NATO Newslinks 19 November 2011

19 November 2011 —

US budget woes could threaten plans for NATO missile defense system in Europe
Washington Post
The US sees the missile defense system, aimed at countering a threat from Iran, as part of its contribution to the NATO military alliance. With the United States often complaining that it makes a disproportionately large contribution to NATO, …

Afghan police killed during Nato night raid
BBC News
Two Afghan police officers have been killed in a clash with Nato-led forces
who were conducting a night-time raid, say officials in Afghanistan. The
“friendly fire” incident happened in Ghazni province, southwest of Kabul.
Two other Afghan soldiers …

U.S. defence boss expects NATO allies to provide aid
By Lee Berthiaume, Postmedia News November 19, 2011 US Defense Secretary
Leon Panetta praised Canada’s contributions in Afghanistan and Libya in a
speech here Friday, even as he put NATO allies on notice that they will be
expected to step up as the US …

Two Afghan policemen killed by NATO troops: police
GHAZNI, Afghanistan — NATO-led forces have shot and killed two Afghan
policemen at a checkpoint in southeast Afghanistan, a local police chief
said. The incident happened due to a “misunderstanding” between
international troops and the Afghan forces, …

China, Russia protect me from NATO: Mugabe
Zimbabwe Metro
On Wednesday, he met Acting Chinese President Xi Jinping where he called on
Russia and China to provide a buffer against the “Anglo-Saxon alliance’s
expansionist agenda given what NATO did in Libya and threats posed to Syria
and Iran,” his spokesman …

Church groups condemn US-NATO Plot against Syria
Center for Research on Globalization
Top researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies in Moscow Boris Dolgov
said the Arab League decision has been taken under the pressure of NATO,
Western countries and Israel which seek to destroy Syria. Dolgov said that
the Russian and Chinese …

NATO tanker bombed in NW Pakistan
Press TV
Pakistani security personnel cordon off the site of an attack on NATO fuel
tankers in Nowshera, Pakistan, in October 2010. (file photo) Two people
have been injured in a bombing that targeted a NATO fuel tanker in the
Khyber agency of northwestern …

Journeying to the centre of the earth? Visit NATO Headquarters
Daily News & Analysis
By Nikhil S Dixit | Place: Brussels | Agency: DNA If it weren’t for NATO,
Muammar Gaddafi would perhaps still be ruling Libya. The thought —
obvious as it might seem — takes on poignant resonance when one walks
through the heavily guarded …

Attack on Nato container kills driver
File Photo SIBBI: A driver was killed in an attack on Nato container on
National Highway near Mithar area of Bolan district on Friday. According to
the Levies Force, Afghanistan-bound container carrying goods for Nato
forces from Karachi was on its way …

Bring back the Mother Land?
Online source BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK reported yesterday that Chief of
General Staff, General Nikolai Makarov warned Russian about NATO’s
expansion eastward. He said that Russia runs the risk of border conflicts
that could lead to nuclear warfare. …

Chairman of the Military Committee farewells NATO
NATO HQ (press release)
NATO HQ Brussels, 18 Nov 2011 – Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola today said
farewell to NATO’s Military Committee, leaving his position as its Chairman
to return to Italy as the newly appointed Minister of Defence. Addressing
the members of the Military …

US base won’t raise terrorism dangers
Sydney Morning Herald
But the international security, terrorism and NATO expert says the US
Marines base in Darwin is unlikely to attract undue attention. ”In theory,
of course, it can be [a target] and it’s quite possible, but you have to
see it in context,” Professor …

Chicago to host next Nobel Peace Laureates summit
The three-day annual event is scheduled for April 23-25, a few weeks before
Chicago hosts the G8 and NATO conferences in mid-May. “I think it’s only
fitting when you have both the defense ministers, foreign ministers and the
heads of state of NATO, …

Memories of Libya, 1982
Then, in 2011, after the Arab Spring, the elected pinnacles of democracy in
NATO capitols charged him with threatening the lives of his own people –
as if that would bother colonial powers who had routinely slaughtered
Africans and still back ruthless …

