Syria Newslinks 27-28 December 2011

28 December 2011 —

28 December 2011
Israel’s Propaganda Minister: Arabs are a deplorable nation
occupation magazine – articles Today at 23:59
Yossi Gurvitz – +972 – ‘I phoned the minister’s office for comment, and asked his spokesman: ‘Are you aware of the fact there are some 80 million Arabs in the world, from Sudan to Syria?’ He replied: ‘Yes, there are – and the minister meant them all.’’

‘Both sides in Syrian conflict should be subject to investigation’ Today at 19:49
Thousands of people have rallied in the Syrian city of Homs, emboldened by the Arab League observers’ visit to the country. But journalist Pepe Escobar says the monitors will have to investigate both the official and…

Arab monitors resume Homs mission
BBC News Today at 07:51
Arab League observers begin a second day of trying to monitor the situation in Syria, after a turbulent start to their mission in Homs.

Arab League team visits Homs in Syria
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 06:55

Spinning the News from “Reliable” NGO Sources: London-based “Syrian Observatory” Consorting Directly With British Government Today at 02:52
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

Syrians honor victims of car bombings
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 20:37

27 December 2011
AL observer mission starts work in Syria

Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 20:21

Syria and Middle East: Options and Implications (I)
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 20:00
The Arab Spring has not had a major impact on regional or international balance of power so far, but this could change if there is a regime change in Syria. A dangerous and unpredictable chain reaction may set the region ablaze. The repercussions throughout the world are impossible to predict. Inciting escalation is Syria is like playing with fire… There is something new emerging but something being a far cry from what the major part of US think tanks ever predicted…

VIDEO: Syria unrest: Monitors visit Homs
BBC News Yesterday at 17:52
Arab League peace monitors have been visiting the restive Syrian city of Homs, with tens of thousands turning out in fresh anti-government protests.

Syrian NGOs: A dual-use technology? Yesterday at 17:10
Syrian NGOs have often been the sole source of information for the Western media when it comes to reporting alleged atrocities within the country. Why is it then that so many of these NGO are either funded or based…

Assad’s forces leave as observers arrive
Morning Star Yesterday at 17:03
Syria began withdrawing tanks and armoured vehicles from Homs today just as Arab League monitors arrived at the central city.

Arab League observers in Syria: ‘so far so good’ Yesterday at 16:39
Syrian tanks have started to pull out of the restless city of Homs, report opposition activists. Meanwhile, Arab League observers, who were met by a rally of some 70,000 people in Homs, say their first day in Syria was…

Terrorist Bombing in Damascus
Dissident Voice Yesterday at 16:01
On Friday 23rd December, two terrorist attacks hit the Syrian capital of Damascus. The attacks struck the State Security Directorate and another security branch in the Syrian capital. Russia, China, and other countries were quick to condemn the attacks which murdered 44 people and injured 166.

Red Lines and Ticking Clocks: U.S. War Plans Against Iran
Dissident VoiceYesterday at 16:00 Tom Burghardt
Wars don’t just happen. Before the first bomb falls disinformation specialists prepare the ground

Monitors visit restive Syria city
BBC News Yesterday at 15:28
Arab League peace monitors arrive in Syria’s restive city of Homs, to be met by tens of thousands of anti-government protesters.

Syria and the New Model of International Transformations
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 11:27
While the West does explain via the UN Security Council that the situation in Syria is different from what used to be found in Libya, the part of the scenario for the latter concerning a potential intervention appears absolutely identical to that for the former… The international community’s repressive machinery must be bracing for a new attack considering how intensely the UN Human Rights Council, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the UN special investigator for Syria are campaigning against the country…

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