Bilderberg Newslinks 15 June 201

15 June 201 —

15 June 2011
Media coverage for Bilderberg meetings
Virginia Tech Collegiate Times
That is what dozens of bloggers and reporters for alternative and foreign news outlets are saying about this year’s Bilderberg meeting. Mainstream media in the US largely ignored the meeting, choosing instead to bombard Americans with details about the …

City Spy: A higher profile for ‘shadow world government’
Evening Standard
So ends another Bilderberg Group conference. Fittingly, the 59th one, which finished on Sunday, was located at the five-star Suvretta House Hotel, in the St Moritz mountains. It’s like Heidi meets Goldfinger: for those who don’t know, Bilderberg is the …

Bilderberg 2011: The Good, The Bad, and the Incredibly Wealthy
The Guardian
As the security curtain is folded away for another year, we take a look back at some of the highlights of the world’s most important (and least publicised) international summit.

Back to Bilderberg « The Digger
By Stephen Gardner
Stephen Gardner is editor of, and Brussels freelance environment correspondent for the Bureau of National Affairs (US). He is also a contributor to other media such as the BBC and the UK magazines Ethical …

Kakabadse Says Bilderberg Meetings Help Avert Crises
Washington Post
June 13 (Bloomberg) — Andrew Kakabadse, a professor at Cranfield University School of Management, talks about the Bilderberg Group meeting, an annual event where the global elite convene to discuss the world’s problems. He speaks with Francine Lacqua …

Awareness of Bilderberg Cabal Explodes in 2011
The New American
The amount of publicity garnered by the secretive Bilderberg conference this year in St. Moritz, Switzerland, far surpassed the coverage afforded to past gatherings of the elite cabal, with major media outlets and international news wires finally …

Rare footage: 2011 Bilderbergers mountain walk – can you name them all?
RT has obtained some unusual footage of the secretive Bilderberg Group members walking in the mountains at this year’s meeting in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Some of the people in the video have already been identified as Google ex-CEO Eric Schmidt ( at …

The Chinese Hit up Bilderberg Conference in 2011
International Business Times
In yet another sign of China’s rise, Chinese delegates are now invited to the super-secret and super-elite Bilderberg Conference in 2011. The two Chinese attendees of the conference were Ying Fu (Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs) and Huang Yiping …

Tabloid News Trumps Coverage Of Bilderberg Meeting, Wars and …
By Alex
Although the importance of the Bilderberg Meeting is over blown by many in the alternative media, it is still an important event that deserves much more coverage and scrutiny than a story of lewd pictures sent by a Congressman. …

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