NATO Newslinks 3-4 October 2011

4 October 2011 —

“Clock is ticking” on missile defense decision, Moscow warns
Russia warns time is running out to find an agreeable solution to the US-NATO missile defense system in Eastern Europe. With Moscow increasingly exasperated with NATO over the question as to what sort of cooperation, if any, it will have with Russia on …

NATO, US continue to share intel with Turkey
Hurriyet Daily News
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an said Monday that NATO and the
US continue to provide instant intelligence to Turkey in its fight against
outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK. Erdo?an said US President
Barrack Obama assured him in their …

NATO Uses ‘Four Pillar’ Approach to Field Afghan Police
Department of Defense
By Jessica L. Tozer WASHINGTON, Oct. 3, 2011 – For NATO Training Mission
Afghanistan, success in fielding Afghanistan’s national police force stands
on four pillars, the general in charge of the effort said last week. Army
Maj. Gen. …

US Defense Secretary Visits Middle East, NATO…
08:45 GMT, October 4, 2011 ABOARD A MILITARY AIRCRAFT | In his first visit
as defense secretary, Leon E. Panetta will meet with Israeli, Palestinian
and Egyptian leaders and will travel to NATO headquarters this week to
reaffirm the Defense …

ICRC: Afghan Security Situation Alarming
Fox News
In the midyear report, the UN said 1462 Afghan civilians lost their lives
in crossfire between Taliban insurgents and Afghan, US and NATO forces.
During the first half of last year, 1271 Afghan civilians were killed,
mostly by roadside bombs. …

NATO, G-8 in Chicago: Leslie Fox to head host committee
Chicago Sun-Times (blog)
By Lynn Sweet on October 3, 2011 10:38 AM | No Comments WASHINGTON—Leslie
Fox has been tapped to run the host committee for the NATO/G-8 summits to
be held in Chicago next May, I have learned. Fox is a veteran events
executive who managed the Chicago …

Canadian Forces Provost Marshal Appointed Chairman of NATO Military Police …
MarketWatch (press release)
OTTAWA, ONTARIO, Oct 04, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — The Canadian
Forces Provost Marshal (CFPM), Colonel Tim Grubb assumed the post of
Chairman of the NATO Nations Military Police (MP) Chiefs’ Committee at a
brief ceremony last week in Prague, …

Civilians under NATO bombing – Bani Walid eyewitness to RT
The man says NATO has been bombing the city indiscriminately. “It is very
dangerous,” Ransi said by phone. “NATO won’t stop bombing the area. At
the beginning, they were bombing only the military [targets], but now they
are not choosing between the …

Truck carrying fuel to NATO troops set afire in Pakistan
CNN International
By Shaan A. Khan Pakistani residents watch burning NATO supply trucks after
another attack on the outskirts of Quetta on September 27, 2011. Islamabad,
Pakistan (CNN) — A truck carrying fuel for NATO forces was set ablaze
Tuesday by suspected …

Crina Prunariu: NATO hasn’t changed positions towards NK conflict
“But NATO has repeatedly declared that the conflict is out of its
competency.” Referring to the Russian FM’s statement released in the UN
General Assembly which claimed that Russia is committed to settle peace in
the region if any of the NK conflict …

NATO eyungudde emmeeri okukwata Gaddafi
New Vision
LIBYA, SSANDE, NATO eyungudde emmeeri ennwanyi 12 mu kaweefube w’okukwata
Col. Muammar Gaddafi nga bamukukunule mu bibuga mw’akyasimbye amakanda ne
basajja be. Emmeeri zino zaasoose kulawuna lubalama lwa nnyanja
Mediterranean oluvannyuma ne zoolekera …

Iran names NATO missile shield in Turkey useless
Trend News Agency
A NATO missile defense system to be deployed in Turkey is inefficient
against the Iranian ballistic missile attack, Lieutenant Commander of the
IRIAF for Coordination Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh told Mehr News
Agency on Tuesday. …

Afghanistan: Nato figures show Taliban attacks are down…but a sense of …
The Guardian (blog)
A US helicopter under Nato command flies over eastern Afghanistan near the
border with Pakistan. Photograph: John Moore/Getty Images Nato forces in
Afghanistan have released a detailed set of up-to-date statistics about the
security situation, …

