Bahrain Mostly Mainstream Media Newslinks for 28 February, 2011

28 February, 2011 —

Bahrain protesters block parliament
Atlanta Journal Constitution
By ADAM SCHRECK AP MANAMA, Bahrain — Hundreds of anti-government protesters have blocked access to Bahrain’s parliament and forced officials to cancel a meeting of the ruler’s hand-picked envoys. Yara Yasser, 4, gestures as she gathers with thousands …

Bahrain Is Roiled By Return Of Shiite
Wall Street Journal
By JOE PARKINSON MANAMA—Tensions between Bahrain’s ruling family and
antigovernment protesters have escalated after a week of relative calm, as
an opposition leader called for the overthrow of the monarchy and
demonstrators marched to the sites of …

Oman clashes widen protests in the gulf
Detroit Free Press
Tiny Bahrain already is in turmoil and giant Saudi Arabia is seeking to
hold back calls for reforms. Protesters are calling for the ouster of the
Bahrain monarchy that hosts the US Navy’s 5th Fleet. Marchers streamed
through the diplomatic zone Sunday …

Bahrain Shia groups seek to unify demands
Financial Times
By Simeon Kerr in Dubai and Robin Wigglesworth in Manama Hassan Mushaima,
the exiled leader of Bahrain’s Shia Haq movement, received a rapturous
welcome when he returned to the island kingdom on Saturday, with tens of
thousands of supporters thronging …

Exiled Bahraini opposition leader home after Beirut arrest
Daily Star – Lebanon
By The Daily Star BEIRUT: The leader of a Bahraini opposition group
returned home from exile Saturday after he was held for several days by
Lebanese authorities. Prior to his departure from Beirut’s Rafik Hariri
International Airport, Hassan Mushaimaa, …

Thousands protest in Bahrain as MPs resign
The large flag-waving crowd wound its way down the highway to the
Diplomatic Area, marching past the Kuwaiti and Saudi embassies and the
Bahraini central bank. The crowd stopped in front of the Ministry of
Justice, roaring “Down, down Hamad! …

Bahraini Shiite leader hints could accept king
A Bahraini hardline Shiite dissident said on Sunday he would accept a
Western-style constitutional monarchy in the Gulf Arab kingdom if
protesters supported the measure. Hassan Mushaimaa was allowed to return to
Bahrain as part of several concessions …,7340,L-4034964,00.html

Tunisian interim leader resigns; more unrest in Bahrain, Oman, Yemen
World War 4 Report
27) In Bahrain, 18 MPs from al-Wefaq Shi’ite-led opposition bloc resigned
in protest of the killing of protesters by the security forces. Seven
protesters have been kille since anti-government demonstrations began in
Bahrain on Feb. 14. …

Obama welcomes Bahrain cabinet reshuffle
WASHINGTON Feb 27 (Reuters) – US President Barack Obama on Sunday welcomed
a move by Bahrain’s government to reshuffle its cabinet and urged it to
respect human rights. “I welcome the announcement by King Hamad bin Isa
al-Khalifa about making important …

Libya oil industry in chaos…Obama praises Bahrain’s king…Wis. protesters …
9&10 News
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is praising the king of Bahrain
for overhauling his cabinet and making a “commitment to reform” after two
weeks of anti-government protests. The king has ousted four cabinet
members, including two members of …

Take a lesson from Bahrain
The Express Tribune (blog)
That was the situation with the people of Bahrain. People with no real
rights to speak of. Pushed over the edge, this man, along with a few
others, decided to make himself heard, albeit peacefully. They take to the
streets just so they get noticed. …

Payout joy for 13265 Bahrain families
Trade Arabia
A BD1,000 ($2652) Royal payout, marking the National Action Charter’s 10th
anniversary, will be paid today into the accounts of 13265 Bahraini
families that are registered with the Social Development Ministry, the
minister, Dr Fatima Al Balooshi, said. …

A glance at anti-government protests and political unrest in 8 Arab countries
The Canadian Press
___ BAHRAIN: Thousands of protesters stream through Bahrain’s diplomatic
area and other sites, chanting against the country’s king and rejecting his
appeals for talks to end the tiny Gulf nation’s nearly two-week-old crisis.
At least three processions …

Unrest in Arabian Peninsula
Vision Insights and New Horizons
Feb 27 (Reuters) – Unrest sweeping the Arab world against entrenched
leaders has spread to the Arabian Peninsula, with tens of thousands
demanding change in Yemen and Bahrain and smaller numbers demonstrating in
neighbouring Gulf countries. …

Teachers threaten to strike again
Gulf Daily News
The General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions called for a nationwide
strike on February 20, in a show of support for anti-government protesters.
As a result, workers across a variety of sectors failed to show up for work
on that day. …

Marine Forward Element Set Up to Help in Middle…
07:30 GMT, February 28, 2011 MANAMA, Bahrain | Traveling through the Middle
East to confer with US allies in the midst of regional unrest, the top US
military officer visited a new Marine Corps headquarters element here
designed to evacuate …

Middle East uprisings: no one predicted ‘rebellious cascade’
Channel 4 News (blog)
The New Year turned, we made our amateur predictions, some made their
professional prognostications, and not one of them predicted Tunisia, let
alone Egypt, let alone Bahrain, and heaven forbid, Libya! No one anywhere
in the world predicted this …

