VHeadlines.com 2 April, 2010

2 April, 2010L VHeadlines.com

Obama administration mocks Venezuelan space plans with Russian help
By: Wire Services
The Obama administration is dismissing Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’ suggestion that his country wants to set up a space program with Russian help.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin deepens ties with Venezuela’s Chavez
By: Wire Services
Russia has offered to help Venezuela set up its own space industry, including a satellite launch site, as Prime Minister Vladimir Putin made his first visit to the South American country on Friday.

Russia’s Deputy PM pledges help to overcome Venezuela’s energy crisis
By: Reuters
Russia will help Venezuela overcome its energy crisis, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin said during the first meeting of the Russian Premier, Vladimir Putin, to this Latin American country.

President Hugo Chavez says Russia keen to import Venezuelan coffee
By: Reuters
Russia wants to import Venezuelan coffee and other agricultural commodities, the Latin American country’s president said ahead of a visit to Caracas by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Reuters: Key political risks to watch in Venezuela
By: Reuters
Anger over power and water rationing, elections that may bolster opposition to President Hugo Chavez, new nationalizations, a floundering economy, and diplomatic tensions with neighbor Colombia are all risks to watch for in major oil exporter Venezue

Venezuelan crude oil basket averages US$73.48 per barrel this week
By: El Universal
The price of the Venezuelan crude oil basket this week averaged US$73.48 per barrel, representing an increase of $1.42 compared to the previous week, reported the Ministry of Energy & Petroleum.

Guillermo Zuloaga, CEO of 24.7 television news network Globovision
By: El Universal
Guillermo Zuloaga, the CEO and owner of private TV news channel Globovision, after being charged for allegedly slandering President Hugo Chavez, says he is not afraid.

From the Wall Street Journal … the mouth-piece of Capitalism
By: Kenneth T. Tellis
One will never ever see the scion of capitalism that is the Wall Street Journal tell truth about any country that is at odds with Yankee Imperialism and its policies of world domination.

Sanguino (PSUV) and Goicoechea agree that bourgeois politics is a pigsty…
By: Arthur Shaw
Democracy seems to be a form of state in which supreme power resides in the body of citizens entitled to vote, where these citizens elect their representatives who are accountable to these citizens and who exercise state power in accordance with the

Crystallex faces major cash crunch as fight for Las Cristinas draws on…
By: Brenda Bouw
Crystallex International Corp.’s long, drawn-out fight to develop the Las Cristinas gold project in Venezuela appears to have taken its toll as the Toronto-based company warns it may soon run out of cash to operate.

Ecuador, VZLA discuss military cooperation in face of threats posed USA
By: Laht.com
Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa and Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez met in Quito for talks that centered on joint economic initiatives, but the visiting head of state also raised the possibility of military cooperation in the face of threats po

Vladimir Putin to visit the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela today
By: Russian Government
Vladimir Putin will visit the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on April 2, 2010. During his stay in Caracas, the Russian prime minister will meet with President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

Rosneft in talks with Petroleos de Venezuela; no proposal on refineries…
By: Reuters
Russia’s largest oil producer Rosneft (ROSN.MM) said on Friday it was in talks with Venezuelan state firm PDVSA “on various issues,” though there were no proposals to acquire a stake in PDVSA’s German assets.

Russian fire-fighting plane makes demonstration flight in Venezuela
By: Roman Denisov
A Russian fire-fighting plane BE-200 made a demonstration flight in Venezuela, putting out a forest fire, the head of Venezuela’s national civil protection agency has said.

Venezuela’s Roman Catholic Church: Marxism a threat to religion…
By: Wire Services
Venezuela’s Roman Catholic leaders have criticized President Hugo Chavez’ attempt to make the country a Marxist state even as they urged political rivals to resolve their differences peacefully. The Venezuelan Bishops’ Conference issued a statement s

Venezuela takes delivery of two tug Navy boats built in Santiago de Cuba
By: Jose Antonio Torres
The Venceremos and Revolucion tug boats built in Santiago de Cuba as part of the accords signed within the framework of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA) will soon support the maritime-port activity in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezue

Russian oil companies line up for 50,000 bpd Venezuelan crude bonanza
By: RT Moscow
Russia and Venezuela will be jointly producing 50 thousand barrels of oil a day by the end of this year. The agreement was announced as Caracas officials prepared for today’s visit by Prime Minister Putin.

Chinese President Hu Jintao to visit Venezuela after trip to Washington
By: El Universal
President Hu Jintao will pay visits to Brazil, Chile and Venezuela in April, announced on Thursday the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Archbishop of Coro, Monsignor Luckert calls for reconciliation in Venezuela
By: El Universal
Monsignor Roberto Luckert, Archbishop of Coro, north-western Falcon state, on Wednesday called for reconciliation in Venezuela, on the occasion of Easter. He noted that this is a good time for the government to reflect about the situation facing peop

Girls separated in Nazi Germany reunite after 76 years
By: Stacey Palevsky
When Holocaust survivor Renee Duering told her life story to an oral historian in 2008, she made sure to include a message to her long-lost childhood friend: “I have not seen or heard from Margot since 1934,” Renee said. “If you are alive, Margot, an

USA concerned over Putin visit to Venezuela; blasts possible arms deals
By: Iranian Press/TV
On the eve of the Russian prime minister’s visit to Venezuela, the US pre-emptively blasted any prospective arms deals between the two sovereign states.

Eric Ehrmann // Is Hugo Chavez the Kremlin’s Useful Idiot?
By: Eric Ehrmann
With the Communist Party finding a second life in Russia one wonders if trust is wearing thin between prime minister and ex-KGB man Vladimir Putin and Moscow’s top ally in South America, the unpredictable Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez. The two leader

Venezuela to invest US$600 million in two General Electric power plants
Venezuela plans to invest some $600 million in two power plants to be built by US-based General Electric Co. that will generate 880 MW, Basic Industries and Mining Minister Rodolfo Sanz said.

Sixteen face charges in black-market Bolivar money-laundering scheme…
By: Wire Services
Sixteen people have been indicted on charges of laundering at least $7 million in drug-trafficking profits by smuggling bundles of cash in luggage on commercial flights from Puerto Rico to Miami and elsewhere, federal authorities said Wednesday.

VZLA journalist in custody despite annulment of a criminal case against him
By: Reporters Sans Frontieres
A court in the western state of Tachira has ordered that journalist Gustavo Azocar should remain in custody despite ordering the annulment of a criminal case against him. He is the only journalist currently in prison in Venezuela

Russian oil major Rosneft seeks VZLA’s German Ruhr Oil refinery assets
By: Reuters
Russian oil major Rosneft is seeking to buy stakes in four German refineries from Venezuela as part of a Kremlin drive to encourage its firms to own assets all over the world, industry sources told Reuters.

FM: Venezuela will talk to the United States when it stops “interventionism”
By: El Universal
Minister of Foreign Affairs Nicolas Maduro has once again rejected US government interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela and asserted that “in this multipolar world no country agrees to be tutored or discredited by another country, and part

Eight Colombians arrested in Venezuela on espionage charges
By: Laht.com
Eight Colombians who own and run a business in Venezuela were arrested by Venezuelan authorities and charged with espionage, Bogota daily El Tiempo said Wednesday.

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