Hair[cuts] of the Dog[s] By S. Artesian Part 1

2 December, 2011 — The Wolf Reports

Part 1

1. All that was lacking was the puff of white smoke….. and a hall of mirrors. All that was lacking to the labor and delivery of the latest infant heir to crumbling euro-throne; all that was lacking to the latest bailout, financial stabilization facility, firewall, vaccine, blood-brain barrier; all that was lacking to the birth of the latest in still-born messiahs riding into town in the back of a limousine and on the backs of seventeen asses was that smoke and that hall of mirrors reflecting into infinity the image of latest in the line of hairless, toothless, witless offspring of smoke and mirrors capitalism.

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Mahdi Darius NAZEMROYA – Iran and the Strategic Encirclement of Syria and Lebanon

2 December — Strategic Culture Foundation

The encirclement of Syria and Lebanon has long been in the works. Since 2001, Washington and NATO have started the process of cordoning off Lebanon and Syria.The permanent NATO presence in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Syrian Accountability Act are part of this initiative. It appears that this roadmap is based on a 1996 Israeli document aimed at controlling Syria.The documents name is A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm.

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Iran Newslinks 1-2 December 2011

2 December 2011 —

2 December 2011
The media war turns against Iran

Morning Star Today at 17:11
Now that Libya has been checked off the list, the West is setting its sights on its next target

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Egypt Newslinks 2 December 2011

2 December 2011 —

Syria, Egypt and Middle East unrest – live updates
The Guardian
12.25pm GMT / 7.25am EST: Egyptian state TV is saying the results of the first round of elections will be released at 8pm local time (6pm GMT, 1pm EST). Meanwhile, numbers at the march to honour those killed since the Supreme Council of the Armed …

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Why Moscow does not Trust Washington on Missile Defense By F. William Engdahl

2 December 2011 — Global Research

Most in the civilized world are blissfully unaware that we are marching ineluctably towards an increasingly likely pre-emptive nuclear war. No, it’s not at all about Iran and Israel. It’s about the decision of Washington and the Pentagon to push Moscow up against the wall with what is euphemistically called Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD).

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2 December 2011 — Pambazuka News

The authoritative electronic weekly newsletter and platform for social justice in Africa
Pambazuka News (English edition): ISSN 1753-6839

1. Features, 2. Announcements, 3. Comment & analysis, 4. Advocacy & campaigns, 5. Obituaries, 6. Books & arts, 7. African Writers’ Corner, 8. Cartoons

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Stop NATO News: December 2, 2011

2 December 2011 — Stop NATO

  • Russia: U.S.-NATO Missile Plans Upsets Global Balance Of Power
  • Netherlands: NATO Trains European, Mideast, Asian, Caucasus Partners
  • Pakistani Military Chief Gives Order To Retaliate Against NATO Attacks
  • Chinese Diplomats Condemn NATO Attack, Offer Pakistan Condolences
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Wikileaks Newslinks 2 December 2011

2 December 2011 —

ZDNet UK (blog)
By David Meyer, 2 December, 2011 08:47 Wikileaks has released hundreds of documents describing the products of Western intelligence contractors, in a new project called the Spy Files. In the context of the Arab Spring, increasing attention is being …

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Bradley Manning Newslinks 2 December 2011

2 December 2011 —

Crime and Punishment Bradley Manning’s Leaks Didn’t Actually Hurt Anybody But …
It’s no blood, no foul when it comes to Bradley Manning. This week his lawyers stated that the alleged WikiLeaks culprit and confirmed Queerty reader didn’t actually cause any damage by releasing classified government documents. …

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Syria Newslinks 2 December 2011

2 December 2011 —

Maybe updated as the day wears on…

2 December 2011
Done deal: Russia supplies cruise missiles to Syria Today at 10:59
Fulfilling a contract signed in 2007, Russia has supplied Bastion coastal missile systems with Yakhont cruise missiles to Syria under a contract signed in 2007, a diplomatic source in Moscow has told Russian media.

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 1 December 2011: Barak says no Iran strike ‘for the moment’

1 December 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Soldiers Attack Detainees In Nafha Prison
IMEMC – Israeli soldiers attacked on Thursday several detainees held in the Nafha detention camp, in the Negev Desert. In a letter sent to Husam Society, the detainees said that they have been without electricity since more than three days. …

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Global Research Week in Review: Headlines of the Week 1 December 2011

1 December 2011 — Global Research

Libya and “The Arab Spring”: Neoliberalism, “Regime Change” and NATO’s “Humanitarian Wars”

– by Michel Chossudovsky, Finian Cunningham, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya – 2011-12-10 Continue reading this...