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25 November 2011 — williambowles.info

25 November 2011
Holding Space As OWS Camps Come Under Assault

The Greanville PostToday at 18:44
By Randall Amster As the Occupy Movement gains strength and garners worldwide support, the predominant anti-OWS tactic of authority is becoming clear: decimate as many Occupy camps as possible, in the hope that this delivers a fatal blow to the movement’s momentum. It is an outmoded, heavy-handed tack, one that starkly illuminates the gap between the casual brutality of the 1% and the core aspirations of the 99%.

The New Age Of Consumer Activism
The Greanville Post Today at 18:27
Our understandable rage at corporations is behind customer-driven like Bank Transfer Day By David Sirota

Occupy The Hamptons Update
The Greanville Post Today at 18:08
By Ted Rall When I was at Stop the Machine/Occupy DC in October, I began asking myself: what am I doing here? (Call it my Admiral Stockdale moment.) The Occupy movement is local. I rushed back to New York to start something closer to home.

Protest, Free Speech and the Idea of the University
New Left Project Today at 17:28
by Priyamvada Gopal Something out of the ordinary happened in Cambridge this week. In an institution better known for populating than challenging this country’s ruling classes, a sitting Minister of State, David Willetts, was, as indignant news reports put it, ‘prevented from speaking.’ Willetts had been invited by Cambridge’s Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, to speak to his Idea of the University, an institution he is better known for dismantling than fostering. The man who was promising to ‘put students in the driver’s seat’ by turning them into paying consumers at degree-mills would, appropriately enough, tell us all about it through the auspices of CRASSH.

Police evict Occupy Toronto protesters
World Socialist Web Site Today at 17:20
Wednesday’s eviction of protesters from Toronto’s St. James Cathedral Park is part of a concerted effort by state authorities to bring an end to the Occupy protests across Canada.”

The Occupy Revolution is clearly a force to be reckoned with in our culture. Even at this early stage the battle lines are being drawn. Many cities are resisting this new people-powered movement, as it feels threatening to status quo politicians and the 1%, so influential in the current political climate. This in spite of the glaring corruption and inequality of the old system.

Five Principles – Occupy Cincinnati
Dissident Voice Today at 16:00

Occupy plans Zombie Xmas shop shock
Russiatoday.ru Today at 14:50
It ain’t called Black Friday for nothing: every day after Thanksgiving, the leftovers haven’t gone cold yet, but crowds are already charging to start the year’s biggest event – Christmas shopping. But this year, Occupy…

“The Degree To Which You Resist Is The Degree To Which You Are Free.”
The Wild Wild Left – Front Page Today at 14:19
By Phil Rockstroh – reprinted in full with his kind permission…
I’ve noticed a meme beginning to fester among liberal insiders who are positing that the Occupy Wall Street movement is starting to ‘distract’ the citizenry from the wicked machinations of Republicans of the legislative class.

Occupy Everywhere: Michael Moore, Naomi Klein on Next Steps for the Movement Against Corporate Power
Democracy Now! Today at 13:30
How does the Occupy Wall Street movement move from ‘the outrage phase’ to the ‘hope phase,’ and imagine a new economic model? In a Democracy Now! special broadcast, we bring you excerpts from a recent event that examined this question and much more.

Occupy and the Church
New Left Project Today at 12:09
by Symon Hill, Alex Doherty
Symon Hill is an activist, writer and trainer. He is associate director of the Christian thinktank Ekklesia and the author of The No-Nonsense Guide to Religion. He spoke to NLP’s Alex Doherty on the reaction of the Church hierarchy to the presence of the Occupy protesters at St Paul’s cathedral.

Assassinating the Rule of Law
In These Times Today at 10:00
Of all the promises made by candidate Barack Obama, it was his promise to end the lawlessness of the Bush years by closing Guantanamo, ending torture and restoring the United States’ reputation for justice that got me out in the streets and knocking on doors. And it is President Obama’s failure to keep these promises that makes it impossible for me to support him again.

The Occupy protests in Australia, the unions and the pseudo-left
World Socialist Web Site Today at 09:21
The pseudo-left organisations—Socialist Alliance, Socialist Alternative, and the Socialist Party—have insisted that the key task of the Occupy movement is to secure the support of senior trade union bureaucrats.

Glad to see Occupy London demand City democracy
Morning Star Yesterday at 17:32
It was particularly pleasing to see the Occupy London camp pick up the demand to bring the City of London under more democratic control.

24 November 2011
Billionaire Bloomberg wants his Wall Street

Morning Star Yesterday at 17:28
The source of the New York mayor’s fortune shows why he’s so desperate to get the Occupy protesters out of his city

Rebel arts: Occupy seek studio space
Russiatoday.ru Yesterday at 16:55
Art has always flourished on the fertile ground of protest and revolution so it’s perhaps no surprise that Occupy Wall Street art and culture activists are looking to get their own permanent art space.

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