Iran Newslinks 13 June 2011

13 June 2011 —

‘Syria aided by Iran to help crush anti-Assad protests’
Jerusalem Post
British Foreign Secretary William Hague accused Iran of helping Syria quell anti-government protests, providing “equipment” and logistical support on how to crush the opposition, the Daily Telegraph reported Monday. Hague criticized Iran’s “hypocrisy …

Two years after Iran’s marred election, hard-liners anything but triumphant
Christian Science Monitor
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who was declared the 2009 winner by a
landslide, and his aides have been dismissed by conservative rivals and
clerics as a “deviant current” in Iran’s theocracy. Iranian President
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks at a news …

Iran to Accelerate nuclear fuel production: Official
PTI | 01:06 PM,Jun 13,2011 Tehran, Jun 13 (FNA) Iran”s permanent
representative to IAEA has said that Tehran has so far produced over 50 kg
of 20-per cent enriched uranium and still needs to speed up the production
in a move to feed its research power …

Official Announces Record Foreign Investment in Iran
Fars News Agency
Head of Iran’s Organization for Investment and Economic and Technical
Assistance Behrouz Alishiri said Iran has beaten a historical record in
attracting direct foreign investments. “In 2010, the country has broken a
record in attraction of direct …

Iran deserves to be part of an Afghanistan solution
Washington Post
But he excluded Iran. This astonishing omission disregards centuries-old
historical, cultural and linguistic commonalities, the 582-mile
Afghanistan-Iran border, the hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees in
Iran and a common dominant language. …

Iran Cuts July Light Crude Price to Asia; Raises Other Grades
The state-run producer lowered the price formula for Iranian Light crude by
72 cents, to $1.71 a barrel more than the regional benchmark, said the
official, who asked not to be identified since Iran doesn’t publish its
price list. …

The Future of Iran’s Freedom Movement
FrontPage Magazine
I would like to talk to you today about the future of Iran’s freedom
movement. I think the best way for us to start is for you to update our
readers on the current status of Iran’s Green Movement. Tell us about its
beginnings two years ago and how it …

Rule-Of-Law Index Ranks Iran Last In World On Fundamental Rights
An annual survey on the rule of law has ranked Iran last in the world for
the protection of fundamental rights, saying Iranian law enforcement is
used often to perpetrate abuses against citizens. The World Justice Project
Rule of Law Index, …

Iran successfully tests domestic air defense missiles
RIA Novosti
MOSCOW, June 13 (RIA Novosti) – Iran has successfully tested on Sunday two
domestically built air defense missiles, Xinhua said citing Iranian army
commander. Mersad and Shahin missiles that were designed by Iran’s Defense
Ministry had already been …

Second political prisoner dies in Iran
Financial Times
The Co-ordination Council of the Green Path of Hope, a committee based
outside Iran, has called for a silent rally to urge the release of
opposition leaders and political prisoners, the holding of free elections
and to protest against high inflation …

Iran, Russia Sign Agreement on Building Satellites
Fars News Agency
At the meeting, the Iranian officials requested Russia to boost space
cooperation with Tehran and cooperate with Iran in building new generations
of satellites and sending astronauts into space. The two sides also agreed
to set up a joint working group …

iran: Khamenei calls for calm among conservatives
Monday Morning
Iran’s supreme leader called on the ruling conservatives to end their
divisions, in a speech on June 4 marking 22 years since the death of
therevolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. “In the country
there are different political views… …

Israel incapable of attacking Lebanon after Mubarak’s ouster: Iran envoy
Tehran Times
TEHRAN – Iran’s ambassador to Lebanon says the Zionist regime is not
capable of attacking Lebanon following the ouster of Egyptian dictator
Hosni Mubarak. “After the 33-day war against Lebanon, the Zionist regime
(has not dared and) will not dare to …

Iran to export $4.5bn agricultural goods
Press TV
Iran plans to export more that 4.5 billion dollars worth of agricultural
products by the end of the current Iranian calendar year (ending March 20),
says an Iranian official. Iran exported 3.8 billion dollars worth of
agricultural products in the past …

World Saffron Consumption Supplied by Iran
Fars News Agency
“Over 96% of the world saffron production belongs to Iran, but the world
knows this farming product under the name of Spain because Iranian
producers have for years exported their product to Spain in bulk, where it
is packaged under a different name,” …

