Wikileaks Newslinks 7-8 December 2011

8 December 2011 —

8 December 2011
WikiLeaks’ favor to diplomacy

The Boston Globe
A few months ago, I named Ford our first true post-WikiLeaks ambassador. An Arab-speaking career diplomat, Ford impressively embraced the Syrian people as they defied Assad’s brutality. And they loved him for that. While Ford’s presence in Syria is …

Cellebrite’s Response to WikiLeaks
MarketWatch (press release)
Cellebrite, the developer and manufacturer of world-leading mobile forensic
solutions, has rejected claims in the recent WikiLeaks “Spy Files” exposé
that it is among companies that develop and supply equipment to governments
and dictators “to spy on …

Ruling on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s extradition likely by Christmas
Economic Times
LONDON: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is likely to know by December 25
if the Supreme Court will hear his appeal against the recent high court
decision to extradite him to Sweden where he faces charges of sexual
assault. Assange can lodge his appeal …

Cellebrite Denies WikiLeaks ‘Spy Files’ Claims, Defends UFED Mobile Forensic …
Mobile forensic specialist Cellebrite has strongly denied claims made in a
recent WikiLeaks release dubbed ‘The Spy Files’ which referred to it as
part of the “global mass surveillance industry.” Following on from the
Carrier IQ controversy, …

WikiLeaks Exposing “Mass Surveillance Industry”
The New American
The anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks began releasing documents last week
related to what it calls the “mass surveillance industry,” a
little-known but expansive underworld of contractors offering tools for
governments — from brutal dictatorships to more …

Don’t Cry for Julian Assange
Wall Street Journal
By FLOYD ABRAMS The fall of WikiLeaks has come with startling swiftness. A
year ago millions viewed it as a vibrant, swashbuckling, hi-tech,
anti-establishment revealer of secrets. Now WikiLeaks has suspended
publication, and its founder and publisher, …

Gov’ts Using Cellphone Spyware, Warns WikiLeaks
The controversial Wikileaks site has published documents that appear to
show national governments using malicious software to carry out
surveillance. The documents flesh out claims by the Wall Street Journal
(WSJ) that private companies are profiting …

Taking a Leak
Seven Days
By Dan Bolles [12.07.11] Whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks has come under
fire from rankled governments around the globe that have taken exception to
the site airing their innermost dirty secrets — or, you know, doing major
media journalists’ jobs. …

Paypal Can’t Get Out of Its Own Way
The Nonprofit Quarterly
December 6, 2011; Source: Forbes | On December 4 last year, Paypal was
embroiled in a dispute with Wikileaks—withholding donations that had been
made to them and basing the withholding on the fact that the state
department had declared Wikileaks …

Top 10 Influential 2011: The rise and fall of LulzSec
Computerworld Australia
For example, LulzSec first came to attention on 30 May when, after been
less than impressed by a Frontline documentary on whistle blower site
WikiLeaks called “WikiSecrets”, decided to hack the Public Broadcasting
Service (PBS). …

Assange play to open in London
Herald Sun
A PLAY about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, already staged in Sydney,
has been adapted for a British audience and will launch in the new year.
Titled Stainless Steel Rat for its Sydney season in July, the production
will open in London on January 10 …

Corporations that help dictators track activists must be held accountable …
Major software and surveillance companies are making billions by aiding
dictators around the world as they arrest and even kill political
opponents, according to a new WikiLeaks report called SpyFiles. Reporters
Without Borders (RSF) condemned the …

EU Parliament Seminar Looks At Risks Of Outsourcing Policing Of Internet
Intellectual Property Watch (blog)
McNamee referred back to the US case of Wikileaks in the US, where Visa,
Mastercard, Paypal and Amazon all feared reputational damage from providing
service to Wikileaks once it was accused by high level US politicians of
being a terrorist organization …

Julian Assange Talks
Asia Sentinel (blog)
Peter Singer has accepted to discuss these views with Julian Assange, the
co-founder and spokesman for Wikileaks. Their conversation has taken place
via Skype – for Julian Assange is in residence at Ellingham Hall, in the
Norfolk, deep in the English …