Weapons-Grade Confusion: The Danger of Misreading Our Nuclear Adversaries
The Atlantic
In the early 1980s, the Soviet Union launched a covert operation ordering
its spies to watch for signs of an imminent surprise attack from NATO. The
plan, code-named RYAN, was flawed from the start; Soviet agents were told
to report signs that the US …

Africa: ‘Nato Intervention in Libya an Attack On Africa’- Hugo Chavez …
The Sierra Leone chapter of the Hugo Chavez International Foundation for
Peace, Friendship and Solidarity has added its voice to those calling the
military intervention by the Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO in
Libya as an attack on Africa …

Assad holds Tel Aviv hostage against Turkish, NATO attack on Syria
DEBKA file
For the past three months, Syrian President Bashar Assad has staved off a
military attack by Turkey or NATO for halting the exceptional brutality of
his crackdown on protest by explicitly holding Greater Tel Aviv’s 1.2
million inhabitants under threat …

Monitors investigate claim of missing chemical weapons in Libya
Muhsen al-Gubbi, a member of “The Chain”, a NTC special rebel unit tasked
with taking possession of and guarding the site told the British-based news
publication, The Scotsman that when he and his team happened upon the
location two weeks ago, a NATO …

NATO urges Libyan authorities to seize arms caches
AP Brussels: NATO said on Monday it is concerned about the possibility that
thousands of portable surface-to-air missiles, previously in Muammar
Gaddafi’s army, are missing in Libya. “It is a matter of concern if
stockpiles of weapons are not properly …

Bacteria Makes Rocket Fuel Out of Urine
The Mark
Canada has committed its military to the NATO mission in Libya for another
three months, a period that will surely be one of great transition as
fighting winds down, forces hunt for Moammar Gadhafi, and elections are
prepared to find his replacement. …

NATO Multimedia Library
NATO HQ (press release)
They must first send a form to the NATO Librarian describing the subject
and the purpose of their research (thesis, paper etc.) The review procedure
requires two weeks on average. Once granted, Library access is allowed for
a period of six months, …

Afghanistan Will Pay for NATO’s Failures
The Mark
As we approach the 10th anniversary of the commencement of NATO’s
intervention in Afghanistan, The Mark begins a three-part series examining
the outcomes and legacy of the Afghan war. Part 1 argues that the NATO
military intervention has been a massive …

Secretary General Sets Stage for NATO Defense Ministers Meeting
Department of Defense
By John D. Banusiewicz WASHINGTON, Oct. 3, 2011 – NATO defense ministers
will discuss operations in Libya, Afghanistan and Kosovo, as well as the
need for the alliance to increase its capabilities, when they meet in
Brussels later this week, …

Libyan conflict lurches out of NATO control
You get the full participation of Al-Qaeda and its leaders who had fought
against NATO in Afghanistan and Iraq. Al-Hasidi was even held in Guantanamo
Bay, you get the militarization of a tribal society, you get the
destruction of Libyan society and you …

NATO looking into reports of missing Libyan missiles
Monsters and
Brussels – Reports that tens of thousands of missiles have disappeared in
Libya and may end up in the wrong hands are being ‘taken extremely
seriously,’ a senior NATO military official said on Monday. On the weekend,
German weekly Der Spiegel reported …

Amnesty head wants NZ to keep detainees from Afghan forces
New Zealand Herald
“Amnesty has been raising this issue for a long time, calling on Nato
forces not to hand over detainees to Afghan security forces,” he said. “We
have enough evidence of systematic torture and ill-treatment in Afghani
prisons, confirmed by a leaked …

Updates on Libyan war/Stop NATO news: October 4, 2011 « Stop …
By richardrozoff
NATO’s Guernica: Proxies Take Suffer Casualties Near Sirte …. But a
barrage of artillery exchanges, encirclement of the city by TNC loyalists,
and sustained aerial bombardment by NATO warplanes is forcing residents to
seek safe havens. …

PKK Attacks Despite Peace Efforts, NATO Says | New Middle East …
By admin
NATO will not interfere with Turkey’s fight against the outlawed Kurdistan
Workers’ Party, or PKK, because it is a national issue, but welcomes the
share of intelligence and information between the member states, NATO
Secretary-General …

