Bradley Manning Newslinks 20-21 December 2011

21 December 2011 —

21 December 2011
In WikiLeaks Case, Bradley Manning Faces the Hacker Who Turned Him In
Wired News
20, 2011, for a military hearing that will determine if Army Pfc. Bradley Manning should face court-martial for his alleged role in the WikiLeaks classified leaks case. Manning’s online correspondent was Adrian Lamo, a former hacker, who gave the chat …

Bradley Manning pre-trial hearing – Monday 19 December 2011 as it happened
The Guardian (blog)
9.30am: It could be a stop-start day four in the Bradley Manning hearing,
writes Matt Williams from Fort Meade. 10.13am:Dominic Rushe tweets from
Fort Meade: 10.38am: Pictures are coming in of Bradley Manning arriving at
the court facility today. …

Matthew Norman: Bradley Manning – the prisoner who exposes American hypocrisy
The Independent
At No.8 is Bradley Manning, the US Army’s whistleblower supreme whose
pre-trial hearing to determine whether he must face a court martial is
currently being held in Maryland. Posthumously ranked at No.9, meanwhile,
is Christopher Hitchens. …

Scott Olsen Drums Up Support for Bradley Manning (blog)
Now, Scott is asking the Department of Defense to allow UN Special
Rapporteur on Torture Juan Mendez to have a private interview with Bradley
Manning to discuss the conditions of his detainment. Bradley Manning, is
accused of stealing and leaking over …

Letter: Whistleblowers have free speech rights
I wish to express my opinion that in the case of Private Bradley Manning,
only 24 years old, Manning should not suffer the cruel and unusual
punishment of being locked up for the rest of his life. I hold this opinion
regardless of innocence or guilt …

London – Report/Vids/Photos – Solidarity with Bradley Manning outside US Embas
Indymedia UK
Bradley Manning’s Military Tribunal Article 32 (pre-military trial hearing)
began a Ft. Meade Maryland on Friday Dec 18th.,continued through the
weekend and continues into this week. A callout for solidarity action on
Bradley’ 24th. birthday – Saturday …

Solidarity with Bradley Manning at NSA Menwith Hill, N Yorks.
Indymedia UK
Lindis Percy, of the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases
(CAAB) was at the American information gathering and surveillance base at
Menwith Hill on Saturday afternoon in solidarity with Bradley Manning as
part of the international day of …

WikiLeaks suspect’s day in court
Washington Post
The pre-trial hearing for alleged Wikileaks source Bradley Manning began on
Friday, nineteen months after his arrest, including eight months in
solitary confinement. (/Ann Telnaes) Correction: Clarification: SuperFan
badge holders consistently post …

American society divided over Manning case
The Voice of Russia
There is online community Last Saturday, December 17th
several solidarity events took place around the world not only in the US If
one can visit this online community he will see that solidarity events took
place in Canada – in …

General says U.S. may stay in Afghanistan beyond 2014p/p
The prosecution rested its case Tuesday in the pretrial hearing for Pfc.
Bradley Manning after calling to the stand a convicted hacker who first
alerted authorities about his suspicions that Manning had leaked government
information to the antisecrecy …

Occupy L.A., December 17th: More Arrests Among a Concurrence of Commemorations
KCET (blog)
Video by OccupyFreedomLA On December 17th, there was a candlelight vigil
held in the 1st Amendment area on the west steps of City Hall in honor of
Bradley Manning and sex workers. If that seems incongruous, it is because
two separate vigils had been …

ACLU in Court Today: Government Can’t Use Border Checks to Avoid the Bill of …
American Civil Liberties Union News and Information (blog)
As alleged ‘Wikileak-er’ Pfc. Bradley Manning faces his highly anticipated
hearing this week, the government will face its own hearing today in a suit
brought by the ACLU’s Project on Speech, Privacy, and Technology and the
ACLU of Massachusetts on …

Laura Ling and Euna Lee on Current TV’s ‘The Young Turks’ (VIDEOS)
Monsters and
In this exclusive post-show clip, Cenk and Ana Kasparian talk about Newt
Gingrich’s endorsement by a dating site for married people and a Bradley
Manning supporter whose computer was seized by TSA and the women’s march in
Egypt. …