Iran’s FM Felicitates Turkey’s AKP Party on Landmark Victory
Fars News Agency
Davutoglu, for his part, said that a very bright outlook is perceived for
the expansion of Iran-Turkey bilateral ties, given the two countries’ wide
capacities. Turkey’s Islamic Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan won a
third consecutive general …

Iran Opposed Saudi Unilateral Boost At OPEC Meeting -Source
By Benoit Faucon, Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES LONDON -(Dow Jones)- OPEC
president Iran opposed a unilateral Saudi output hike at a meeting
Wednesday where producers failed to reach an output accord, according to a
delegate who was present. …

New military attack costly for US: Iran
Press TV
Heidari also pointed to Iran’s defense capabilities and said the
“steadfast and influential’ Iranian Army’s Ground Forces has gained
valuable experiences over the past three decades and has the potential to
defend the country. Amid the West’s standoff …

INTERVIEW-Iran shipping line fighting EU sanctions in court
Reuters Africa
TEHRAN, June 12 (Reuters) – Iran’s state shipping line will challenge the
latest round of sanctions at the European Union’s highest court, saying
there is no evidence showing that it has been involved in arms trafficking
as EU and US officials say. …

Western countries’ hypocrisy on human rights
Tehran Times
TEHRAN – Western countries are always looking for an opportunity to charge
Iran with human rights violations, even though they have a terrible record
of violating the human rights of their own citizens. These countries are
making use of pro-Zionist …

Barak discusses terror, Iran with Chinese military chief
Jerusalem Post
Additionally, Barak discussed with the Chinese top general the need to
prevent Iran from arming itself with nuclear weapons. The two also
discussed cooperation in the field of counter-terrorism.

‘Iran ready to solve Bahrain crisis’
Press TV
Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi says Tehran is prepared to present
its plan for resolving Bahrain’s crisis whenever Manama announces its
readiness. In his press conference on June 7, Iran’s President Mahmoud
Ahmadinejad said Tehran would …

Israel Terrorism Information Center: Iran Participates In PR For IHH, Turkey …
Israel News Agency
Iran, which has declared war on Israel and Western democracy, is taking
Islamic Jihad to new depths of propaganda that has not been seen since the
days of the Nazis. According to the The Meir Amit Intelligence and
Terrorism Information Center in Israel …

Diplomat Stresses Expansion of Ties between Iran, Iraqi Kurdistan Region
Fars News Agency
Ebadi, who was addressing the economic workgroup of Sanandaj, the
provincial capital city of Iran’s Western province of Kurdistan, said that
Iranian traders and economic activists have yet to take the opportunity for
improved economic activity in …

America’s Next War is with Iran
The Market Oracle
Richard Becker writes: US policy towards Iran is not based on
‘intelligence,’ faulty or otherwise; it is based on the desire to dominate
a geo-strategic region. “There is a large body of evidence including some
of America’s most highly classified …

Envoy: S. Arabia Seeking to Thwart Resumption of Iran-Egypt Ties
Fars News Agency
Earlier in May, a prominent Egyptian figure cautioned that Israel and a
number of Arab states, specially Saudi Arabia, are attempting to trouble
resumption of ties between Iran and Egypt. Speaking to FNA, Egypt’s
Prominent Shiite Leader Rasim al-Nafis …

Iran forces attack protesters – opposition website
DefenceWeb (press release)
Iran’s opposition website Sahamnews said security forces attacked
pro-reform demonstrators gathering in Tehran to mark the anniversary of the
2009 disputed presidential election. Witnesses said thousands of security
personnel were deployed in Tehran to …

Are we attacking Iran in September???
The Arab Spring has taken the world’s mind off Iran. The power struggle
between Leader Ali Khamenei and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been
decisively lost by an increasingly diminished Ahmadinejad, putting paid to
earlier charges that the president …

Countering the Threat Lurking in Iran
Family Security Matters
Members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard participate in a Quds Day
demonstration in 2007. One covers his chest with a portrait of Hezbollah
leader Hassan Nasrallah. One of the greatest dangers to Middle East peace
and security is the threat of Shiite …

