IPS Weekly, 26 April, 2010: A Decade On, No Seats for Women at the Peace Table

SRI LANKA: Jaffna Tamils Decry Development Plan of Gov?t
Feizal Samath
JAFFNA, Sri Lanka, Apr 26 – Two cyclists from the minority Tamil community are shooed away by government soldiers as they approach this northern Sri Lankan city?s only Buddhist temple while President Mahinda Rajapaksa is paying a visit.

ECUADOR: Co-op Proves that the Poor Can Eat Organic, Too
Gonzalo Ortiz
CUENCA, Ecuador, Apr 25 – “There is no reason why we poor people have to eat badly,” says Ecuadorian farmer Juan Anguisaca. “It?s not true that organic products have to be expensive. They can be profitable and within the reach of the poor,” Rodrigo Aucay adds.

KENYA: Farming Butterflies Puts Food on the Table
Ntandoyenkosi Ncube
KAKAMEGA FOREST, Kenya, Apr 24 – For 10 years, Roselyne Shikami, sold boiled eggs at the bus station just outside the densely wooded Kakamega Forest in western Kenya, near the border with Uganda. Now she is selling butterflies.

A Decade On, No Seats for Women at the Peace Table
Marguerite A. Suozzi
UNITED NATIONS, Apr 23 – It was a historic moment for the United Nations when, 10 years ago, the Security Council unanimously recognised “the intrinsic role of women in global peace and security” through Resolution 1325, said Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury of Bangladesh at a panel at the U.N. Thursday on the continuing obstacles to its implementation.

World Court Highlights Environmental Vulnerability of Uruguay River
Analysis by Diana Cariboni
MONTEVIDEO, Apr 23 – If anything was left clear by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling on the long-running pulp mill dispute between Argentina and Uruguay, it was the weakness of rules and regulations to prevent pollution of the Uruguay River in the 508-km stretch shared by the two countries.

POLITICS-BURMA: Ethnic Rebel Groups Defy Junta’s Order
Marwaan Macan-Markar
BANGKOK, Apr 23 – Burma?s military regime is facing a formidable challenge from ethnic rebel groups that are refusing to kowtow to its order that they join the South-east Asian country?s army as border guard forces.

RIGHTS-KENYA: Court Victory Against “Anti-Counterfeit” Agenda
Suleiman Mbatiah
NAIROBI, Apr 23 – The Constitutional Court in Kenya has barred the government from implementing the Anti-Counterfeit Act of 2008 as it applies to generic medicines until a verdict is delivered in a case filed by three people living with HIV.

Israel Winning its War on Goats
Eva Bartlett
GAZA CITY, Apr 23 – Nine-year-old Ismail spends every afternoon herding his family’s flock of sheep and goats, a scraggly group of roughly 20 animals. They live in a shanty house district near Tel el Howa in Gaza City, where growth is sparse to non-existent.

Argentine Judges Delay Justice for Dirty War Criminals
Marcela Valente
BUENOS AIRES, Apr 22 – Recent convictions of those responsible for torture and disappearances during the 1976-1983 military dictatorship in Argentina have been praised by human rights organisations. But for every case that comes to trial there are many more facing long delays, and the main hurdle, they say, is the judicial branch itself.

New Software Could Outwit Tehran’s Censors
Omid Memarian
SAN FRANCISCO, California, U.S., Apr 22 – While the Iranian government has intensified its aggressive efforts to expand Internet filters, Austin Heap, a young programmer in the U.S., says he has developed software that would enable Iranians to evade their censors.

JORDAN: Women Make Progress But Honour Killings Persist
Mona Alami
AMMAN, Apr 22 – Earlier this month, a 33-year-old man was charged with hammering his wife to death and dumping her body on the highway leading to the Queen Alia International Airport. The husband confessed to murdering her ”to defend his honour,?? as she was meeting a male friend.

A North-South Pact to Resolve Water, Sanitation Crisis
Thalif Deen and Jennie Lorentsson
UNITED NATIONS, Apr 21 – An international coalition of over 120 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) is demanding a North-South partnership to resolve the spreading global crisis in water and sanitation.

EAST AFRICA: Green Agriculture Growing in Leaps and Bounds
Isolda Agazzi
NAIROBI, Apr 21 – Organic agriculture using natural farming methods rather than fertilisers and pesticides has made significant gains in African countries ? not just among farmers but among consumers too.

Arizona at Epicentre of Divisive U.S. Immigration Debate
Valeria Fernández
PHOENIX, Arizona, Apr 21 – Protests and acts of civil disobedience are taking place in the southwest U.S. state of Arizona as it becomes the main battleground in a divisive struggle over illegal immigration.

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