Iran Newslinks 26-27 April, 2010: Iran eyes 'new mechanisms' to settle nuclear dispute with West

27 April, 2010

Iran eyes ‘new mechanisms’ to settle nuclear dispute with West
The IAEA plan was not implemented as Iran insisted on the LEU-fuel swap to
take place on Iranian soil but the IAEA and world powers rejected that
condition. …

Iran says military drill in Persian Gulf “successful”
TEHRAN, April 26 (Xinhua) — Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General
Ahmad Vahidi said that the military exercise in the Persian Gulf and the
Strait of …

Ahmadinejad Trip Tempts African Trade Hopes, Splits Zimbabwe Leaders over …
Voice of America
Ahmadinejad, who opened a trade fair in southern Zimbabwe Friday before
heading to Uganda to complete his Africa trip, said Iran was interested in
Africa’s …—92153889.html

‘Boobquake’ big on Facebook as women take on Iran cleric
Montreal Gazette
In this undated handout photo is American university student Jen McCreight,
who created Boobquake, at an event meant to protest a statement made by an

Don’t Let Iran Go Nuclear
International Herald Tribune
HDS Greenway (”Living with a nuclear Iran,” Views, April 22) suggests
that the United States and Israel should allow Iran to continue on its
mission to …

CIA rolls out plan to beef up spy techniques
Washington Post
In their limited work together, the analysts and spies have combined on
such critical issues as counterterrorism, counterproliferation and Iran.

Arabian Peninsula preoccupied with Iran, transport, and social issues this weekend
About 150 miles or less across the Persian Gulf from all but one of the
seven Peninsular nations, Iran alarmed the Arab Gulf states with its latest
saber …

Zimbabwe says no uranium deal with Iran
Vancouver Sun
Mugabe says his country supports “Iran’s right to peaceful use of nuclear
energy.” HARARE — Zimbabwe’s government on Monday denied reports that it
had …

Sanctions squeeze Iranians in trade hub Dubai
DUBAI (Reuters) – Asian workers in a Dubai port load an Iran-bound ship
with sacks of sugar. US and UN sanctions over Tehran’s nuclear work do not
bar such …

Venezuela’s Chavez rebuffs Pentagon report
Washington Post
By CHRISTOPHER TOOTHAKER AP CARACAS, Venezuela — President Hugo Chavez
rebuffed a Pentagon report that found that an elite unit from Iran’s
Revolutionary …

Iran to issue bonds worth 750m euros
Daily Times
TEHRAN: Iran will soon issue bonds worth 750 million euros to develop its
oil industry, which will be followed by a further five billion euros after
March …

Sarajevo to host Iran, Bosnia economic meeting
Tehran Times
TEHRAN – The first meeting of Iran and the federation of Bosnia and
Herzegovina’s joint economic commission will be held in Sarajevo today. …

Iran, Russia develop telecom ties
Press TV
Iran and Russia have signed a contract as well as an MoU to develop mutual
telecommunication and communication relations between the two neighbors.

Iran halts iron ore concentrate exports
Alibaba News Channel
“Considering the increase in Iran’s crude steel output by 2.5 million
metric tons this year and five million metric tons next year, our need for
iron ore …

TIC, Gulf Bridge International Agree to land GBI’s submarine cable in Iran
Gulf Bridge International (GBI), the newly established submarine cable
operator in the region, and TIC in the Islamic Republic of Iran, have
agreed to land …

Book on Iran-Iraq war hits US stores
The English translation of a book of short stories based on a decade-long
war between Iran and Iraq has been released in the US. …

Auditors cut off Iran
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
The US government has been stepping up pressure on major firms to isolate
Iran while ratcheting up efforts to force the Islamic Republic to make more

US seeks Iran visas for jailed Americans’ families
Las Vegas Sun
AP The Obama administration on Friday renewed calls for Iran to immediately
release three American hikers detained for nearly nine months and also
appealed …

Iran hopes to sign Iraq oil pipeline deal
Tehran Times
Iran hopes to sign a deal with Iraq to build an oil export pipeline from
Iraq’s southern city of Basra within a month, an Iranian diplomat said on
Sunday. …

Ecuador to Discuss Iran Bank Deal With US, El Telegrafo Says
Borja, who travels to the US tomorrow, said in an interview that he will
address reports that Iran’s central bank planned to make a 40 million euro
($53 …

Total to end Iran fuel sale if sanctions approved
Daily Times
KUWAIT: French energy giant Total will cease gasoline sales to Iran if the
United States passes legislation to penalise fuel suppliers to the Islamic