NATO truck torched near Quetta | Pakistan Today | Latest news …
By faizan
News Comments
anhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.pakistantoday. …

NATO urges Libyan authorities to seize arms caches – World news
NATO said Monday it is concerned about the possibility that thousands of
portable surface-to-air missiles, previously in Moammar Gadhafi’s…

ECHR: Turkish police used excessive force at NATO protest …
By nigelsmith
Human rights judges have ruled that Turkish police used excessive force
against demonstrators protesting at a NATO summit. In today’s Chamber
judgment in the case Güler and Öngel v. Turkey (application nos. 29612/05
and 30668/05), …

UN Mission in Libya an Attempt to Legitimize NATO Aggression …
By sedem
UN Mission in Libya an Attempt to Legitimize NATO Aggression. October 3,
2011. The very formulation of the fist objective indicates that the rebels
who seized power in Libya are unable to exercise control over the country
and permanently …

Bani Walid Eyewitness to RT: pro-NATO slaves are attacking and …
By Daniele Puccio
Abgelegt unter: Imperialism, Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, Propaganda, Racism,
U.S. Invasions Mit Tag(s) versehen: | anti-imperialism, anti-NATO
resistance, bani walid, Gaddafi, Imperialism, libya, libya rebels killing
civilians, Libyan Resistance, …

Please greet the new Libyan (NATO) republic
By As’ad AbuKhalil
Please greet the new Libyan (NATO) republic. “First there were the
blindfold, the wrist-scarring handcuffs and the death threats. Then came
beatings and electric shocks. In the fog of pain, the detainee, who said he
had done nothing wrong, …

Libya mission ‘pretty close’ to end: NATO chief | Set You Free News
By Mario A.
The Libya mission is “pretty close” to its end, however, NATO defense
ministers are not expected to terminate the mission as they convene this
week, the head of NATO said on Monday. “We will discuss the Libya
operation, but I don’t expect …

Civilian police … – NATO Training Mission Afghanistan :
By elizabeth.c.thompson
As NATO forces begin to transition the lead for security responsibilities
to Afghan’s themselves, the Afghan National Police have become one of the
most important security functions in the country. Since 2001, the police
force has grown from a …

Assad holds Tel Aviv hostage against Turkish, NATO attack on Syria …
By admin
DEBKAFile For three months, Syrian President Bashar Assad has staved off a
military attack by Turkey or NATO for halting the exceptional brutality of

NATO Optimistic over European Missile Shield «
By missiledefense
NATO’s missile shield for Europe is gradually becoming a reality, the
alliance’s Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said on Monday.
Rasmussen said Poland, Romania and Turkey had already agreed to deploy key
components of the …

3 October 2011
Nato’s Libyan triumphs conceal deeper malaise
Financial Times
By James Blitz When defence ministers from Nato’s 28 member states convene
in Brussels on Wednesday they will have something to celebrate. The
alliance is nearing the end of its operation in Libya having helped topple
the regime of Muammer Gaddafi. …

Russia-NATO compromise on missile defense still possible: envoy
MOSCOW, Oct. 3 (Xinhua) — Moscow and NATO still have chances to reach a
compromise on missile defense, “though the time for talks is limited,”
Russia’s permanent envoy to the alliance Dmitri Rogozin said Monday.
Speaking at a news conference, …

NATO’s Libya war opens door to AFRICOM
Workers World
With the US-NATO war against Libya entering a new phase, the states
involved in waging military aggression and regime change on this
oil-producing North African country repeatedly congratulated themselves for
overthrowing a sovereign government that …

NATO troops raid Serb barricade in Kosovo’s north
DefenceWeb (press release)
NATO peacekeepers in Kosovo (KFOR) destroyed a Serb barricade at a
contested northern border crossing with Serbia but the local Serbs soon set
up another one a little further away. The incident underlined the
difficulty of normalising the border area, …

Demonstrators in Kürecik protest NATO radar
Today’s Zaman
Protests were held yesterday against a NATO radar system to be deployed in
Malatya’s Kürecik district, where roughly 5000 locals participated in a
three-hour demonstration. The demonstration, promised for weeks by locals
and organized in large part by …