The LWOT: Iraqi VP wanted on terrorism charges
Foreign Policy (blog)
The hearing to decide whether Pfc. Bradley Manning will face a court
martial on charges of aiding the enemy and violating the Espionage Act for
allegedly leaking hundreds of thousands of classified US government
documents to the whistleblowing website …

Occupy Woodstock 2.0
As one of the instigators (and bona fide non-leaders) of Occupy Woodstock,
let me thank everyone who came last Saturday, chatted, chanted, made
posters, froze, sang happy birthday to Bradley Manning (the US Army soldier
charged with handing 250000 …
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5 things you need to know
ABC2 News
It’s day 5 of private Bradley Manning’s trial at Fort Meade. He faces life
in prison if found guilty of leaking classified information to Wikileaks.
Prosecutors say he never should have had access to classified material. …

Good morning, Baltimore: Need to know for Tuesday
Baltimore Sun (blog)
Manning investigators found huge trove of war reports — and a boast: Army
investigators found nearly half a million field reports from Iraq and
Afghanistan on a computer memory card among the belongings of Pfc. Bradley
Manning, with a note suggesting …,0,3074773.story

POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Wednesday, December 21, 2011
CNN (blog)
A convicted computer hacker from California testified Tuesday in Pfc.
Bradley Manning’s preliminary hearing about six days of chats he conducted
with someone who claimed to have leaked classified information and was
“looking to brag about what they had …

Morning Briefing: December 20, 2011
Army investigators provided the first evidence linking Army Pvt. Bradley
Manning to hundreds of thousands of classified documents leaked to
Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange last year. In his pre-trial hearing
yesterday, they said they found an email …

Alleged leaker case more tech than military
San Francisco Chronicle
By DAVID DISHNEAU and PAULINE JELINEK, AP Patrick Semansky / AP Army Pfc.
Bradley Manning is escorted from a security vehicle to a courthouse in Fort
Meade, Md., Monday, Dec. 19, 2011, for a military hearing that will
determine if he should face …

World View: The best photographs from around the globe today
Birmingham Mail
Army Pfc. Bradley Manning is escorted out of a courthouse in Fort Meade,
during a military hearing that will determine if he should face
court-martial for his alleged role in the WikiLeaks classified leaks case.
AP. A muddy Mattie Batchelor at Plumpton …

The AM Roundup: AT&T, Apple Wins, More
Wall Street Journal (blog)
WSJ A strong connection: A government digital forensic expert examining the
computer of accused WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning found communications
between the Army intelligence analyst and an online chat user identified as
“Julian Assange. …

The OccupyUSA Blog for Wednesday (Dec. 21), With Frequent Updates
The Nation. (blog)
My former assistant here, Kevin Gosztola, on Adrian Lamo’s testimony at the
Bradley Manning hearing today, from the scene. Today’s song pick for OWS (a
daily feature since Oct. 1): one of the great vocal performances,
Leadbelly, “Nobody Knows You When …

Technology 2011 in Review: Highlights and Lowlights
International Business Times
In the US, Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, 24, went on trial on charges of
sharing sensitive military secrets with Assange and others. The App Store
gave consumers enormous choice. Giving consumers the ability to seek out
and download applications they want …

First POST: Reinvention
In the ongoing hearing regarding Wikileaks suspect Bradley Manning,
prosecutors said they had identified links between the accused soldier and
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. The Hungarian constitutional court has
ruled parts of the country’s …

Defense In WikiLeaks Case Getting Its Chance
By David Dishneau and Pauline Jelinek, AP FORT MEADE, Md. (AP) — A year
and a half after he allegedly orchestrated the biggest national security
leak in US history, Pfc. Bradley Manning’s lawyers are finally presenting
evidence in his defense. …

Alleged Leaker Case More Tech Than Military
Then you would have been up jargon creek without a clue during the first
five days of testimony at a military installation outside of Washington,
where Pfc. Bradley Manning is fighting efforts to have him court-martialed.