Iran: From Theocracy to Democracy
Huffington Post (blog)
The events surrounding the fraudulent election in June 2009 caused the
people of Iran to reach their point of no return, and the regime to abandon
all …

PREVIEW-France’s Sarkozy to discuss Iran, currencies in China
Iran is China’s third-biggest crude oil supplier, after Saudi Arabia and
Angola. “It’s out of the question that importers will be victims of any
sanctions,” …

2011 Asian Cup: Iran Arrange Japan And South Korea Trips
According to reports in Tehran, Iran have arranged friendly matches in
Japan and South Korea in September. Team Melli, who failed to qualify for
the 2010 …

Expert presses G8 to promote talks with Iran on nuclear issues
Winnipeg Free Press
OTTAWA – The Canadian-hosted G8 meeting this summer should endorse
negotiations with Iran to deal with its controversial nuclear ambitions,

Iran’s President Ahmadinejad to open Zimbabwe trade fair
Israel’s PM Netanyahu accused Iran of deceiving Iran about Israeli military
intentions, in order to goad Syria to start a war. Problem is, once
Islamist …

Iran gives Shell, Repsol a week to decide on Pars
Reuters India
Iran says both the Anglo-Dutch Shell and Spain’s Repsol have procrastinated
on finalising their involvement in the field. It has set similar deadlines
in …

Afghan crunch time: Obama must decide whether to talk to the Taliban
Washington Post
Already, efforts to jockey for future control of Afghanistan have been seen
among Pakistan, India, Iran and even Russia. Several NATO countries eager
to …

Iran shakes things up in the Strait of Hormuz
Spero News
The war games were dubbed “The Great Prophet” by Iran. Contact was made
with foreign vessels—making these more than war games. …

Is Iran Really a Threat?
Consortium News
By Ray McGovern Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said publicly that Iran
“doesn’t directly threaten the United States.” Her momentary lapse came
while …

Why any doubt about Iran’s nuke intentions?
“Iran continues to develop a range of capabilities that could be applied to
producing nuclear weapons if a decision is made to do so. …

Further cost-driven increases in Iran’s welded pipe market
SteelOrbis (registration)
The stagnation in Iran’s construction sector, which started a few years
ago, is another factor, damaging local market demand for ERW pipes and
hollow …

An Iran Quiz “ Ten Percent
By RickB
Via Juan Cole, this Iran Quiz by Jeffrey Rudolph is a counterpoint to the
pro-attack narrative for a broad (US) audience but it’s worth a spin
wherever you are. As our leaders use Iran as a prop to measure their
military and foreign …

The Latest from Iran (27 April): An Opposition Wave? | Enduring …
By Scott Lucas
0835 GMT: British Deportation. Last week, we reported on the British
Government’s plan to deport Bita Ghaedi, an Iranian woman who fled the
country because of.

Pajamas Media “ Iran’s Secret Uranium Deal with Zimbabwe
By Ryan Mauro
Iran secretly agreed last month to provide Zimbabwe with oil in return for
being given access to its uranium ore, the basic material that must be
enriched in order to create the fuel for a nuclear bomb. Iranian scientists
have been …

Iran’s opposition leader slams ruling clerics – Democratic Underground
Iran’s judiciary has put more than 100 people on a mass trial on similar
charges since August. About a dozen people have been sentenced to death,
and more than 80 others have received prison terms ranging from six months
to 15 years. …×4357529

Iran Drops Bid for Human Rights Council Seat, Eyes Women’s Rights …
By Zand-Bon
Iran’s bid to win one of four HRC seats earmarked for Asia had drawn strong
opposition from rights campaigners already critical of the presence of
countries with poor rights records – including China, Cuba and Saudi
Arabia – on the …

International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran – End Politically …
By admin
Supporting Iran’s Human Rights Defenders. … (26 April 2010) The
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran expressed serious concern
today regarding the issuance of death sentences for post-election
protestors in Iran. …

Preparations for a military strike on Iran — War in Context
By Paul Woodward
It also explains [Defense Undersecretary Michele] Fluornoy’s later
statement that an attack against Iran is “off the table in the near
term.” (Though, after White House intervention, Gates’s spokesman walked
back Flournoy’s comment.) …

Hybrid War at Sea: Iran’s Great Prophet 5 Exercises (II) | Defense …
By Greg
More photos from Iran’s Great Prophet 5 war games. Iran’s navy will employ
“asymmetric and highly irregular tactics that exploit the constricted.