16:34 Turkey’s PM backs Panetta isolation comment on Israel
Erdogan said Monday that NATO would provide instant intelligence to Turkey
in the fight against PKK. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said
Monday that NATO would provide instant intelligence to Turkey in the fight
against PKK. …

Pakistan holds the key to Afghanistan war
The capture of Haji Mali Khan, one of the leaders of the Haqqani network,
which the Americans believe was behind the attack on their embassy in Kabul
and the bombing of a Nato base last month, will lift allied morale in
Afghanistan. …

Smith flies out for NATO talks in Brussels
Herald Sun
DEFENCE Minister Stephen Smith is on his way to Europe for NATO talks on
Afghanistan. Ahead of a meeting in Brussels, Mr Smith will receive a
briefing from the British expert heading up a review into the
trouble-plagued Collins submarine fleet. …

NATO troops not to bring democracy for region: Ahmadinejad
Iranian Students News Agency
TEHRAN (ISNA)-Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said troops sent by
NATO to the region would not bring justice and democracy for regional
countries. “Enemies are trying to exploit regional developments, but all
countries should know that foreign …

Signal Magazine
NATO nations intend to save money and enhance combat effectiveness by
putting intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance at the warfighter’s
fingertips. Despite recent progress in information sharing, NATO officials
paint a grim picture of the …

Karimov Betting On NATO For Security?
Uzbekistan President Islam Karimov is betting on NATO rather than the CSTO
to help secure his country as the US forces begin to leave Afghanistan in
2014, according to a report on the website uzmetronom (in Russian). The
report doesn’t cite any hard …

Libya: 10000 missiles missing NATO admits
At least 10000 missiles appear to have been lost in Libya, a senior NATO
official has conceded, amid fears the weapons could fall into the hands of
al-Qaeda. At least 10000 missiles appear to have been lost in Libya, a
senior NATO official has conceded …

Many in Surt, Libya, don’t trust revolutionary forces
Los Angeles Times
Many in Surt, the hometown of Libyan leader Moammar Kadafi, want their old
lives back, before the uprising, the NATO bombing campaign and the siege on
the city. Libyans flee the city of Surt. “We lived in democracy under
Moammar Kadafi; …,0,2536449.story

Nato fears 10000 anti-aircraft missiles missing in Libya may be in terrorist hands
by Steve White, Daily Mirror 3/10/2011 Up to 10000 lethal missiles have
gone missing in Libya – sparking fears they may be in terrorists’ hands.
About 5000 rockets are SAM-7s, which can hit planes flying three miles
high. The Bulgarian-made weapons …

Thousands Flee Sirte to Face Another Crisis
Tripoli Post
There was nothing left in the shops and they had to endure NTC and NATO
shelling as well as intimidation from forces loyal to Al Qathafi who are
trying to prevent some people from leaving in order to use them as human
shields. …

Fears Gadafy may use mustard gas
Irish Times
One of the gates was open, Nato told us no one can go inside.” The news
will cause acute anxiety among outside powers who will fear that Muammar
Gadafy, still at large in Libya, may use the gas on rebel forces or that it
might find its way abroad. …

NATO, Afghan combine forces kill 37 armed insurgents
All India Radio
Thirty seven armed insurgents were killed in 12 joint operations at
different places by the NATO coalition troops and Afghan security forces in
last 24 hours in Afghanistan. A press release issued by the Afghan Interior
Ministry says combined petrol of …

NATO Captures Senior Leader of Taliban Affiliate
The Epoch Times
By Alex Johnston NATO said they have captured a senior leader of the
Haqqani network, which has aligned itself with the Taliban and al-Qaeda, in
Afghanistan. The coalition said in a statement Sunday that earlier in the
week, they captured Haji Mali …

Govt to receive defence abuse review
Defence Minister Stephen Smith, who is on his way to Europe for NATO talks
about progress in Afghanistan, will receive the review when parliament
resumes on Tuesday week. The review has received more than 1000
allegations, some from people who …

Security measures for the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Bucharest
At the end of this week there will be in Bucharest the summit of the NATO
Parliamentary Assembly to be attended by foreign officials with the general
secretary of the Alliance Anders Fogh Rasmussen. The security measures will
match the importance of …