Protests Continue Apace in Bahrain, Marchers Demand King’s Ouster
by Jason Ditz, February 27, 2011 This may well have been embraced by the
protesters at the beginning, as the first rallies by the mostly Shi’ite
protesters centered around calls for additional reform and free civil
rights. After the crackdowns turned …

Persian Press Review
Tehran Times
JOMHURI ESLAMI in an editorial analyzes the barbaric suppression of popular
uprising in Bahrain. The Bahraini rulers recently claimed that they are
ready to open dialog with the opposition and that even willing to
compensate for injustices that …

State Dept. warns travelers on Libya, Bahrain, & other hot spots (blog)
As a follow-up to the recent posting on the civil unrest in Bahrain, the US
State Department has issued a Travel Alert for that country, urging that
American citizens defer non-essential travel to Bahrain at this time. …

MIDEAST MORNING BRIEFING: Mkts Seen Under Pressure As Unrest Spreads
Investors are worried about protests in neighboring GCC countries—Bahrain
and now Oman, a Credit SuisseCredit Suisse trader noted. Tensions between
Bahrain’s ruling family and anti-government protesters have escalated
dramatically after a week of …

ABC denies freezing of assets over Libya crisis
Gulf Daily News
MANAMA: Bahrain-based Arab Banking Corporation (ABC) said yesterday that
neither ABC nor any of its subsidiaries has been subjected to any asset
freezes as a result of developments in Libya. ABC is 59.3 per cent owned by
the Central Bank of Libya, …

‘My terror in Bahrain’
Hucknall Today
BLOODSHED and political turmoil that has engulfed Bahrain has left a former
Dispatch district woman, who lives on the Persian island, fearing for her
safety. Protests calling for the downfall of the ruling monarchy have
grabbed the attention of the …

Marcel Khalife in strong statement of solidarity refuses to perform in …
Ahram Online
The Lebanese musician, Marcel Khalife, makes a strong statement condemning
violence upon protesters by refusing, regretfully, to perform in the
Bahrain Spring Festival. He reaches out to Arabs, expressing his deep
sorrow for the atrocities and …—Culture/Music/Marcel-Khalife-in-strong-statement-of-solidarity-r.aspx

Bahrain and the Freedom Contagion by Rannie Amiri —
By Rannie Amiri
“Saudi Arabia did not build a causeway to Bahrain just so that Saudis
could party on weekends. It was designed for moments like this, for keeping
Bahrain under control.” —Dr. Toby Jones, expert on Saudi Arabia at
Rutgers University …

Channel 6 News “ U.S. President Obama welcomes Bahrain’s cabinet …
By BNO News
WASHINGTON, D.C. (BNO NEWS) — U.S. President Barack Obama on Sunday
welcomed Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa al-Hkalifa’s decision to make changes
in the cabinet and recommitting to reform. “The United States supports the
national …

Obama praises Bahrain’s king for cabinet overhaul | The Daily …
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is praising the king of Bahrain
for overhauling his cabinet and making a commitment to reform. After two
weeks of.

Obama praises Bahrain’s king for cabinet overhaul – Nation Wire …
President Barack Obama is praising the king of Bahrain for overhauling his
cabinet and making a “commitment to reform.”

Bahrain protesters block parliament (AP) | Stock Market News …
By Editor – World News
AP – Hundreds of anti-government protesters have blocked access to
Bahrain’s parliament and forced officials to cancel a meeting of the
ruler’s hand-picked envoys.
Rocket News

Bahrain: Reform, Security, and U.S. Policy | Public Intelligence
After experiencing serious unrest during the late 1990s, Bahrain undertook
several steps to enhance the inclusion of the Shiite majority in
governance. However, protests erupting following the uprising that
overthrew Egyptian President …

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog Bahrain Anti-Government Protest Week …
By Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog
MANAMA, Bahrain — Thousands of protesters streamed through Bahrain’s
diplomatic area and other sites Sunday, chanting against the country’s king
and rejecting his appeals for talks to end the tiny Gulf nation’s nearly
two-week-old …

Bahrain opposition MPs resign | Top Stories | BigPond News
Eighteen Bahraini MPs from the opposition bloc have officially submitted
their letter of resignation.

Bahrain protests: Crowd chants ‘down with the King’ and waves …
Bahrain protests: Crowd chants ‘down with the King’ and waves flags outside
Ministry of Information in Manama – CNBC via NBC News.

My Interview on Bahrain TV | Suhail Algosaibi’s Radical Dojo
By Suhail
Here’s a Bahrain TV interview I did on Saturday the 19th of February, the
day after I wrote my popular blog post on the protests in Bahrain. I was on
the Have Your Say show with Ahdia Ahmed. I was interviewed along with
Mohammed Kayani …

Bahrain authorities launch surprise attack on protesters – Los …
Security forces in tiny but strategic Bahrain launched a brutal assault
early Thursday against at least 1000 defiant anti-government protesters,

…My heart’s in Accra “ Watching Bahrain through a friend’s eyes …
I too love #Bahrain. I am Bahraini. My blood is Bahraini – and I
witnessed my country die in the eyes of its children today #Bahrain #Feb14

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