Let’s start today’s news roundup with drone news:
Lawfare (blog)
Josh Gerstein at the Politico reports on developments in the Bradley
Manning trial, including the update on former Army Lt. Dan Choi, who was
thrown out of the hearing on Monday for ” violat[ing] the terms of the
hearing by being disruptive, …

What you need to know
Courier Mail
By Chris Lefkow in Fort Meade, Maryland US Army Private Bradley Manning has
come face-to-face with the man who turned him in to the authorities. By
Shannon Deery, Lucy Carne and AP PROTEST group says arrested women were
beaten, humiliated and left …

Prosecutors Claim Bradley Manning Wanted to Remove ‘the Fog of …
By admin
US army prosecutors claim to have found email correspondence between
alleged WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning and Julian Assange, the founder of
the whistleblowing website. In this courtroom sketch, Bradley Manning,
bottom left, …

RON PAUL!!!!! Calls Bradley Manning A “Hero” And “Patriot …
By William Teach
If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we
don’t believe in it at all.

Bradley Manning Pre-Trial Hearing: Live Blog, Day 5 | The Dissenter
By Kevin Gosztola
Bradley Manning’s Article 32 hearing or, as it is more generally called,
pre-trial hearing resumes today.

Ron Paul Calls Bradley Manning a Hero and a … – I Own The World
By BigFurHat
Bradley Manning exposed what needed exposing. It took a lot of …. I
already stated my case as to why Manning had no moral authority to do what
he did – he had no idea what he was looking at when he leaked the Apache
video. So where …

The PJ Tatler » Ron Paul: Bradley Manning, Soldier Who Stole …
By Bryan Preston
Let’s talk about what Bradley Manning is alleged to have done. He didn’t
like how the Army was treating him, so he felt himself justified in
breaking the law and the trust that the military had placed in him. He
stole secret documents and handed …

Bradley Manning’s Defense Lawyers Employing Three-Pronged …
By The Huffington Post News Editors
FORT MEADE, Md. — The government is almost finished presenting its case
against the Army intelligence analyst blamed for the biggest leak of U.S.
secrets in American history. The preliminary hearing against alleged
WikiLeaks source Pfc.

The Punk Patriot: David House of Bradley Manning Support Network …
By The Punk Patriot
David House, co-founder of the Bradley Manning Support Network, was
approached by ICE officials who took his electronic devices and did not
return them for almost 2 months despite not having a warrant. Ana Kasparian
and Cenk Uygur …

Amy Goodman: Bradley Manning and the Fog of War – Truthdig
Accused whistle-blower Pvt. Bradley Manning turned 24 Saturday. He spent
his birthday in a pretrial military hearing that could ultimately lead to a
sentence of life … or death. – 2011/12/20.

U.S. government rests case against WikiLeaks suspect | The Raw …
By Agence France-Presse
FORT MEADE, Maryland — US Army Private Bradley Manning, accused of one of
the most serious intelligence breaches in US history, came face-to-face on
Tuesday with the man who turned him in to the authorities. The dramatic
encounter …

Ron Paul calls Accused traitor Bradley Manning a hero
By Will Profit
As homosexual Army soldier Bradley Manning’s treason trial continues at
Fort Meade, Maryland, the support he has received from Republican
presidential candidate Ron Paul has been curiously ignored by the major
media, now touting Paul …

Bradley Manning Had Secrets: A Pixelated Account Of The …
The film tells the story of Bradley Manning—the whistleblower who leaked
US diplomatic files to Wikileaks and is now facing prosecution—and his
online discussions with Adrian Lamo, the ex-hacker who turned him in to the
FBI. Lamo was …

(2011/12/21) The Future of Occupy, Bradley Manning, newest …
By Citizen Radio
Episode #442 Allison and Jamie discuss Bradley Manning’s trial, the newest
weaponry of the police state, Occupy Des Moines arrests following NDAA
protest, and Allison plays audio from her OWS panel at Netroots Nation NY.
Citizen Radio … US rests case against Bradley Manning
By Break the Chains
WikiLeaks source Pfc. Bradley Manning, which was being followed by the
defense calling witnesses and closing arguments. Then a military officer
will decide whether to recommend that the 24-year-old be court-martialed on
22 charges …

Bradley Manning trial: Wikileaks suspect ‘punched a female superior …
Captain Casey Fulton, an Army intelligence officer who worked in the same
secure facility as 24-year-old Bradley Manning, described a violent
outburst she said …

Evidence linking Bradley Manning to WikiLeaks disputed – Yahoo …
From Yahoo! News: FORT MEADE, MD (Reuters) – Attorneys for Army
intelligence analyst Bradley Manning on Monday challenged evidence linking
him to the …