Iran seeks Probe on Western State Terrorism- Dr. Abdul Ruff …
By abdul2028
But since future is unpredictable, it all depends on how Israel and USA
respond to emerging nuclear Iran. Western rogue states can provoke Iran to
use it nukes against any nation, when Tehran has no such aggressive terror
intensions. …

World Threats “ Blog Archive “ New Evidence: Bin Laden in Iran as …
By Ryan Mauro
Click here for Ken Timmerman’s latest article about allegations from a
falcon smuggler that he has repeatedly met Bin Laden in Iran, specifically
Zahedan, which is known to be a base for Al-Qaeda. This specific story has
been reported …

Stabroek News – Iran’s Ahmadinejad: UN veto power ‘satanic’
By Stabroek staff
TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad yesterday
labelled as “satanic” the UN Security Council and the right of veto
held by its five permanent members, Iran’s Students news agency ISNA
reported. …

Italy: “Bella Ciao” in solidarity with Iran | Street Journalist
By Saeed Valadbaygi
Throughout the event, “Ey Iran”, the pupular iranian anthem and the
famous Italian Partisan song “Bella Ciao” were played and sung by the
public. Many people wore green t-shirts, with scripts of “Liberty &
Liberation from Turin to …

Iran’s opposition leader says corrupt structure ruling country in …
Iran’s opposition leader has said that a corrupt power structure is running
the country in the name of Islam — his harshest words to date against the
hard-line clerical leadership.

Book on Iran-Iraq war hits US stores
Book on Iran-Iraq war hits US stores…The English version of Habib
Ahmadzadeh’s book.

U.N.: Iran angles for membership on commission to protect women’s …
By dancingczars
However in a move that smacks of provocation, Iran has put itself forward
as a candidate for the Commission to protect the rights of women. The
mullahs’ regime is one of the toughest in the world towards women, who live
in a state of …

“friday-lunch-club”: Political posturing? “… Iran’s private …
By G, Z, or B
As part of the new phase of Iran-China cooperation, Iran’s private sector
has purchased shares in Chinese banks in order to eliminate certain banking
and financial problems between the two countries’ private sectors. …

Iran and Zimbabwe’s “trade” “ AFRICA IS A COUNTRY
By Sean
The talks about trade opportunities between Iran and Zimbabwe during a
visit to Zimbabwe by the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is all
just bombast and hides other sinister political motives (like vote buying
in Zimbabwe’s …

Clip from an illegally made movie about Iran’s underground rock …
But maybe the birth of Islamofascism in Iran afforded them better
technology than the one’s who originated it. But rock the Casbah, my
brothers. …

26 April, 2010

Iran reportedly tests five new missiles
CNN (blog)
Tehran, Iran (CNN) – Iran said Sunday it fired five new types of
locally-made coast-to-sea and sea-to-sea missiles in the last stage of its
“Great Prophet …

Prepare now for a nuclear Iran
Boston Globe
The memo was clearly meant not to criticize President Obama’s current Iran
policy but to insist on the need to think several moves ahead. …

Iran marks anniversary of failed US rescue attempt
Washington Post
By ALI AKBAR DAREINI AP DASHT-E-KAVIR, Iran — Hundreds of Iranians on
Sunday marked the 30th anniversary of a failed US military operation to
rescue …

Iran, Zimbabwe, Uranium
IndyPosted (blog)
Iran and Zimbabwe have been international pariahs for a long time. Just
last week, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wrapped up a visit to Zimbabwe. …

Iran’s Leader Concludes Visit To Uganda
Voice of America
Mr. Ahmadinejad traveled to Uganda from Zimbabwe where he met with that
country’s president, Robert Mugabe, who offered support for Iran’s nuclear
program. …—92046529.html

Iran seeks to woo foreign money as sanctions loom
TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iran is cutting red tape and easing ownership rules to
encourage foreign investment in stocks and bonds, state television reported
on …

UAE calls again on Iran to end islands “occupation”
But Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahayan, on a visit to Palestinian
President Mahmoud Abbas in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, again called
Iran’s hold on …

UK ordered to pay Iran $650m for canceled arms deal
By Haaretz Service An international arbitration court in The Hague on
Sunday ordered the British government to pay Iran $650 million in
compensation for a …

Iran calls for regional collective security treaty
“The continued presence of foreign military forces in the region has caused
insecurity and instability in our region,” Kazem Jalali, rapporteur of
Iran’s …

Iranian homosexuals carve out a refuge in Turkey
Washington Post
Homosexuality is punishable by death in Iran, and human rights groups
estimate some 4000 gays have been executed since the Islamic revolution in
1979. …

