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31 October 2011 — williambowles.info

31 October 2011
4 Simple Steps for Taking Your Money Out of the Vampire Banks

The Greanville PostToday at 15:06 By Lynn Parramore, AlterNet
Can’t pitch a tent at Zuccotti Park? Not to worry. There’s something meaningful you can do to stand up to vampire banks that bleed the economy — and your wallet. The feeling of satisfaction amply rewards the inconvenience.

The Breakfast of Plutocrats
Dissident Voice Today at 15:01
I love it when a protest has an appropriate backdrop, but the aesthetics aren’t always considered. How much better would OWS be if that damn bull statue could have somebody’s laundry drying off his tail? Occupy Everything.

Argentina: Why President Fernandez Wins and Obama Loses
Dissident Voice Today at 15:00
On October 23rd of this year, President Cristina Fernandez won re-election receiving 54% of the vote, 37 percentage points higher than her nearest opponent.

A Marine Learns an Important Truth about the Empire
Dissident Voice Today at 15:00
Last week, the Occupy movement received a huge boost in public sympathy when the Oakland Police Department stupidly chose to commit a wanton act of brutality by apparently firing a tear gas shell in a manner designed to maim the crowd rather than merely controlling it. It was their ‘bad luck’ that the protester whose head got in the way and who was knocked into a coma by the round was a former Marine and two-tour Iraq War veteran. The progressive blogosphere and sympathetic mainstream media sources like Keith Olbermann were all over the story almost immediately—seizing on and highlighting the victim’s service record.

All Trick No Treat
Dissident Voice Today at 15:00
If last Friday you could pull yourself from the temptation of ordering a $17 risotto among jam-packed downtown luncheoneers, then you could walk a little further to the west side of Austin City Hall and catch a free viewing of the noon sun as it stopped to warm a heap of oversized sleeping bags right outside the picture window of city council chambers.

The Evils of Obscene Income Inequality
Dissident Voice Today at 15:00
The greed, excess and selfishness that brought liberal democracy and capitalism to the edge of the abyss have been demonstrated once again by the latest research from Income Data Services (IDS).  It shows that the pay of directors of the UK’s top businesses (FTSE 100) rose by 49% over the past year, bringing their average pay package to about £2.7 million. This is at a time when average pay nationally for private sector workers rose by 2.6%, a cut in real wages when inflation is running at 5.2%.  The march of income inequality is gathering pace, with total disregard to the effect such injustice and unfairness have on society.

OpEds: A portrait of America in decline
The Greanville Post Today at 14:45 By Patrick Martin, SEP, a socialist org
A series of reports over the past ten days—on poverty, wages, income inequality and social mobility—have painted a portrait of America starkly at odds with the official mythology of the United States as the land of unlimited economic opportunity, the country with the world’s highest standard of living.

Michael Moore on ‘Occupy Oakland’
Consortiumnews.com Today at 14:24
The Right got what it wanted when Bay Area police stormed the Occupy Oakland encampment touching off clashes that left one protester, Iraq War vet Scott Olsen, in critical condition. Filmmaker Michael Moore discussed the protests with Davey D and Dennis Bernstein. By Davey D and Dennis Bernstein In the early morning hours of Tuesday, Oct. 25, the heavily armed Oakland Police Department in conjunction, with 16 other police departments from all over Northern and Central California, stormed the…

The attack on Scott Olsen: now for the repercussions
The Greanville Post Today at 14:18 MICHAEL RIVERO—WhatReallyHappened
Occupy Oakland Crackdown: Hells Angels Join OWS: US Marine Scott Olsen condition still critical Tired of being mistreated and denied their lawful rights, sooner or later the people will respond in kind and then all hell will break loose. In such an eventuality, keep an eye on how the media distort the news to suit its masters.

Goldman Sachs vs Occupy Wall Street
The Wild Wild Left – Front Page Today at 13:29
Investigative Journalist Greg Palast writing at The Guardian. Goldman Sachs and Occupy Wall Street’s bank: the real story:

“Deadly Monopolies”: Medical Ethicist Harriet Washington on How Firms Are Taking Over Life Itself
Democracy Now! Today at 12:14
One of the major themes raised by the Occupy movement is the increasing power of large corporations over more and more aspects of our lives.

An inspiring week at Occupy Sydney
Green Left Weekly issue #782 Today at 14:37
Sat, 29/10/2011
I joined Resistance just over a month ago and when I heard Sydney would join the Occupy Together movement, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. From my understanding, Australia wasn’t experiencing even comparable economic conditions to the United States and while I certainly believed our system needs fundamental change I was a little sceptical about the effectiveness of these Occupy movements to say the least.

