A nightmare that lasted three weeks; memories of Gaza massacre By Rafat Abushaban

29 December 2011 — The Electronic IntifadaDiaries: Live from Palestine

Israeli leaders threatened to wipe Gaza off of the map during the first hours of bombing

Here comes that difficult time of year again: the anniversary of an event that changed the taste of life for Palestinians inside the Gaza Strip and throughout the world. It is three years since the Gaza massacre, or what Israel called Operation Cast Lead.

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The American-Iran Cold War in the Middle East and the Threat of Broader War By Mahdi Darius NAZEMROAYA

30 December 2011 — Strategic Culture Foundation 

A cold war has been ongoing between Tehran and Washington. U.S. spies, drones, assassinations, and accusations against Tehran have all been a part of this package. Washington and its minions have been using every means possible, including international organizations, like the United Nations as a battleground against Tehran in this cold war. The destabilization campaign being waged against Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon are also a critical front in this cold war… 

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Syria and the New Model of International Transformations By Alexander MEZYAEV

27 December 2011 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Early this month, as Russia was in the process of assuming chairmanship in the UN Security Council, Moscow’s envoy said Syria was not on the UN SC December agenda. Still, the theme of Syria has become the subject of permanent heated debates during unofficial consultations and surfaced in the discussions of the situations in the Middle East. Considering that US President B. Obama and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon are selling the Arab Spring as a model for new regime changes, at the moment Syria simply has to be at the focus of international politics.

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EI 31 December 2011: Lobby’s clumsy smear of UK professor exposed | Memories of Gaza massacre | And more …




Exposed: UK university student claiming bias works for project of Israel pressure group
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Season’s Greetings

31 December 2011

I’d like to wish all my readers a progressive and happy new year, though the direction things appear to be headed I’m not too confident about the outcome, unless we get our act together and toss the barbarians out.

A luta continua

William Bowles

Video: Tariq Ali: Western intervention in Syria would be a disaster

28 December 2011 — RT on Youtube

The head of the Arab League observer mission in Syria has described the situation in the restive city of Homs as “reassuring so far”.

The flashpoint city was the monitors’ first stop to investigate the government’s response to the anti-regime unrest. Their arrival was met by a massive demonstration, with tens of thousands demanding international protection. RT talks to author and Middle East expert Tariq Ali who’s in London.

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Video: Syria: One-eyed quest for democracy — RT

31 December 2011 — Syria: One-eyed quest for democracy — RT

The first Arab League accounts of what is going on in Syria have been met with both widespread disbelief and discontent. Experts say the opposition only wants to hear what falls in its version of the events.

­The reports from Syria have been very controversial, with human rights activists claiming fresh casualties and Arab League observers reporting that nothing too severe happening in the country.

Activists say that over a hundred people have been killed by security forces since Tuesday when the Arab observers began their fact-finding mission in Syria’s flashpoints.

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Stop NATO News: December 31, 2011: West Blocking Kosovo Organ Trafficking Probe: Russian UN Envoy

31 December 2011 — Stop NATO

  • Central Asia, Afghanistan: U.S. Seeks New Drone Bases
  • U.S. Air Force Buys Fastest, Largest Hunter-Killer Drone
  • U.S. Civilians Now Helping Decide Who To Kill With Military Drones
  • Boeing Wins $3.5 Billion Bid For Long-Range Interceptor Missiles
  • Pakistan Seizes 250 Containers With U.S., NATO Military Equipment
  • Almost 3,000 NATO Fatalities: Deadly Cost Of Afghan War
  • Australia Quadruples Base Used For Afghan War Training
  • Pacific Command Nomination Signals Pentagon’s Shift To Asia-Pacific
  • Japan’s Worrisome Return To Militarism
  • India, Japan To Conduct Joint Naval Maneuvers In Indian Ocean
  • West Blocking Kosovo Organ Trafficking Probe: Russian UN Envoy

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New at Strategic Culture Foundation 24-31 December 2011: Pakistan / Iran / Malvinas / Syria / North Korea / UK / Venezuela

31 December 2011 — Strategic Culture Foundation

US Pakistan Relations at Their Nadir
31.12.2011 | 12:51 | Najmuddin A. SHAIKH (Pakistan)
The 26th November attack by US gunships on Pakistani military posts at Salala, along the Pak-Afghan border in Mohmand tribal agency, killed 26 Pakistani soldiers and brought the relationship between the two “strategic partners” to a low point perhaps lower than any other point in the long and chequered 60-year old history. The anti-American feeling that pervades Pakistan’s body was further inflamed…

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