Israeli Official: Iranian Nuclear Expert Requests Asylum in Israel
Voice of America
Israel says a nuclear-armed Iran would be a threat to its existence because
Iranian leaders have called for Israel’s destruction. Israel is widely
believed …

Iran ready to send gas to Switzerland
Tehran Times
Iran is to export gas to Switzerland in accordance with a gas deal between
the two countries, which the financial crisis had delayed. …

Iran slams silence on US nuke threat
Press TV
“Nuclear threat(s) against Iran proves that the West’s claims of
(championing) human rights are lies,” the Iranian Labor News Agency (ILNA)
quoted Larijani …

Total to end Iran fuel sale if US passes sanctions
Reuters India
PA: Quote, Profile, Research) Chief Executive Christophe de Margerie said
on Monday the European oil major will cease gasoline sales to Iran if the
United …

Iran: Cosmetics queen of the Middle East
Jerusalem Post
By BENJAMIN JOFFE-WALT / THE MEDIA LINE Iranian women are some of the
world’s top consumers of cosmetics and – together with men – have made
Iran the Middle …

Farsi fluency sought, but classes must fill in for immersion method
Washington Post
After decades of political strife, and with debates over Iran’s nuclear
ambitions and human rights violations, fluency in Farsi is deemed a
critical skill …

No pressure put on Iran’s leaders
Montgomery Advertiser
Don Nolte recently chided me for my position on negotiations with Iran. I
was told negotiation could lead to a win-win situation and it is done in
many …

A Call for International Solidarity with Political Prisoners in Iran
Kurdish Aspect
There are also hundreds of other prisons in Iran some official, some secret
prisons and detention centres where political prisoners are beaten,
electrocuted …

Opposition leader says Iran in crisis – website
Reuters India
Official results of the June 12 vote showing hardline president Mahmoud
Ahmadinejad had won by a landslide rocked Iran with street protests by
supporters of …

Lanka to take-over G 15 leadership from Iran
Ministry of Defence (press release)
Sri Lanka will take over the chairmanship of the Group of 15 from Iran next
month at a two-day G 15 summit in Teheran beginning May 17. …
See all stories on this topic:

The Palestine Peace Distraction
Wall Street Journal
And it would dilute the appeal of Iran and its clients. But it is easy to
exaggerate how central the Israel-Palestinian issue is and how much the US
pays …

Iran and Iraq in future oil and gas drilling talks
(Getty Images) Officials from Iran and Iraq have begun talks over possible
future oil and gas drilling in Iraq, Iran’s official IRNA news agency
reported. …

Companies feeling pressure to sever ties with Iran
The Hindu
While US President Barack Obama struggles to negotiate UN sanctions with
teeth against Iran, a parallel campaign to turn up the heat is gaining
momentum by …

Obama’s governing discipline
Washington Post
So over time he subordinated everything to just two: health-insurance
reform and blocking Iran’s development of nuclear weapons. Anything else,
no matter …

Iran Revolutionary Guards To Takeover Total, Shell Investments
Eurasia Review
In December, Hojjatollah Ghanimifard, deputy investments chief of Iran
National Oil Company announced that the French Company Total is no longer
involved in …

Turkey and Iran negotiate to search for natural gas
Sources said that Iran, which previously offered three fields close to
South Pars, in Iran, now is making an offer to Turkey two fields where the
production …

Iran adds ships to crude oil storage
eTaiwan News
Iran, OPEC’s second-biggest oil producer, added four supertankers to its
fleet of vessels storing crude, taking the total to 11 after two others set
sail, …

US Homeland Vulnerable to Iran Threat in 2015
Iran, with foreign assistance (North Korea), could have the ability to
strike the US homeland with an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) by
2015. 2. …

Totalitarian Iran
The New Ledger
by Pejman Yousefzadeh Homosexuality is punishable by death in Iran, and
human rights groups estimate some 4000 gays have been executed since the
Islamic …

Brazil plans iron ore pellet investment in Iran
Steel Business Briefing (subscription)
Brazil is going to build an iron ore pelletizing plant in Iran. Steel
Business Briefing is told by the Iranian ministry of mines and industries
that Brazil …

ICRO to hold joint literary festival of Iran and Armenia
Tehran Times
Mostafavi also talked about the religious freedom of the Armenian nationals
in Iran and said, “Freedom in holding religious ceremonies and their good

Trading Israel’s Security for a Deal With Iran | FrumForum
By Martin Krossel
The Obama administration’s insistence that pressuring Israel into a peace
deal will help bring Iran to the negotiating table will only jeopardize
Israel’s safety and do nothing to stop the mullahs’ nuclear program.