Occupy Sydney — October 15 rally
Green Left Weekly issue #782 Today at 14:42

Police attack Occupy protests in Denver, Colorado
World Socialist Web Site Today at 11:30
Police action in Colorado’s capital city, which included several injuries and 20 arrests, was part of a wave of repression in the US over the weekend, including in Nashville, Portland, Oregon, Rochester, New York and Austin, Texas.

Church and City move to evict Occupy London camp
World Socialist Web Site Today at 11:30
Legal moves to evict the Occupy the London Stock Exchange protest camp from outside St Paul’s Cathedral, central London are to start today.

Occupy London protesters: “This is a global movement”
World Socialist Web Site Today at 11:30
The World Socialist Web Site spoke to protesters involved in the Occupy London protest outside St Paul’s Cathedral.

Occupy Bristol, UK: Mounting threats to clear camp
World Socialist Web Site Today at 11:30
There are growing threats to clear the Occupy Bristol from local authorities, MP’s and officials of the church, which is the freeholder of the land where the occupation is taking place.

Denver police spill protesters’ blood (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Russiatoday.ru Today at 11:01
The most violent clash between OWS supporters and the police so far has erupted in Denver, as the authorities attempted to dismantle an Occupy camp. The Internet is swamped with hundreds of angry messages and pictures…

DISPATCHES FROM AMERICA : A (self-)graduation speech for the occupiers of Zuccotti Park
Asia Times Online Today at 11:00
Once upon a time, no one imagined an American world of home ownership and good jobs would be kneecapped. To the Occupy Wall Street Movement, I say: Don’t kid yourself, the old world has gone with the wind, no matter what happens economically. And as you light up a dismal landscape, whatever you do, remember that unlike the Tea Party, youth is on your side, and don’t go home. – Tom Engelhardt (Oct 31, ’11)

Occupy London
Craig Murray Today at 07:49
I thought I might wander down to Occupy London and chat to them about the lessons I feel might be drawn from my life experience working for government. I particularly wanted to outline the seamless link between western government promotion of dictatorships and terrible human rights abuses abroad, the undertaking of illegal wars for resources and the sucking up of internal resources in our country for the benefit of the wealthy.

Occupy Melbourne takes to the streets again
Green Left Weekly issue #782 Today at 06:38
Sun, 30/10/2011
By Aron Micallef, Melbourne
Despite the police brutality faced by Occupy Melbourne protesters just over a week before during their eviction from City Square, Occupy Melbourne returned to the streets on October 29.

Police arrest Occupy Wall Street protesters in OR, TX
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 05:21

Occupy sends a message about NYC schools
Recent articles from SocialistWorker.org Today at 05:00
New York City school officials came face to face with the Occupy movement at a Panel for Education Policy meeting.

Occupy Wall Street on the Move by Ralph Nader
Dandelion Salad Today at 04:53
Dandelion Salad by Ralph Nader The Nader Page Oct. 27, 2011 The question confronting the Occupy Wall Street encampments and their offshoots in scores of cities and towns around the country is quo vadis? Where is it going? This decentralized, leaderless civic initiative has attracted the persistent attention of the mass media in the past […]

Can Capitalism be Reformed? Occupy Wall Street Movement (OWS) in a Bind: Doesn’t Want to Mention the S-Word
GlobalResearch.ca Today at 01:24
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

The Question Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Hears Most: “What’s Your Agenda?”
GlobalResearch.ca Today at 01:06
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

Occupy Wall Street’s Elegant Message
Consortiumnews.com Today at 01:04
The mainstream news media still seems baffled by the Occupy protests, wanting them to spell out specific demands – mostly likely, so experts and pundits can then tear the ideas down. So far, the protesters are getting their message across through their simple presence, Danny Schechter reports. By Danny Schechter One of the most frequently repeated, recycled and dismissive questions about Occupy Wall Street is its supposed lack of an ‘agenda.’ The ‘what do you people want’ question has featured…

30 October 2011
Intermission: Occupy The Truth

The Wild Wild Left – Front Page Yesterday at 21:12

Occupy The World… And The Values Revolution! By Gary Corseri
Dandelion Salad Yesterday at 21:01
By Gary Corseri Featured Writer Dandelion Salad 29 October 2011 Last week, Barbara ‘wah-wah’ Walters—thank you, Gilda Radner!—was trotted in front of ABC’s Evening News cameras to assure those familes still chowing down that the brutal, disgusting, illegal, savage beating, sodomization and execution of Libyan ‘dictator’ Gaddafi was… understandable… because, he was ‘crazy.’ To confirm Gaddafi’s […]