High Court orders Director-General of CIO to justify claims
The information was later published by WikiLeaks on the Internet.
Yesterday, Justice Felistus Chatukuta deferred to December 21 an
application by Maj Gen Bonyongwe for a default judgment against Mr
Cranswick for want of justification of the amount …

Web woven, worldwide
Indian Express
Some countries have blocked Wikileaks, pro-North Korea sites, or Muslim
Brotherhood sites. SOCIAL conventions: These include sites containing or
promoting pornography, illegal drug use, neo-Nazism, hate speeches, crime,
violence, and sometimes even …—worldwide/885154/

DJIA: German, French Leaders Downplay Summit Expectations, Citigroup Begins …
International Business Times
Wikileaks announced via its Twitter account this afternoon that founder
Julian Assange’s Supreme Court appeal application has been rushed forward
to December 19. The Wikileaks founder is wanted for questioning in Sweden
over accusations of rape and …

Coverup Allegations Follow Deadly Mexico Casino Fire
Wall Street Journal
A US diplomatic cable written in 2009, and released this year by WikiLeaks,
the document-leaking website, says that a prominent casino owner in
Monterrey donated $2.5 million to the campaign of former PAN mayor
Adalberto Madero. …

Indian Government v Social Networking sites: Expert Views
Bar & Bench
Amazon and Mastercard could arbitrarily stop providing services to
Wikileaks, despite Wikileaks not having broken any law or terms of service.
The IT Rules (regarding intermediary due diligence) of April 2011, on the
other hand, go overboard and are …

Zimbabwe: Replacing Mugabe, a Zanu-PF nightmare
The Africa Report
Leaked WikiLeaks cables, which dominated political discourse earlier this
year, are also not on the agenda. It was expected that Mugabe would use the
occasion to crack the whip on party members that confided in American
envoys that they wanted him out. …

Selling the ABC and other tricky media issues
ABC Online
Different segments of the population welcome Wikileaks revelations or
ClimateGate emails but deplore the other. It seems that the profit motive
imposes high costs of disorder. But what people overlook is that disorder
is tempered by defamation laws, …

Eight reasons to hold off on Windows 8
But before you race to Windows 8, check out these 8 reasons why as a CIO,
you shouldn’t: Wikileaks – fearless whistleblowers or irresponsible
nuisances? Keep up to date with the latest developments. Read more 1.
Devices have to catch up to OS …

Saadi Gaddafi: Black sheep of the family
National Post
“His bisexuality is reportedly a point of extreme contention with his
father,” wrote the US State Department in a 2009 diplomatic cable
released by WikiLeaks. Until he failed a drug test in 2006, Saadi was also
given a prime spot on the Libyan National …

War on Iran has already begun. Act before it threatens all of us
The Guardian
The latest International Atomic Energy Agency report once again failed to
produce a smoking gun, despite the best efforts of its new director
general, Yukiya Amano – described in a WikiLeaks cable as “solidly in the
US court on every strategic …

The almanac
… using copy overload and other tactics, brought down the Swedish
government’s Web site for several hours and attacked a number of
businesses, including and MasterCard, seen as “enemies” of
WikiLeaks and its co-founder, Julian Assange, …

Snow Falling on Smog: Is There Any Hope for Beijing’s Air?
TIME (blog)
In June 2009, after TIME reported on the air-quality monitor, the Chinese
Foreign Ministry complained about the embassy’s public reporting of
pollution data, according to this WikiLeaks cable. The Chinese officials
said that by posting the data online, …

Cellebrite Doesn’t Like WikiLeaks ‘Spy Files’ Claims
By News Account
Cellebrite, a developer and manufacturer of mobile forensic solutions, has
rejected claims in the recent WikiLeaks “Spy Files” exposé that it is
among companies that develop and supply equipment to governments and
dictators “to spy on their …

Did you have any idea? Video series in support of WikiLeaks and …
By Cassie Findlay
When I saw what Julian Assange and WikiLeaks achieved with the releases
last year it gave me renewed excitement about my work – a kind of ‘jolt’
– back to the core principles of our profession – that without access
to documentary evidence …

Circle of 13: Wikileaks Shock: US troops assassinated children
By (Peacedream)
“A people who would begin by burning fences and let the forest stand!” ~
Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) ” I would prefer not to” – Bartleby the
Scrivener ~ Herman Melville (1819-1891) “The imagination is not a state: it
is the human …

The Complete Guantanamo Files: Wikileaks and the Prisoners …
By Frank
World Can’t Wait – Stop the Crimes of Your Government.