JURIST – Paper Chase: Iran leader derides possible UN nuclear …
By Steve Czajkowski
JURIST – Paper Chase: Iran leader derides possible UN nuclear sanctions as

U.S. Weighs Iran Military Option | Mostly Water
By blackandred
This is the candid conclusion of one US general testifying in front of the
Senate but one that seems to have gone mostly unnoticed amid a flurry of
statements on Iran over the past few days in Washington. …

EagleSpeak: Iran: Military Sea Drills
By Eagle1
The drills reveal that Iran’s sea-side defense is built around a
combination of missiles, mines and swarm attack small boats, including an
alleged missile firing remotely controlled “sonar-evading” boat as set out
in IRGC unveils …

Britain ordered to pay $650 mn to Iran
By Ians
TEHRAN – An arbitration court in The Hague has ordered the British
government to refund $650 million to Iran over an arms deal in the 1970s.

Austrian foreign minister demands Iran to change course in nuclear …
On Sunday in Vienna, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki was
holding talks with the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency
(IAEA) Yukiya Amano on the Iran controversial nuclear program. In an
interview with the Iranian …

UPDATED:Iran strikes secret nuclear mining deal with Mugabe regime …
By Raymond Mhaka
In return for supplying oil, which Zimbabwe desperately needs to keep its
faltering economy moving, Iran has been promised access to potentially huge
deposits of uranium ore – which can be converted into the basic fuel for
nuclear power …

Iran Guards test missiles as war games end | Missiles & Bombs News …
By Agence France-Presse
TEHRAN: Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards on Sunday fired five shore-to-sea
and sea-to-sea missiles, ending four days of war games in the strategic
Strait of.

Iran makes little headway in diplomatic offensive – The Oakland …
VIENNA (AP) — Iran’s push to avoid new U.N. sanctions appeared to make
little headway Sunday with Austria, with the Security Council member saying
the onus was on Tehran to defuse international concerns about its nuclear
agenda if it …

ArtsJournal: Daily Arts News
He is one of Iran’s most internationally distinguished film directors. His
films, including Offside, Crimson Gold and The White Balloon, have won
acclaim in the West, including top prizes at the Cannes, Venice and Berlin
film festivals, …

NewsDaily: Iran Guards test missiles, warn enemies
By Ramin Mostafavi
Iran’s Revolutionary Guards test-fired five missiles during war games in a
waterway crucial for global oil supplies on Sunday, and a commander warned
the Islamic Republic’s enemies they would regret any attack.

Keeping Iran’s hands off nukes | The Daily Caller – Breaking News …
The use of US military force in Iran is highly undesirable, but the threat
of its use as negotiating leverage is essential; and for that threat to be
credible, the US must be willing to use overwhelming force, the lesser of
two evils, …

GayandRight: Iran and Zimbabwe strike nuclear deal…
By GayandRight
The Iranian leader, wrapping up two days of talks with Ugandan President
Yoweri Museveni, lambasted the Western allies for pressing for another
round of UN Security Council sanctions against Iran.He let loose when asked
by an Associated …

The Latest from Iran (26 April): Points of View | Enduring America
By Scott Lucas
0855 GMT: Is the Government Rattled? There is a notable sharpness today in
the attacks on opposition figures by pro-regime newspapers. Kayhan
announces that.

Iran marks anniversary of failed US rescue attempt | San Francisco …
Hundreds of Iranians on Sunday marked the 30th anniversary of a failed US
military operation to rescue American hostages in Tehran, with prayers and
words of defiance for Washington.

Israel Matzav: Uh oh… Iran inspecting ships in the Strait of Hormuz?
By Carl in Jerusalem
Iran’s Press TV reports that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards stopped two
ships – one French and one Italian – in the Strait of Hormuz last week, on
the pretext of inspecting them for compliance with environmental
regulations. …

Iran, IAEA End Talks, No Resolution Of Nuclear Fuel Swap Dispute …
By Eurasia Review
The IAEA-drafted proposal calls for Iran to send its low-level enriched
uranium to Russia and France for conversion into fuel for a medical
research reactor in Tehran. The proposal is aimed at curbing Iran’s ability
to enrich its own …

Elham Gheytanchi: Iran’s Cyberwar
Elham Gheytanchi April 22, 2010 Censorship is not new in Iran, but since
the controversial presidential election in June 2009 it has been revived by
state …

Iran to Conduct War Games –
Iran said its Revolutionary Guard Corps would conduct large-scale exercises
beginning Thursday, while Tehran mounted a diplomatic push to thwart US …

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