NATO Newslinks 31 December 2011

31 December 2011 —

NATO’s boondoggle
Rupee News
NATO faced with twin crisis in Pakistan and Turkey is trying to cope with the worst crisis it has seen in years. UPI reports that the “NATO’s multifaceted partnership with eastern member Turkey is at risk after Ankara slapped sanctions on Paris in …

NATO coalition at risk from French vote on Armenian deaths
30 (UPI) — NATO’s multifaceted partnership with eastern member Turkey is
at risk after Ankara slapped sanctions on Paris in response to a French
Parliament vote criminalizing denial of genocide, including the deaths of
Armenians during World War I. …

NATO helicopter crash in Northern Afghanistan
Khaama Press
By Ghanizada – Fri Dec 30, 9:24 pm Friday, December 30, 2011 – According
to local authorities in northern Afghanistan, a NATO-led International
Security Assistance Force helicopter crashed in northern Sar-e-Pul
province. The officials further added, …

MPs body summons Pasha, Ijaz, Haqqani
The Nation, Pakistan
The committee meeting held under the chair of Senator Mian Raza Rabbani has
also finalized the working papers regarding the country’s foreign policy
with a specific reference to relations with NATO and United States in the
backdrop of the NATO attack …

Pakistan Parliament to Decide on NATO Supplies
Prensa Latina
30 de diciembre de 2011, 11:44Islamabad, Dec 30 (Prensa Latina) The
Government of Pakistan will take a decision on the NATO supplies from the
determinations of the National Security Committee of Parliament, announced
the Interior Minister Rehman Malik …

Pak-US ties see ‘roller-coaster ride’ in 2011
Associated Press of Pakistan
He said Pakistan would reassess its arrangements with the NATO-led forces
in Afghanistan, and its counter-terror cooperation with the United States
could not continue without mutual respect. The visible sign of Pakistan’s
anger against the NATO and …

The Pakistanis Have a Point
New York Times
For Pakistan, it is not in its interest to antagonize the Taliban, who are
sure to come back to power in Afghanistan once the Americans leave, but at
the very least, it can prevent the Taliban from attacking US and NATO
forces from its soil and not …

Empire and Global Warfare in 2012: NATO as a Global Political and Military Player
Center for Research on Globalization
by Rick Rozoff Interview with Rick Rozoff, the manager of the Stop NATO
website and mailing list. Recorded on December 21, 2011. Can you give us
the latest on NATO and your predictions for 2012, as far as the ABM system
in Europe and NATO global …

Afghan president welcomes US remarks on Taliban not being America’s enemy
Washington Post
Meanwhile, NATO troops on Saturday handed over responsibility for security
in three districts of the embattled southern Helmand province to Afghan
forces. Helmand governor’s office said these included Marjah district —
the site of a major offensive by …

Pak Rangers take over US cargo stranded following shutdown of NATO supply line
Newstrack India
Islamabad, Dec 31(ANI): Pakistan’s paramilitary force, Rangers, has started
taking over highly sensitive US cargo stranded in the country following the
sealing of the NATO supply line as a response to the November 26 airstrike
that killed 24 Pakistani …

Roadside bomb kills four civilians in Afghanistan
Pakistan Daily Times
Also in the volatile south, a member of the NATO-led International Security
Assistance Force was killed by an improvised explosive device (IED) attack,
ISAF said in a statement. The nationality was not released in line with
policy. …

Canadian role at Afghan-Pakistan border under fire
Vancouver Sun
The joint US-NATO study recommends a number of actions to be taken to
prevent another such incident – actions Canada has been trying to undertake
for four years, with mixed results. On the night of Nov. 25, 100 Afghan and
14 American soldiers were …

‘AL report on Syria not surprising’
Press TV
Syria has been the scene of clashes during the past months, which the
government says is created by the armed groups, supported by NATO and the
West to destabilize the country. The Arab League [AL] delegation, headed by
General al-Dabi, has said that …

CENTCOM Inquiry: Would It Heal Pakistani Wounds And Repair Damaged Relations …
Eurasia Review
Pakistan has rejected the US Central Command’s (CENTCOM) investigation into
the NATO strike that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers at Salala border outpost
on Nov 26, 2011, further damaging the already tenuous relationship between
the two countries and …