Some Secret Information Should Remain Secret – Advice Goddess …
By Amy Alkon
Earlier this year the American ambassador to Mexico, Carlos Pascual, was
obliged to resign under Mexican pressure because his candid and quite
correct cables to Washington released by WikiLeaks had observed that the
Mexican army had …

By Mona
Thursday, December 8, 2011. wikileaks WikiLeaks. Assange Supreme Court
appeal application rushed forward. Judges picked already and will be
decided on Dec 19 From the fevered imagination of
Mona at …

Wikileaks Newslinks 7-8 December 2011
An image used by the hacker group Anonymous in its boycott of PayPal after
the company’s cutting of funds to WikiLeaks. PayPal seems to be asking the
Internet to declare December 4th an annual Boycott PayPal Day. Blogs,
Twitter, and Facebook are …

This Fake CIA Memo is a Vital Clue…to Something
Wired News (blog)
By Scott Thill No, you’re not looking at the latest secret document from
WikiLeaks. The above “Central Intelligence Bulletin” was dreamed up and
provided exclusively to Underwire to provide you with an enigmatic plot
clue to an upcoming cultural event. …

US House working on cyber security legislation
YNN Hudson Valley
In the age of Wikileaks and cyber warfare, the US House of Representatives
is ramping up efforts to craft and pass legislation that will address one
of the country’s greatest national threats: Cyber security. As our
Washington Bureau reporter Erin …—house-working-on-cyber-security-legislation

Gaps in the world wide open web
Hindustan Times
Last week at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, WikiLeaks founder
Julian Assange said that China was ‘sucking out’ confidential emails of
India’s premier investigative agency, the Central Bureau of Investigation
(CBI). …

Office Geopolitics: iTinker Tailor Soldier Spy/i
The L Magazine
by Nicolas Rapold Though arguably little in recent spy cinema matches the
diplomatic sketches glimpsed through the WikiLeaks cables, Tomas
Alfredson’s adaptation of the John Le Carre novel mostly makes a virtue of
this world’s murk. …

How ISPs got caught up in the Internet wars
iT News
Keane draws on Wikileaks’ revelations of a thriving surveillance industry
created by the private sector that is developing tools to completely erase
privacy and track what people are doing online. “It is frightening and
depressing to see that these …,how-isps-got-caught-up-in-the-internet-wars.aspx

Lucrative Surveillance Market Fed by Hunt for Dissidents (press release)
(RSF/IFEX) – 2 December 2011 – Reporters Without Borders reiterates its
condemnation of the criminal cooperation between western hi-tech companies
and authoritarian regimes, which is receiving renewed attention after the
WikiLeaks website yesterday …

Android exploit allows unauthorized app to record audio, take pictures, send SMS
If the Carrier IQ saga and Wikileaks spyware docs weren’t enough mobile
insecurity for you, the hits keep coming. Scientists from NC State have
identified an exploit in select Android phones that allows an app to get
permissions to do nearly anything: …

Gaddafi’s Western friends
WikiLeaks recently published that the French firm Amesys sold Libya a
system which enabled it to spy on the emails of members of the Libyan
opposition abroad. According to WikiLeaks, many other firms continue to
sell spyware to dictatorships. …,7340,L-4158321,00.html

Syrian blogger Razan Ghazzawi arrested
And Wikileaks releases its « spy files ». By Electron Libre According to
the Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression, for which she works,
the 30 year old was arrested crossing the Syrian-Jordanian border on her
way to Amman where she was due …