Occupy Wall St. – Beware the Endgame
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 21:00
Protest encampments, gatherings, or marches have sprung up in over 100 cities, and the number of active participants has been rising. Occupy Wall Street movement has readied masses of Americans for a rethinking of the country’s economic and ecological priorities, and the movement has acquired a self-sustaining momentum… No matter what degree of success OWS may have in elaborating new forms of politics, the chronic dysfunction in Washington, DC will continue to undermine Americans’ allegiance to the formal political system. Perhaps a better politics will emerge out of an expanding OWS movement, and national policy will gradually navigate along the healthy social democratic trajectory northwestern Europe has traced…

Dry tinder waits for a spark
Morning Star Yesterday at 17:21
Why the ‘occupy’ movement could be just the trigger for a widescale anti-capitalist revolt

John Bellamy Foster: Capitalism and environmental catastrophe
Climate and Capitalism Yesterday at 16:53
We need an ecological and social revolution. You may say that this is impossible, but the World Occupy Movement would have been declared impossible only a month ago. From a talk by John Bellamy Foster, co-author of What Every Environmentalist Needs to Know About Capitalism, at a teach-in on ‘The Capitalist Crisis and the Environment’ […]

Fawke ’em – Occupy Wall Street Sunday 10.30.11
The Wild Wild Left – Front Page Yesterday at 16:49
For more Info, DAILY editions in this series can be found HERE

The global Occupy Together movement
Green Left Weekly issue #782 Yesterday at 15:21
The global Occupy Together movement. Anti-corporate power action has taken off worldwide. Discussion with guest speaker Jim McIlroy. Thu Nov 10, 5.30pm, City Place. Sponsored by Green Left Weekly.

Obama: Hard-anodizing the Hierarchy
The Wild Wild Left – Front Page Yesterday at 15:16
The problem with Teflon is that Teflon peels, eventually. But you see? Rust never sleeps.
Teflon fails quickly when hard tools touch it. You see, when there is a Republican holding the Highest Office in the Land, the non-Fox media at least objects marginally to the actions of the Hierarchy. The Left, however breaks out the big tools – questions tough as nails, tries to scrape away the facade with steel wool investigations. Teflon barely worked for Ronnie. Teflon was an epic fail for Bush the lesser.

David Harvey on the Occupy Wall Street movement
William Bowles.info Yesterday at 12:31
The movement triggered by Occupy Wall Street is crucial to our collective future. It shows us that the collective power of bodies in public space is still the most effective instrument of opposition when all other means of access are blocked.

Editorial: The 99% must stand with Qantas workers
Green Left Weekly issue #782Yesterday at 10:24
Sun, 30/10/2011
‘I don’t understand what the Occupy protests are all about,’ is one common complaint in response to the global movement against corporate power.

OccupyLSX has been very clear about demands
Morning Star Yesterday at 17:27
Your reporter Stefan Simanowitz writes (Taking the power back, M Star October 26) that the occupyLSX demonstrators do not have a ‘clear set of solutions or demands.’

Jess Moore at Occupy Sydney: ‘They unwittingly unleashed a powerful community campaign’
Green Left Weekly issue #782 Yesterday at 07:24
Sat, 29/10/2011
Jess Moore from Stop CSG Illawarra addressed Occupy Sydney at Martin Place on October 22. Moore, who is also a member of the Socialist Alliance, was awared the NSW Nature Conservation Council’s Rising Star award for ‘the most outstanding environmental effort of an individual under 30′. Her speech appears below.

Occupy Sydney supports Qantas workers
Green Left Weekly issue #782 Yesterday at 06:49
Mon, 24/10/2011
By Simon Butler, Sydney
Occupy Sydney activists organised a protest outside the Qantas shareholders conference on October 28 at the University of New South Wales in support of Qantas workers struggling for decent wages and job security.

Annie Leonard on ‘stuff’, carbon trading and Occupy
Links – International journal of socialist renewal Yesterday at 05:55

Chris Hedges and Amy Goodman: Reverse the Corporate Coup d’Etat
Dandelion Salad Yesterday at 05:45
with Chris Hedges Featured Writer Dandelion Salad Oct. 31, 2011 munderlarkst on Oct 25, 2011 Chris Hedges and Amy Goodman on Charlie Rose discussing Occupy Wall St. (part 1) — 10/24/11 *** Chris Hedges and Amy Goodman on Charlie Rose discussing Occupy Wall St. (part 2) — 10-24-11 Chris Hedges spent two decades as a foreign […]

Who’s causing the environmental crisis: 7 billion or the 1%?
Links – International journal of socialist renewal Yesterday at 05:44