‘Victory’ remains elusive in Libya
By SCOTT TAYLOR On Target Last week, the Canadian Parliament briefly
debated and then voted to extend our military commitment to the NATO
mission in Libya. In announcing the extension, Defence Minister Peter
MacKay explained that “Canada was in at the …

Pandolfe takes command of 6th Fleet
Stars and Stripes
In addition to the fleet duties, Vice Adm. Frank C. Pandolfe assumed
command of NATO’s Naples-based Striking and Support Forces. He takes over
the job from Vice Adm. Harry B. Harris Jr., who held the command since
November 2009. …

Washington is Conquering Africa using France, Human Rights, Terrorism, and the …
Washington is acting through NATO and its allies in Africa. Each one of
Washington’s allies and satellites has a specific role to play in the
global system of empire. Tel Aviv has played a very active role on the
African continent. …

Observance Of Constitution Prepares Ground For Peace In The Future: Marshal Fahim
Bakhtar News Agency
Monday, October 03, 2011 Kabul (BIA) First Vice-president Marshal Mohammad
Qaseem Fahim in his meeting with the civil representative of NATO expressed
the will of Afghanistan for continued efforts towards attaining peace and
calmness in Afghanistan. …

Faraway Afghan war is ‘out of sight, out of mind’ in Europe
The New Age Online
The NATO air war in Libya closer to Europe’s shores, spearheaded by Britain
and France also knocked the rugged battlefields of Afghanistan off the
front pages. “The less the war is in the papers, the less people will
support it. …’out_of_sight,_out_of_mind’_in_Europe

Romania inks anti-missile shield agreement
The Diplomat Bucharest
“The announcement we have made is a very important milestone for our two
countries and for NATO. It provides Romania with a leading role in NATO’s
new missile defense capabilities. This cooperation demonstrates how our two
governments are working …

Leon Panetta: America’s a safer place thanks to recent Al-Qaeda killings
Daily Mail
After that he will participate in a meeting of NATO defence ministers in
Brussels. In flight: US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta answers questions
onboard an air force plane over the Atlantic Ocean. His claims come just
days after a CIA drone strike …

King, back from overseas trip, comments on Yemen assassinations
Radio Iowa
King was part of a congressional delegation, “to look at the friction
that’s emerging there between Turkey and Greece — two of our NATO allies
that seem to be lining up a little bit against one another and the friction
exists in Cyprus because of the …

September in Review
The Dominion
by Dominion contributors In Libya, NATO announced a three month extension
of its bombing campaign. Canada will continue to participate in the mission
after what the Globe and Mail called a “symbolic debate” in the House of
Commons. …

US-Pakistani gimmicks
Pakistan Observer
For years now, the tense dramas are being enacted, rather successfully, by
USA and Pakistan for some concealed geo-political and Silk-route reasons,
apart from escalating the NATO war for resources and routes in both
Afghanistan and Pakistan. …

US, Pakistan Wants Talks to Ease Tensions Over Militants
By Paul Tighe and Haris Anwar Oct. 3 (Bloomberg) — The US and Pakistan
said they will pursue talks to ease tensions over US allegations that
Pakistan is aiding guerrilla attacks in Afghanistan as NATO said it
captured a leader of the Haqqani militant …

Drawing fire: Danes send controversial artist to Libya
The National
The artist Simone Aaberg Kaern with Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Nato
secretary general and former Danish prime minister, at the unveiling of her
portrait of him. She is now Denmark’s official war artist in Libya Simone
Aaberg Kaern flew in a Libyan …

Afghan president says talks with Taliban useless
eTaiwan News
NATO said Saturday it captured Haji Mali Khan, a senior Haqqani leader
inside Afghanistan, describing his arrest as a “significant milestone” in
disrupting the terror group’s operations. The group has been blamed for
hundreds of attacks, …

A Pak-China Friendship walk was held in Islamabad on Friday to mark 60 years …
The Express Tribune
How long ago was it that Pakistanis were crowing about honorary NATO
membership? Now it is the Chinese who are “all weather” friends. How
long will this last? Are Chinese so generous that they would just love to
bestow riches on Pakistan? Hello! …

Libya: 10000 missiles missing NATO admits
Newsday (subscription)
Nation Newsday News Nation Libya: 10000 missiles missing NATO admits
Published: October 3, 2011 6:42 AM By News Desk Global Post There was grave
concern that the cache of weapons may end up in other countries and with
terrorists, the admiral warned …