Envoy Stresses Positive Outcomes of Iran’s Culture, Art Festival in Belarus
Fars News Agency
Speaking at a press conference on the third day of Iran’s culture and art
festival in Minsk, Seyed Abdullah Hosseini stated that the festival was
aimed at making the Belarusian people familiar with Iran’s culture and art
as well as deepening the two …

Meanwhile in Iran | Slog
By Brendan Kiley
A jailed journalist has died of a hunger strike and small protests to mark
the second anniversary of the uprising were quickly dispersed. And if…

IRAN: Jailed opposition member dies from hunger strike as small …
By latme
Two years to the day after President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won a highly
disputed election victory amid allegations of fraud, sparking a months-long
uprising, small gatherings of possible protesters were easily dispersed in
central Tehran …

Iran Liveblog: June 12, 2011 – Election Anniversary | Dissected News
By James Miller
Two years ago today the Iranians took to the polls, and when that didn’t
work they took to the streets. Our coverage of today’s protests…

NewsDaily: Iran forces attack protesters: opposition website
Iran’s opposition website Sahamnews said security forces attacked
pro-reform demonstrators gathering in Tehran on Sunday to mark the
anniversary of the 2009 disputed presidential election.

Intelligence Report on Iran and its New “Clean” Internet …
By Jane Jamison
The head of the Middle East affairs department in Iran’s Foreign Ministry
also called for closer cooperation between the religious establishment in
Iran and the clerics in Egypt, claiming that the relationship between the
religious …

Reports of protests on Iran election anniversary | The Associated …
By The Associated Press
Witnesses say scores of protesters have gathered in Iran’s capital on the
anniversary of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s disputed 2009 re-election.
The opposition website says police wielding clubs tried to
disperse …

154 persons executed in Iran in 2011 |
By Romeo Braceros
The number of persons executed in Iran now reaches 154 for 2011. This
developed after the Asian country hanged in prison on Sunday two brothers
found guilty of.

Iran: all your future are belong to us — Winds Of Jihad By …
By sheikyermami
“The future cultural arena of the world belongs to freedom-seeking
nations, with the Iranian nation standing atop others,” Ahmadinejad said,
addressing a forum to honor Iran’s best handicraft artists on Saturday. …

The Jawa Report: “Clean Internet Program” Coming to Iran
By Stable Hand
This week Mehr News Agency reported progress in the implementation of the
Telecommunications Ministry’s program to create a separate “clean
internet” network in Iran. First announced by the telecommunications
minister in late 2010, …

Iran: Jailed opposition journalist dies from hunger strike | Ya …
By syh
Ya Libnan features frequently updated breaking news, world news, op-eds and
features, live from Beirut, Lebanon.

EA WorldView – Home – Iran Analysis: What We “Know” About Sunday’s …
By Scott Lucas
The message did get out inside Iran, and some people dared to respond.
Sceptics and regime defenders, self-blinded to any information or oblivious
to the context of any show of protest, will put up empty denials or set up
barriers: …

Diplomats: Iran not breaking international law | SHOAH
By admin
Six former European diplomats claimed Thursday that despite the West’s
concerns over Iran’s seemingly growing nuclear capabilities, there is no
tangible proof that the Islamic Republic is pursuing nuclear weapons. …

Iran Thwarted Saudi Arabia’s Efforts at OPEC Meeting | Peak Oil …
By admin
Iran thwarted efforts by Saudi Arabia to increase oil production at last
week’s meeting of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries,
state-run Fars news agency reported, citing the acting oil minister. …

‘Syria aided by Iran to help crush anti-Assad protests’ | New …
By admin
British Foreign Secretary William Hague accused Iran of helping Syria quell
anti-government protests, providing “equipment” and logistical support
on how to crush the opposition, the Daily Telegraph reported Monday.

Tehran – Police Break Up Protest in Iran —
By vinnews
The movement grew into the most serious challenge to Iran’s government
since its birth in the 1979 Islamic Revolution, but it was largely swept
from the streets after half a year and has failed to regain momentum. …

William Hague: Iran aiding Syria – Karameloo News U.K.
By admin
WILLIAM Hague accused Iran yesterday of aiding Syria’s brutal crackdown on
protest. – Karameloo News U.K. – Latest World News and UK News Headlines.

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