President Ivanov: Macedonia enters 2012 certain in its ability to turn …
In 2011 Macedonia has been successful in overcoming challenges and although
its road to the strategic goals – the EU, NATO membership – remained
blocked, there is no room for discouragement, as the country enters 2012
certain in its ability to turn …

Intervention or not
Ahram Online
With Libya, the council was energised into approving its first NATO-led
military action since Afghanistan; with Syria, it was paralysed by its
deepest schism since Iraq. The cause of both was over the need for
intervention, “humanitarian” or otherwise. …

Libya’s ordeal
Ahram Online
Allah had not designated it as such, but NATO had. So was it a question of
till death do us part? Everyone had foreseen the likelihood of a bust-up.
The protracted armed struggle to undo the Machiavellian mechanisms that
sustained the 42-year iron grip …

Parliamentary panel on national security: Recommendations for ties with US to …
The Express Tribune
The agreements relate to resuming Nato supplies, allowing logistic support
and blanket permission to use Pakistan’s air corridor. A committee member
said supplies would now only be resumed under a new arrangement. It is
believed that the government …

DG ISI holds meetings with US officials in Doha
South Asian News Agency
According to a private TV channel, General Shuja Pasha held discussions
with the US officials to solve the issues created after the NATO attack on
Salala check post; meanwhile the DG ISI got permission from Prime Minister
Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani for …

Militant commander held in hospital raid
The News International
The military officials said a group of Pakistani Taliban had attacked the
Nato forces at Naway Adda area of Afghanistan’s Paktika province three days
back in which three militants were killed and three others, including
Qasim, sustained injuries. …

Coming: Drastic changes in the gov’t TV scene
Manila Bulletin
However, when we learned of NBN 4 general manager Nato Caluag’s sudden
resignation, we sensed something was awry. He only warmed his seat a full
year and was just beginning to make critical changes in the network’s
operations when this dramatic news …

Pakistan gears up for a turbulent 2012
India Today
This was followed by the US raid to extract OBL from Abbottabad in May and
the Salala incursion in FATA by NATO-ISAF in November. By the turn of the
year, both “strategic’ allies had abandoned even the pretext of a
“transactional” relationship, …

8 militants killed and injured in Kapisa province
Khaama Press
Shah Agha said, the operations were conducted by Afghan and NATO troops for
the past three days and several regions have been cleared from the
militants during the operation. According to Gen. Shah Agha, around 1000
Afghan and NATO troops had …

The Second Deadliest year for Afghanistan Invaders
Prensa Latina
According to the, site only in 2010 those numbers were
higher, although the increase in casualties still remain since 2001, when
NATO intervened in the Afghan territory. Such information does not take
into account the deaths of …

Vujanovic:Economy, integration priorities in 2012
Montenegrin President Filip Vujanovic said Friday that the priorities of
Montenegro in the coming year will be the preservation of economic and
social security and continuing the process of integration into the European
Union and NATO. …

2011: New low for US-Pakistan relations
BBC News
24 Pakistani soldiers were killed in a Nato bombing raid on a border post.
It led to Pakistan blocking supply routes to coalition forces in
Afghanistan and to Pakistan’s boycott of the Bonn conference on the future
of Afghanistan. …

Pakistan in 2011: The Downward Spiral Continued
Huffington Post
There has been a lull in drone strikes since November 17, the reason being
the growing rift between the US and Pakistan over the deadly NATO strike
that killed 26 Pakistani soldiers. A total of 67 drone strikes were carried
out this year that claimed …

Geopolitics of Confusion
US – NATO aggression was condemned or Pakistan received support and
sympathy from China, Russia, Iran, OIC (Saudi Arabia) – Turkey. Even UK
expressed regrets; France supports an inquiry into the issue. Germany was
obviously disappointed by Pakistan’s …

Afghanistan will be ‘up-for-grabs’ in hostile neighborhood after 2014
Afghanistan will likely pay a steep price for its “partnership with a
reckless superpower”, according to Afghan journalist Akmal Dawi,
especially after NATO exits the region in 2014 and forces the Afghans to
explain themselves to a host of unfriendly …