Movie to open window on young Melbourne hackers
Herald Sun
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Picture: Lefteris Pitarakis Source: AP
AWARD-winning Aussie director Robert Connolly is writing the script for a
Channel 10 telemovie based on the teenage years of celebrity computer
hacker Julian Assange. …

Outrage Grows Over Air Pollution and China’s Response
New York Times
… a Chinese Foreign Ministry official, Wang Shu’ai, told American
diplomats to halt the embassy’s air quality Twitter feed, saying that the
data “is not only confusing but also insulting,” according to a State
Department cable obtained by WikiLeaks. …

Science leads the fight for free speech
New Scientist
From WikiLeaks to phone hacking, the tension between openness, privacy and
confidentiality has become one of the defining issues of our time.
Scientists have unexpectedly found themselves at the heart of this debate,
as the latest round of leaked …

Akpabio and the goldfish syndrome
A governor, whose people-focused leadership was recently described as
“impressive” by Wikileaks, thus making him a man to watch, Akpabio has
drawn a large-fan base national and internationally, owing to his
unparalleled achievements. …

A Pair of Tantalizing Tales
Berkeley Daily Planet
And he has another startling story about the strange ex-general Steven Chu,
now Energy Secretary, brought to Berkeley a couple of years ago, along with
some Wikileaks cables he found about the general.—

Dr Fawaz Akhras
The Independent
How unrest in Syria spilled over into the respectable streets of West
London’ (4 November 2011) referred to a ‘classified 2008 cable from the
then-US charge d’affaires to Damascus released by Wikileaks this year’. The
cable named Dr Fawaz Akhras as a …

France fingered as worse than China for cyber espionage (blog)
France conducts worse industrial espionage on some EU countries than Russia
or China, the head of a German satellite company has been quoted as saying,
in another WikiLeaks cable revelation. “France is the evil empire stealing
technology, …

Legal US gun sales to Mexico arming cartels
CBS News
That prompted a “sensitive” cable, uncovered by WikiLeaks, dated June 4,
2009, in which the US State Department asked Mexico “how the AR-15″ – meant
only for the military or police – was “diverted” into criminal hands. And,
more importantly, where the …

Mugabe to push for Zimbabwe polls at party conference
Long-whispered rumours burst into the open with diplomatic cables released
by WikiLeaks, in which top ZANU-PF officials told American diplomats that
Mugabe has prostate cancer that has spread through his body. Mugabe has
made near monthly visits to …

Can Russia’s Communist Party Make A Comeback?
Putin has been critical of Western NGOs and other election monitoring
groups, like the website Golos, a Wikileaks for voter fraud. When Putin
discussed Western interference, he likely had Golos on his mind. The site
is partially funded by US and …

Land of the Free? Citizens to Subjects
Huffington Post
WikiLeaks has been denied access to credit card networks and other
electronic means of transmitting funds in exactly this way. Today, members
of entire communities are being tracked 24/7/365 so as to devise a complete
map of their social actions and …

Pakistan feared retaliation from India after 26/11.
India Today
Leaked US cables on WikiLeaks had earlier exposed how Pakistan had
complained to the US that India was preparing for war after the 26/ 11
attacks and had mobilised forces on its border. In her recent book, No High
Honours, then US secretary of state …—11-terrorist-attacks/1/163150.html

Saudi Arabia may need nuclear weapons to fend off threat from Iran and Israel …
Daily Mail
US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks showed the kingdom’s leaders
discreetly urging Washington to take stronger measures, including military
action, against Iran. In June, a British newspaper quoted Turki as telling
NATO officials that Saudi …

Aussie director Robert Connolly working on Julian Assange movie script
Digital Spy
In October this year, WikiLeaks co-founder Assange announced that the
whistleblowing website would be suspending all its publishing operations.
More recently, the 40-year-old failed in his appeal against an extradition
order from the UK to Sweden to …

Mugabe endorsement a formality
No one can stand up to President Mugabe in Zanu PF, that is why they would
much rather whisper in the deep and resort to WikiLeaks in the hope that he
would never get to know what they feel about him. Even the celebrated Dr
Eddison Zvobgo had to …