Updates From Bradley Manning’s Pretrial Hearing | WikiSecrets …
Ongoing updates from FRONTLINE’s Arun Rath, who is attending Bradley
Manning’s pretrial hearing at Fort Meade. Manning is making his first court

20 December 2011
Bradley Manning case: Investigators show evidence of WikiLeaks link, Assange chats
Washington Post
Prosecutors presented new evidence Monday that appears to link Pfc. Bradley
Manning to a massive leak of government material to the anti-secrecy group
WikiLeaks, including the existence of computer chat logs between Manning
and WikiLeaks co-founder …

Pentagon Papers leaker tries to talk with accused Wiki-leaker
CNN (blog)
Longtime activists Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked top-secret Vietnam War
documents, was rushed out of a military hearing Monday morning after he
tried to speak to PFC Bradley Manning. At a break in the proceedings,
Ellsberg stood up and walked toward the …

The Cypress Times
Scott Olsen, Iraq War veteran and injured Occupy Oakland protester,
launches campaign on asking Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to
grant Juan Mendez, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, access to Bradley
Manning. WASHINGTON, DC – A popular …

Could History Determine Bradley Manning Was A Hero?
As the pre-trial of Pvt. Bradley Manning gets more complicated, it seems to
increase the possibility he could be the Neil Aggett of South Africa and/or
the Alfred Dreyfus of France. The Dreyfus story is already well known. The
world should know about …

UK’s National Theatre Wales to Present New Play The Radicalisation of Bradley …
By Mark Shenton Bradley Manning, whose pre-trial hearing has just opened in
Fort Meade in Maryland for releasing thousands of US embassy emails to
Wikileaks, is to be the subject of Tim Price’s new play The Radicalisation
of Bradley Manning, …

San Diegans Rally to Support America’s Soldier of Conscience – Bradley Manning
OB Rag
Cohen told his supporters that Manning felt compelled to drag the horror of
war and hypocrisy of the State Department to the attention of the entire
world. “Bradley Manning exposed the corruption within the US government’s
war machine,” San Diego union …

Demonstrators support Wikileaker Manning
Edmond Sun
Branum, a minister at Joy Mennonite Church, led the group in a brief
prayer/moment of silence for Bradley, calling for compassion, mercy and an
end to war. Hundreds of vigils and rallies around the world on Friday and
Saturday supported Manning, …

Letter suggests Manning wanted to make history
Digital-crimes investigator David Shaver said Pfc. Bradley Manning’s data
card contained almost 50000 classified battlefield reports. It also had
something akin to a cover letter. The letter stated, quoting: “This is
possibly one of the more …

AP Top Stories
The Associated Press
Here’s the latest news for Monday December 19: North Korean Leader Kim Jong
Il dies; Private Bradley Manning Wikileaks hearing continues; More unrest
in Egypt; Big storm aims for Southwest Mountain states.

First POST: Inheritance
The trial of alleged Wikileaker Bradley Manning is under way. Wired —
which, for its preferential treatment of Manning’s primary accuser, Adrian
Lamo, has earned the ire of Wikileaks supporters — covers testimony from
an Army forensic expert who …

Photos of the Day
Wall Street Journal
In Monday’s photos from Asia, an elephant gets a bath in Sri Lanka,
residents of a Chinese village protest, and North Koreans mourn Kim Jong
Il. Across the US, Pfc. Bradley Manning attends a hearing in Maryland that
will determine if he should be …

In Manning case, sparring over digital evidence
… leaking secret US data to WikiLeaks, while his supporters fumed that
the public was shut out as the hearing dealt with classified but widely
publicized information. As Pfc. Bradley Manning’s preliminary hearing
carried on for a fourth day, the…

Indicted financier R. Allen Stanford
Wall Street Journal (blog)
-A preliminary hearing for Pfc. Bradley Manning, the Army analyst accused
of leaking government files to WikiLeaks, continues in Fort Meade in
Maryland. -In a 10 am hearing, US District Judge Richard M. Gergel in
Charleston, SC, will hear arguments …

100000 cables found on a computer used by Bradley Manning, investigator says
CNN International
By Larry Shaughnessy, CNN Pentagon Producer Bradley Manning faces 22
charges after being accused of distributing hundreds of thousands of secret
government documents to WikiLeaks. Fort Meade, Maryland (CNN) — An Army
private accused of aiding the …