AP News in Brief at 5:58 am EST
The Associated Press
___ US budget woes could threaten plans for NATO missile defense system in
Europe WASHINGTON (AP) — A breakdown in high-stakes budget talks in
Congress could threaten plans for a missile defense shield in Europe.
Negotiators have shown little sign …

Montenegro has Romania’s support for EU, NATO bids, pledges global responsibility
16:49 GMT, November 18, 2011 Podgorica, Montenegro | Romania will continue
supporting Montenegro’s efforts to join the EU and NATO, Ambassador Mihail
Florovic told Deputy Prime Minister Dusko Markovic at their meeting on
November 16. …

German foreign minister pledges lasting support to Afghan partners
Deutsche Welle
Germany’s Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle has pledged to maintain a
lasting partnership with Afghanistan after NATO-led troops withdraw in
2014. Westerwelle was in Kabul ahead of a key conference on Afghanistan.
German Foreign Minister Guido …,,15543425,00.html

The jailed consultant, the Gaddafi bodyguard and the Canadian engineering giant
National Post
In Tripoli, they met Libyans and toured sites that had been bombed by NATO
warplanes. Canada was part of the NATO air and sea operation. “We visited
bomb sites, talked to people on both pro-Gaddafi and the rebels side,
visited government dignitaries, …

Disposal team detonates Tripoli bomb
Reuters Video
Nov. 18 – A large unexploded NATO bomb, discovered in the grounds of
Muammar Gaddafi’s compound in Tripoli, is detonated by a munitions disposal
team. Nick Rowlands reports.

US Arms Persian Gulf Allies For Conflict With Iran
This is reminiscent of those who encouraged NATO to hit Syria a few weeks
ago.” [1] On November 14 former Cuban president Fidel Castro warned that “a
US-Israeli attack on Iran would inevitably unleash a bloody war,” adding
that because of the country’s …

Afghan Jirga Backs Partnership with US
Voice of America (blog)
There are more than 130000 foreign troops in Afghanistan as part of a
NATO-led coalition, mostly from the US All international combat troops are
due to leave the country by then end of 2014. Some analysts say government
corruption, coupled with …

Terrorism Expert Sought $10 Million From Gaddafi, Used TV Appearances To Push …
Huffington Post
WASHINGTON — As NATO forces attacked the Gaddafi regime in Libya this
spring, an American citizen attempted to help negotiate the dictator’s
orderly exit — for a hefty fee. The New York Times reported on Friday that
Neil Livingstone, …

Afghanistan faces ‘regional war’ if NATO troops go
Atmar said it was wrong to assume that violence would taper off after a
scheduled 2014 pullout of NATO forces, and that 20000-30000 foreign
soldiers should remain. “With 450000, we have a problem at the moment,”
he told an audience at the Centre for …

Russia ready to dialogue with US on missile defense-Foreign Minister
RIA Novosti
“We are not closing the door in any case, we will continue working with the
Americans within NATO-Russia Council, but we will continue working on the
basis of our position that no-targeting guarantees are needed,” Lavrov
said. …

Natalie Wood Detectives Face Conflicting Accounts
The conditions include an end to nighttime kill-and-capture raids by
foreign troops, which NATO says is the most effective weapon so far against
the insurgency. The meeting’s findings are not binding, but they are likely
to bolster Karzai’s negotiating …

Kosovo disturbances mimicked in training scenario
Stars and Stripes
By Steven Beardsley Soldiers with the 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment
play the part of rioters during a Thursday civil disturbance simulation for
soldiers preparing to deploy as NATO peacekeepers in Kosovo. The rotation,
held at the Joint …

Croatia – Simunovic attended NATO conference in RACVIAC
ISRIA (registration)
MOD State Secretary Pjer Simunovic participated today, 17 November 2011, on
the conference “NATO enlargement – integration and security in Southeast
Europe”. The State Secretary gave a presentation at the panel “The
experience of accession after the …

ANALYSIS-As Libyans wrangle, Qatar in wings
Reuters Africa
The tiny Gulf emirate with big ambitions to parlay its oil wealth into
diplomatic influence was a major supporter of Abdul Jalil’s NATO-backed
rebels, providing funds, arms and troops and ensuring a gratitude from
Libyans that for many, being fellow …