Stop NATO news: December 31, 2011 « Stop NATO
By richardrozoff
NATO officials in Afghanistan, when contacted on prior occasions, had
denied having any involvement with drone hits in Pakistan. According to
officials at a diplomatic mission, the US was actively considering to
establish covert military bases …

Activist Post: U.S. and NATO are on the march worldwide
By Activist
India, Japan and Australia are strengthening trilateral ties while the
United States and NATO are looking to firm up alliances between them all
along with Ukraine and Armenia. This comes soon after the United States
announced they are going …

Mustafa Abdul-NATO – The Angry Arab News Service
By As’ad AbuKhalil
Abdul-NATO was on Al-Arabiyya (the news station of King Fahd’s
brother-in-law). He said that protesters against his regime don’t represent
the Libyan people and that they are fifth columnists and “infiltrators”.
The able interviewer, Hasan …

Roadside bomb kills 2 NATO troops in S. Afghanistan – KHAAMA …
By Ghanizada
Saturday, December 31, 2011 – NATO-led International Security Assistance
Force officials following a press release on Friday said, at least two
NATO-led service members were killed following a roadside bomb explosion in
southern …

ZCompany Hacking Crew Deface Spree Aimed At NATO
By Lee J
ZHC, ZCompany Hacking Crew has been on a deface spree to end to the year
off, the deface spree is aimed towards NATO for attacks in Pakistan. At
time of publish most sites was still defaced, see below for full list and
very bottom for mirrors. …

Nato-rats torture prisoners with electricity – I Nato-ratti torturano i …
By libyanfreepress
Humanitarian wars sponsored by NATO-Zion-Yankee democracies (and Arab
oil-monarchs puppets). Guerre umanitarie sponsorizzate dalle democrazie
Nato-Sion-Yankee (e burattini petrol-monarchi arabi). This entry was posted
in + All …

The Angry Arab News Service » I call on NATO to intervene in …
By As’ad
I call on NATO to intervene in Turkey: wait, Turkey is a member. Never
mind. “The Turkish military said Thursday that it had accidently killed at
least 35 Turkish cigarette smugglers in airstrikes after mistaking them for
separatist fighters in the …

Soldier within Afghan army uniform kills 2 NATO troops
By admin
The soldiers were in attendance equally part of NATOs International
Security Assistance Force.French security Minister Gerard Longuet held the
two French.

El Salvador Flag Raising – NATO Training Mission Afghanistan …
By elizabeth.c.thompson
Rating: 0 (from 0 votes). Share this: Share · Tweet. Tags: afghanistan,
camp eggers, education, El Salvador, Feature, flag raising, independence,
nato, nato training mission, NATO Training Mission Afghanistan, NTM-A,
soldier, training …

Roadside bombs kill 2 NATO soldiers, 4 Afghan civilians as joint …
By MSgt Mike Kelly
CTV.caRoadside bombs kill 2 NATO soldiers, 4 Afghan civilians as joint
raids go …Washington PostKABUL, Afghanistan — Two NATO service members
died Friday in.

Pakistan Rangers take over US cargo stranded following shutdown …
Islamabad, Pakistan’s paramilitary force, Rangers, has started taking over
highly sensitive US cargo stranded in the country following the sealing of
the NATO supply line as a response to the November 26 airstrike that killed
24 Pakistani …

Networked Politics » Blog Archive » U.S. ambassador: Russian call …
By chh102 Russia’s call for an investigation into civilian
deaths brought on by NATO in Libya is really a “cheap stunt,” the U.S.
ambassador towards the United Nations stated Thursday. “Obviously, the
United States and NATO …

By dagobertobellucci
‘The Iraqi crisis is also producing the worst crisis in NATO in recent
history. We find that cause for concern, even if I am convinced that
ultimately, Secretary General George Robertson’s call to rebuild the unity
of the alliance will be answered. …

Turkey arrests anti-NATO protesters Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a …
Turkish police have arrested 16 protesters during a demonstration against
Ankara’s plan to host a NATO missile system in the country, Press TV
reports …

Afghan soldier kills 2 French NATO troops – Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: An Afghan army soldier shot and killed two French NATO
troops Thursday, the French government said in what was the latest attack
by …

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