One-third of US adults have been arrested: study
Classified files downloaded to the computer of Army intelligence analyst
Bradley Manning matched those that later showed up on WikiLeaks. The
quarterback of bowl-bound Penn State was taken to hospital after a locker
room fight with a teammate. …

Graham Nash keeps alive the art of the protest song
Reverb MSN Music (blog)
He’s at it again as the trial for Bradley Manning begins — the guy who
allegedly leaked video and documentary evidence of war crimes to Wikileaks.
Nash and James Raymond have released the song “Almost Gone” for free
through Nash’s website. …

17 Sunrise Morning Briefing
A hearing will continue Monday to determine whether there’s sufficient
information for a court-martial against Private First Class Bradley
Manning. Manning is charged with spilling a mountain of secrets to
Wikileaks. On Sunday, a computer crimes …

2011: Was it the Year When Nothing Worked?
Legally Easy
WikiLeaks set the world of free information alight, leaking hundreds of
thousands of cables, and putting founder Julian Assange (and Bradley
Manning) in a lot of international hot-water. The too-much-information
hacking scandals of News of the World …

Court sets health care arguments for March
Pioneer Press
… blamed for the biggest leak of secrets in US history boastfully
declared that he was changing history in a letter with some of the data he
allegedly sent to WikiLeaks, according to a witness in the military’s case
against Army Pfc. Bradley Manning. …

Bradley Manning Has Famous Supporter
WLWT Cincinnati
By Charley KeyesCNN FORT MEADE, Maryland (CNN) — Longtime activists Daniel
Ellsberg, who leaked top-secret Vietnam War documents, was rushed out of a
military hearing Monday morning after he tried to speak to PFC Bradley
Manning. …

A Conservative Site’s Unintentionally Ironic Attack on a Times Reporter
The Atlantic
“Soldier in Leaks Case Will Be Made to Sleep Naked Nightly: Pfc. Bradley
Manning will be stripped of his clothing every night as a “precautionary
measure” to prevent him from injuring himself.” “Dispute Over Confinement
of Wkileaks Suspect Echos …

POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Tuesday, December 20, 2011
CNN (blog)
The military court hearing for Pfc. Bradley Manning continues Tuesday, a
day after witnesses gave explosive testimony about the Army private accused
of leaking more than a quarter of a million classified documents to the
WikiLeaks website. …

Message from Freedom Plaza, Washington DC
Bay Area Indymedia
… In the midst of continuous protests, demonstrations, and direct action,
plus running buses out to Fort Meade for the Bradley Manning trial, plus
taking in all of the homeless who showed up and providing them with food,
tents, and clothing, …

Fischer: ‘Every homosexual represents a heightened security risk’
LGBTQ Nation
While referencing the Bradley Manning case, Fischer said that “if you
have compassion for people, you want homosexuals to get help,” and that
gays should be prohibited from handling “sensitive national security

Panetta: Iraq War was “worth it”
UPDATE: I was on Democracy Now this morning discussing Bradley Manning,
along with the bill President Obama will sign to codify indefinite
detention; both segments can be viewed at the DN site, respectively: here
and here. Prior to the beginning of my …

AP US NewsBrief at 12:51 pm EST
Insurance News Net (press release)
As the court-martial hearing outside Washington for Pfc. Bradley Manning
entered its fourth day, the government had called 13 witnesses and was
expected to ask up to eight more to testify. The defense would then present
its case. …

Manning had Assange contact info
(AAP) Investigators say they found contact information for Julian Assange
on a computer hard drive belonging to US soldier Bradley Manning, who is
accused of spilling secrets to Assange’s WikiLeaks organisation. Testifying
on Monday at a hearing to …

Dozens Arrested at Duarte Square on OWS Three-Month Anniversary
It also coincided with the birthday of Bradley Manning and the one-year
anniversary of the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi, the Tunisian who
set himself on fire and sparked the Arab Spring. Hundreds gathered in
Duarte Square, in lower Manhattan, …

Witness: Manning said leak would lift ‘fog of war’
MetroNews Canada
Almanza “is seeking to prevent journalists and the public from reporting on
testimony related to materials that are already in the public domain,” said
a group called the Bradley Manning Support Network. It also complained that
unnamed “relevant …—witness-manning-said-leak-would-lift-fog-of-war

