush’s imposed Boca Raton regime was killing Haitians, killing Haitians in Site Soley and the UN/US was killing Haitians, killing Haitians in Site Soley, Belair, Fort National. Father Jean Juste who was twice imprisoned by our “saviors” under the UN and US, said this, at the time to the Haitian Diaspora:


“I ask for justice for all Haitians. The other week I was in Miami protesting at the Brazilian embassy against the assassinations of Haitians by Brazilians, by the UN, committed against those who are the poorest of the poor…

It’s a criminal act of the nth degree … it’s the politics of exclusion, politics of oppression, a politics where a small group is trying to monopolize power by removing Haiti’s democratically elected president, Jean Bertrand Aristide…

If you don’t want all the Haitians to die in Haiti… YOU must stand up. ..I don’t understand. You must stand up, en mass, and protest MINUSTAH’s killing of Haitians in Haiti. You have rights in the US… If we are suffering in Haiti, you are culpable, you in the US because you won’t stand up for those dying in Haiti.” (Message to the Diaspora – in Kreyol/ bit.ly/9Kwv88)

He was speaking about the 9,000 UN troops shooting unarmed Haitian women, children, handicap people, even babies. Today his message still resonate, except that the opportunity to “kill Haitians, kill Haitians”, as that US video game – Grand Theft Auto: Vice City- advocates, doesn’t have to be done by a bullet. No. The earthquake allows those wanting Haiti’s Black majority dead to just let the earthquake victims whose legs, arms and other limbs that were amputated coagulate in blood clots and with no anti-coagulants being distributed, they are dying by the thousands. Allow people with little water, food for 27 days since the earthquake to just be without water, food or medicine. They die horribly, horribly. And I won’t go back to Haiti unless I’ve got more doctors, more food, more water, more medicine…and the US iron will blocking aid to the people, has STOPPED.

That iron will to depopulate Haiti and take the land, the resources, the strategic location of Haiti, looms large against Haiti’s defenseless and impoverished. Who will stand up against it? Who understands it enough not too waste time in useless talks and promises, if not us.

Remember how Haitians in New York got together and raised tons of food, water and medicine in September 2008, after the four devastating back-to-back storms? Remmember the international pledges to help the hurricane victims and how that came to naught and how the $100million that Congresswoman Maxine Waters and others at the CBC pushed the Bush administration to pass through never reached those most in need. But paid NGO staff salaries and shipping fee? Remmember how the people died, and died and suffered in flooded-out Gonaives. How the UN “help” was no help. The 10,000 NGO help was no help? At least 26 severely malnourished children have died while food Haitians in New York sent rot in storage? Remember people in Goanaves were living on their roofs for five, six months, with little relief? No flood barriers, or major washed-out roads and infrastructure were ever rebuild, no aid in any substantial manner ever reached the flood victims. The same is going on in Haiti right now with the earthquake.

Here’s a reminder of yesterday that is today in Haiti:

“In New York, 77 tons of food collected by New York Haitians for Haiti still remained in storage after three months because USAID instructed the food had to be shipped by its approved contractor and received by one of its approved NGOs, not directly to the Haitian government. Ezili’s HLLN was told, upon inquiring why these donations were not flown out as urgency demanded, that the Federal Government declined transport and even when New York offered to pay for transport, their National Guards were denied airspace clearance.”. It seemed that USAID, as the US Federal Government agency in charge, would rather see the collected food, water and medicine rot than have their contractors NOT make money off its shipment and delivery in Haiti! And, it did rot in a warehouse in New York while the storm-ravaged people New York Haitians had collected it for, starved and died. (Obama’s empty promises: Change did not come)

Remember this, in 2008 after the storms:

“More than six weeks after the fourth cyclone in three weeks hit Haiti the relief operation has almost ground to a halt according to a major aid organisation there. Max Cosci, spokesperson for Medicins Sans Frontieres in Haiti, says that a mixture of red tape and a failure to properly coordinate the work of different aid agencies is to blame. “There are a lot of organisations, especially NGOs and humanitarian organisations, international or national and there is not a clear coordination among them” he says… Haiti’s Prime Minister, Michele Pierre-Louis, agrees that the relief operation is badly organised and that her government is finding it impossible to coordinate the work of many international aid agencies. “It’s true that there is a major coordination problem. You see, a lot of NGOs do as they wish and the government has not been able, so far, to coordinate their efforts,” she says.

Ms Pierre-Louis says this is because western countries have long viewed Haitian governments as corrupt and inefficient. As a result they channel their donations through international aid agencies, or NGOs, who then virtually run the show. She insists that times have changed and foreign aid organisations should now allow her ministers to better co-ordinate their activities.

But Ms Pierre-Louis believes the world’s financial crisis, which has resulted in much of the promised aid failing to arrive in Haiti, is an even bigger problem.

“Close to a month after [the last cyclone] we only got 10% of the amount solicited,” she says. (Haiti aid effort unravels by Mike Thomson, BBC News, Oct. 24, 2008 http://www.margueritelaurent.com/pressclips/MaxwellOct_08.html#unravels)

And the same USAID/US/UN/NGO chorus plays on in Haiti right now. The people suffer and are dying.

Ezili Danto of HLLN February 7, 2010

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