Numbers Justify Occupy Movement by Joel S. Hirschhorn + Gerald Celente at Liberty Plaza
Dandelion Salad Yesterday at 05:09
by Joel S. Hirschhorn Featured Writer Dandelion Salad www.foavc.org October 25, 2011 Feeling angry about being betrayed by a corrupt government owned by rich and corporate elites has driven the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Emphasizing how the top one percent has prospered incredibly while the bottom 99 percent have been screwed royally is supported by […]

A Circle Leading Back to Oakland – General Strike Wednesday 11/2/2011
The Wild Wild Left – Front Page Yesterday at 03:03
Wesley Rollins had been bullied most of his life, preferring the company of  books and music to rough and tumble boys activity. His partner had rescued him, for the first time in his life bringing Wesley a feeling of value and self worth. Although the courts derailed their marriage plans, he and Shawn had looked forward to many happy years together – those plans shattered by a lesion on Shawn’s chest.

St. Louis Greens: We march with and are part of Occupy!:
Climate and Capitalism Yesterday at 00:34
A Green economy would create things that we need and things that endure. It would not build things that designed to kill other people in order to steal their oil [This statement was submitted to Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal by the Green Party of St. Louis.] October 25, 2011 – The Green Party of St. Louis […]

29 October 2011
John Bellamy Foster, “Capitalism and Environmental Catastrophe”

MRZine.org 29/10/2011 at 23:08
The problem we face when it comes to the appropriate response to impending climate catastrophe is not so much one of climate science — beyond understanding the environmental parameters in which we must act — as social science. It is an issue of social conditions and social agency.

Film: How the ‘Occupy’ Movement is challenging corporate rule
Green Left Weekly issue #782 29/10/2011 at 17:48
Documentary on Spanish indignado movement with Speaker Elba Garcia-Clarke, participant in Spain
The Spanish ‘Indignants’- students, workers & the poor in Spain have been struggling against the 1% since May, when their government tried to bring in severe austerity measures. These included funding cuts to education and health, plus attacks on the retirement age.

Oakland on Strike!
The Greanville Post 29/10/2011 at 17:32
For a Radically Democratic Oakland without Cops, Politicians, or Bosses!
[Mike is reporting from the ground in Oakland, former Oakland resident George contributed political analysis]

Occupy the Winter of Our Discontent
Dissident Voice 29/10/2011 at 16:00
Can occupations survive a winter of global weirding, escalated police brutality, and the corporate media’s venom? Should they?

The new media offensive against Occupy Wall Street: “protesters wearing out their welcome”
The Greanville Post29/10/2011 at 15:13
By Daniel Denvir, NAKED CITY, The Philadelphia City Paper
As the Occupy Wall Street movement stretches deep into its second month, the media is picking up a new and negative message: ‘After weeks of cautiously accepting the teeming, round-the-clock demonstrations spawned by Occupy Wall Street, some stressed-out cities have run out of patience.’ (The subhead of yesterday’s New York Times article.)

Police raid Occupy San Diego, make 51 arrests
World Socialist Web Site 29/10/2011 at 14:32
Police carried out a raid early Friday morning on Occupy San Diego, making 51 arrests and clearing out protesters who had been maintaining their encampment for three weeks.

Occupy Pittsburgh: “The rich own both the Democrats and Republicans”
World Socialist Web Site 29/10/2011 at 14:32
Occupy Pittsburgh protesters are in their second week of mobilization against the massive inequality and the damage being done by the elite who rule America.

Occupy Portland threatened by Oregon’s leading newspaper
World Socialist Web Site 29/10/2011 at 14:32
The Oregonian makes undisguised threat against anti-Wall Street protesters.

Colbert mocks the disgusting media coverage of violence against OWS
The Greanville Post 29/10/2011 at 14:20
Stephen Colbert Obliterates the Terrible Media Coverage of Police Violence Against Protesters

United States: A Green perspective on Occupy
Links – International journal of socialist renewal 29/10/2011 at 11:08
By the Green Party of St. Louis
October 25, 2011 – Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal — The Green Party of St. Louis endorses, marches with and is a part of Occupy St. Louis and the global Occupy movement. We, the 99%, must have jobs and economic security that the 1% is destroying. But there must be jobs without leaving a burnt-out, mined-out, radioactive and chemically contaminated planet. The Green Party advocates …

Neo-Cons on Welfare Benefits
Craig Murray 29/10/2011 at 10:09
Our three neo-con major political parties have come up with a jolly cunning plan to lift money direct from the taxpayer, in addtion to being paid by big business to promote the interests of big business against the people.

Occupy: Chopping Root Of Evil
Mathaba News Briefing (Alerts) 29/10/2011 at 03:01
Confronting power with demands is essential; we should demand liberty, liberty, and more liberty and freedom from the FED is one such demand.

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