Evidence linking Bradley Manning to WikiLeaks disputed | The Raw …
By Reuters
FORT MEADE, MD (Reuters) – Attorneys for Army intelligence analyst
Bradley Manning on Monday challenged evidence linking him to the biggest
classified document leak in U.S. history, arguing others had access to the
same files and that it …

Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks Suspect, Faces Forensic Examination …
By The Huffington Post News Editors
FORT MEADE, Md. — The Army intelligence analyst blamed for the biggest
leak of secrets in U.S. history boastfully declared that he was changing
history in a letter accompanying some of the data he allegedly sent to
WikiLeaks, according to …

Lawyers say Bradley Manning struggled with gender identity …
By Lou Chibbaro Jr.
Attorneys representing Pfc. Bradley Manning, a 24-year-old Army private
previously identified as gay, startled observers at a pre-court martial
hearing on Saturday by saying allegations that Manning leaked classified
U.S. intelligence …

Graham Nash Video Tribute to Bradley Manning [Updated] | MyFDL
By wendydavis
Its release is scheduled to precede Manning’s pre-trial hearing on December
16, which is the day before his 24th birthday. The Bradley Manning Support
Network has named the following day, December 17, its International Day of
Solidarity …

Video, Lt. Dan Choi: “Bradley Manning is a Good Soldier!” | War Is A …
By BillyClub
More than 200 activists rallied in support of Bradley Manning outside of
Fort Meade, Maryland, on Saturday afternoon, Dec. 17, 2011. It was the
second day of Manning’s preliminary hearing. Lt. Dan Choi, a graduate of
the West Point Military …

Autostraddle — Bradley Manning’s Lawyers Argue That Being Gay …
By Rachel
Bradley Manning is being tried for leaking files to WikiLeaks after 19
months of imprisonment, and the military is arguing that his being gay is

Evidence stacking up against Bradley Manning
By Nick Farrell
Forensic expert found cables on his computer A government digital forensic
expert linked told a court how Army leaker Bradley Manning had thousands

Manning supporters shocked(!) that hearing on classified info will be …
By Jazz Shaw
posted at 11:25 am on December 19, 2011 by Jazz Shaw. Supporters of Bradley
Manning (or Breanna, depending on who you ask) are up in arms over the
latest development in the accused traitor’s pre-trial hearing. It seems
that portions of …

Video: Bradley Manning As A Child, A Soldier « CBS Minnesota
By Jonathon Sharp
A video at the Guardian shows what Bradley Manning, who is currently on
trial for leaking thousands of military cables, was like as a child and at

Obama tortured Bradley Manning while while lobbying for human …
By Trevor Lyman
3212974154 45a041282d Obama tortured Bradley Manning while while lobbying
for human rights in Burma. No related posts. Tagged as: betrayal, Broken
Promises, Civil Liberties, Human Rights, hypocrite, Obama, Ridicule,
Speech, treason …

Gay PFC Bradley Manning Faces Court Martial For Leaking …
By frankyork
On Sunday, a digital forensic expert successfully linked gay PFC Bradley
Manning to the leaking of thousands of classified documents to Wikileaks.
It is the largest disclosure of classified documents in U.S. history. The
forensic expert testified …

Army investigators say they have evidence linking Bradley Manning …
By Matt Gratz
After 573 days in military custody, army investigators are now claiming to
have found evidence linking Bradley Manning to Wikileaks’ Julian Assange.
On this fourth day of the accused soldier’s preliminary hearings, Army
special agent David …

In Manning Case, Sparring Over Digital Evidence « CBS Baltimore
By rakates
As the court-martial hearing outside Washington for Pfc. Bradley Manning
entered its fourth day, the government had called 13 witnesses and was
expected to ask up to eight more to testify. The defense would then present
its case. Expected …

Bradley Manning leak box investigation resumes
By admin
He believed he hasnt talked just about WikiLeaks before Manning with any
person now the branch before FBI.The Justice subdivision has a separate

Bradley Manning military hearing underway – CBS News Video
CBS News video: Bradley Manning military hearing underway – Alleged
WikiLeaks source Army …

Military Hearing Resumes In Manning Leak Case | Fox News
16, 2011: Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, left, is escorted out of a courthouse
in Fort … Army Pfc. Bradley Manning was back in a military courtroom
Saturday, his …

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