Russian Warships Enter Syrian Waters To Prevent NATO Attack
By uprooted Palestinian
As we saw prior to the attack on Libya, which was also framed as a
“humanitarian intervention,” NATO powers are keen to demonize Assad’s
government by characterizing attacks by his forces as atrocities while
largely ignoring similar attacks …

IEDs kill NATO service member, 4 Afghan kids – Marine Corps News …
KABUL, Afghanistan — More than 2 million people are facing food shortages
in northern Afghanistan after a drought and the situation could get even
worse if winter snows cut off access to remote regions, a group of aid
agencies warned …

NATO Beats the Drums of War Against Syria and Iran | Mostly Water
By blackandred
With Libya in ruins, and its oil pledged to NATO multinationals, the screws
are now tightening on Iran and Syria. The IAEA (International Atomic Energy
Agency) is meeting in Vienna to discuss its latest report on Iran, while
Israel openly …

Stop NATO news: November 19, 2011 « Stop NATO
By richardrozoff
November 19, 2011 richardrozoff Leave a comment Go to comments. ====
Pentagon “To Spread Out Through All Of Asia” Openly Now. U.S., Allies
To Hold Largest Amphibious Assault Exercise In Ten Years. NATO Training
Mission-Iraq Briefs …

Russian Warships Enter Syrian Waters To Prevent NATO Attack …
By MKERone
Moscow in aggressive move to stop another “humanitarian intervention”.
Paul Joseph Watson Prison Friday, November 18, 2011. Russian
warships have entered Syrian territorial waters in an aggressive move
designed to prevent …

Afghanistan faces ‘regional war’ if NATO troops go – The Frontier Post
By shimran
Afghanistan faces ‘regional war’ if NATO troops go. Posted on November 19,
2011. WASHINGTON (Agen-cies): Afghanistan risks falling into civil and
regional war if all US and international troops leave as planned by the end
of 2014, the …

Poland joins NATO’s Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence | Polish …
By Kasia
Poland and the US join NATO’s Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in

PhD Scholarship on NATO to be Placed Jointly at University of …
One PhD scholarship is available to be placed jointly at the Department of
Political Science and Public Management at the University of Southern
Denmark and at.

Russian military chief–NATO expansionism portends nuclear war …
By crescentandcross
Makarov specifically referred to NATO’s plans to offer membership to
Georgia and Ukraine as potentially threatening Russia’s security. Russia
routed Georgian forces in a brief August 2008 war over a separatist
province of South Ossetia. …

Two Afghan Police Killed In Attempt To Stop NATO Night Raid In …
By therearenosunglasses
KABUL: Two Afghan police officers were killed in a clash with foreign
troops conducting a night raid southwest of the Afghan capital, Kabul,
early on Saturday, a provincial police chief said, adding to Afghan
pressure to stop the raids. …

AAF gym gains … – NATO Training Mission Afghanistan :
By elizabeth.c.thompson
KABUL, Afghanistan – The Afghan Air Force gym here recently received a
“makeover” with the arrival of new equipment that will help keep AAF
members “fit to fight.” Capt. Billy Boland, an adviser with the 438th
Air Expeditionary Wing, noticed …

Afghan police killed in Nato raid « News Hub Today
By NewsHubToday
Two Afghan police officers have been killed in a clash with Nato-led forces
who were conducting a night-time raid, say officials in Afghanistan. The
“friendly fire” incident happened in Ghazni province, southwest of
Kabul. Two other Afghan …

Russian Warships Enter Syrian Waters To Prevent NATO Attack Alex …
Russian warships have entered Syrian territorial waters in an aggressive
move designed to prevent any NATO-led attack on the country under the guise
of a …

NATO Straps – AskMen
Nylon watch straps, also known as NATO straps, make you look cheap.

NATO Drafting Cyber Warfare International Law Manual
NATO Drafting Cyber Warfare International Law Manual “The manual is meant
to address all the legal issues under a framework of both international …

NATO – Google+
NATO – Official Google+ page of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. –
The NATO Google+ page is meant to provide an environment for people to
discuss …

NATO after Libya – November 2011 – Armed Forces Journal – Military …
A year ago, in an article published at the Center for European Policy
Analysis, we argued that “some voices increasingly insist that the age of
Homo Atlanticus is …

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