Even the Colts can get 25000 people
Sarasota Herald-Tribune (blog)
“WikiLeaks wasn’t around 10 years ago. “I really don’t know where we’re
going to go after this, but Bassett says he’s going to keep hitting it over
and over again, and I suspect others will, too. At some point, somebody’s
going to find that sweet spot …

Brit Marling compares upcoming films “The East” and “The Company You Keep” to …
And then when WikiLeaks happened, we were like, oh my god, this movie is so
prescient. And then, you know, when Occupy Wall Street happened, we were
like, this film needs to just enter the world already. I think that when
you’re writing, you’re really …

North Korea Seen Advancing Work on ICBM Capable of Reaching US
Global Security Newswire
A February 2010 diplomatic dispatch leaked by the antisecrecy group
WikiLeaks said the United States believes Pyongyang has three options for
constructing intercontinental ballistic missiles. The first would make use
of the existing long-range …

WikiLeaks Iraq War Logs: Every Death Mapped
By The Huffington Post News Editors
The Wikileaks Iraq war logs provide us with a unique picture of every death
in Iraq. These are those events mapped using Google Fusion tables.

The Complete Guantánamo Files: WikiLeaks and the Prisoners …
By Andy Worthington
In late April, I worked with WikiLeaks as a media partner for the
publication of thousands of pages of classified military documents — the
Detainee Assessment Briefs — relating to almost all of the 779 prisoners
held at Guantánamo since the …

WikiLeaks – Jacob Appelbaum, Rop Gonggrijp, Birgitta Jonsdottir …
By Steffen Konrath
Wall Street Journal :: Three WikiLeaks associates are appealing a court
order that would force Twitter Inc. to hand over information from their
accounts without a search warrant. The WikiLeaks associates – Jacob
Appelbaum, Rop Gonggrijp, …

Julian Asange of Wikileaks wins legal lofeline over rape claim …
December 6, WIKILEAKS chief Julian Assange yesterday won his last chance to
avoid extradition to Sweden to face sex-crime allegations. Two High Court
judges said he had raised an important legal issue and gave him 14 days to
ask the …

The Vatic Project: Revisiting My Silence on WikiLeaks
By M. C. Bruecke
A year or so ago I wrote a couple of pieces on the WikiLeaks case
explaining my reluctance to form and communicate a conclusive opinion or
reaction on this confusing intrigue. I encourage you to read my only two
responses to the case here …

Batch Geonews: Tracking Santa Claus, MapInfo Stratus, Seamless …
By Alex
Batch Geonews: Tracking Santa Claus, MapInfo Stratus, Seamless USGS Topo
Maps, Wikileaks Spyfiles Map, and much more. Tue, 2011/12/06 – 16:10 —
Alex. A lot of interesting geonews in this ‘batch mode’ edition. On the
Google front: …

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange avoids extradition for now, wins right to …
By Periscope Writer
Julian Assange, founder of whistleblowing website WikiLeaks, has won the
right to petition the UK Supreme Court in his fight against extradition to
Sweden. Assange lost his High Court battle last month to be extradited over
alleged sex …

Assange says 911 used to launch big brother state | OzHouse Alt …
By OzHouse
Related posts:Wikileaks’ Assange to Address 9/11 Conspiracy? (video) Wiki
war with OpenLeaks: 3500 unpublished leaks destroyed forever as Assange
hits out Assange: Rioters doing big brother a favour Assange says… more.

Julian Assange on The New York Times: Part 5 | NYTimes eXaminer
By admin
A multipart interview with WikiLeaks Editor Julian Assange focusing on his
experience collaborating with the New York Times. Produced for NYT eXaminer
(NYTX). NYTX Editor Chris Spannos interviewed Julian Assange on September
26, …

Networked_Performance — Webcasts of Media Squares
By jo
The first block focused on an in-depth analysis of the evolving
WikiLeaks-saga, while the second block examined the remarkable string of
protests in the Mediterranean region. These discussions were interrupted at
times by startling artistic …

WikiLeaks’s Assange to Fight Extradition at U.K. Top Court …
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will be able to ask the U.K. Supreme Court
to block his extradition to Sweden on rape claims after a judge said the

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