Rapid Fire 2011-10-03 | Materiel Readiness
Defense Industry Daily
NATO’s Undersea Research Centre (NURC) in Italy is testing small autonomous
underwater vehicles (AUV) equipped with sonars to detect mines in shallow
waters, among other applications. The British Royal Navy plans to make up
to 3250 people redundant in …

Updates on Libya war/Stop NATO news: October 3, 2011 « Stop NATO
By richardrozoff
When NATO makes its decision, Ham said he believes there would be a
seamless transition of control over the air and maritime operations to U.S.
Africa Command. At least initially, some of the military surveillance
coverage would remain in …

NATO: At Least 10000 ‘Lost Missiles’ in Libya — News from Antiwar …
By Jason Ditz
In a secret meeting with German MPs, top NATO officials reportedly
confirmed that over 10000 missiles inside Libya are still completely
unaccounted for, with Admiral Giampaolo di Paola saying that the missiles
pose a “serious threat to civil …

By .
Libya revolution 17 ferbuary 2011 Muammar AL Qadhafi.

The 4th Media » Not NATO’s NTC But Libyan Official Spokesperson …
By Kiyul Chung
We were exposed by a surprise attack by a gang of NATO militias and were
forced into an isolated area to a certain extent, and the group of young
men who were with me stayed behind to fight the NATO militia who were well
equipped and …

No NATO success without Al Jazeera | Libyan Free Press
By libyanfreepress
On Buslime prison, where 540 from 690 of released prisoners belong to Al
Qaeda. – Consequently, the total for the radical stripping of Libya with
the imminent cutting-off heads and other Salafi hobbies, NATO deliberately
mobilized an army of …

NATO, Afghan combine forces kill 37 armed insurgents | APN News
By admin
Thirty seven armed insurgents were killed in 12 joint operations at
different places by the NATO coalition troops and Afghan security forces in
last 24 hours in.

General Says NATO’s Libya Op Nearly Done | VA Loan Network
By admin
When NATO makes its decision, Ham said he believes there would be a
seamless transition of control over the air and maritime operations to U.S.
Africa Command.

NATO/’rebels’ continue to attack the people of Sirte « Global …
By globalciviliansforpeace
Libya and Colombia, media hoaxes. Actions. rss Comments RSS · Trackback.
Information. Date : October 3, 2011; Tags: Bombing, civilians, Humanitarian
Crisis, Libya, NATO, NTC, Rebels, Sirte; Categories : Libya, News. Leave a
Reply …

Canada extends NATO mission in Libya | Today’s Defense
By Admin
27 (UPI) — Canada’s Conservative government has extended the country’s
NATO military role in Libya for another three months, officials said. In
Ottawa, Defense Minister Peter MacKay told Parliament Monday night Canadian
fighter jets, …

Turkish warships harass Israeli freighters. Israeli missile boats off …
By admin
Voicing concern over Turkey’s assertiveness, NATO secretary-general, Anders
Fogh Rasmussen, Friday, Sept. 30, said: “Obviously, the tensions between
Turkey and Israel are a matter of concern. It’s a bilateral issue – NATO
is not going to …

Russia, U.S. will agree on missile defense data exchange system …
By Mario A.
Russia and NATO agreed to cooperate on European missile defense system at
the Lisbon Summit in November 2010. President Dmitry Medvedev proposed a
system in which Russia would be responsible for shooting down missiles
aimed at …

At least 10000 shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles unaccounted for …
By Rj
Senior NATO officials said that at least 10000 shoulder-fired anti-aircraft
missiles are unaccounted for in Libya, and that at least some of them may
have fallen in the hands of al Qaeda operatives; the missiles are known as
SAM-7 by NATO …

Libyan Liberation Continues with Algerian Tribes Entering War …
By nsnbc
After yesterdays reports of NATO preparations to expand military operations
into Algeria, and confirmation that NATO special operations teams have been
on the ground in Algeria for considerable time; and after yesterdays
reports that French …

NATO Sec Gen Calls for More EDA-NATO Cooperation – Defense …
BRUSSELS – NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen called for greater
cooperation between NATO and the European Defence Agency (EDA) to …

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