WikiLeaks Newslinks 9-10 February 2012

10 February

WikiLeaks cables: Philippine bank secrecy laws under fire
… The US government had criticized Philippine laws and local court rulings that block investigation and prosecution of suspected corrupt government officials, according to several US embassy cables published by anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks.

Seminar focuses on WikiLeaks
Houston Baptist Collegian
50% for Eric Schmitt, a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist, discusses his
experience as the New York Times reporter who covered WikiLeaks and Julian
Assange. | CARLOS GRAJALES/THE COLLEGIAN The impact of WikiLeaks, the
secret-sharing website that …

Alleged Leaker Nominated for Nobel
Cincinnati CityBeat
Some US progressives are supporting a move by Icelandic politicians to
nominate alleged WikiLeaks collaborator Bradley Manning for the Nobel Peace
Prize. Manning was nominated for the prestigious prize by The Movement of
Icelandic Parliament, …

Bart Simpson Gets the High-Fashion Treatment
Also read: WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange to Play Himself on “The
Simpsons” That’s right, Bart Simpson — who’s worn the same red T-shirt and
blue shorts for the past 23 years — is hitting the runway. “I just
absolutely fell in love with Bart; …

Santa Maria Police Standards’ Slippery Slope
Santa Barbara Independent
By Toru Miyoshi The controversial Mr. Julian Assange of Wikileaks wrote,
“Every time we witness an act that we feel to be unjust and do not act,
we become a part to injustice.” When I ran for public office, I was
committed to leaving our community in a …
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Why not just start newspapers from scratch?
89.3 KPCC (blog)
AP Photo/Sang Tan A man views a news stand displaying national newspapers,
some carrying the story on WikiLeaks‘ release of classified US State
Department documents, at a newsagent in central London, Monday, Nov. 29,

US shouldn’t support Egypt’s democracy backers
San Francisco Chronicle
WikiLeaks cables show that Washington’s democracy push in Egypt was little
more than a scam, an operation that shuffled money among a handful of
favored embassy contacts who play US diplomats like puppets. These
secularist politicians do not think the …

Oscar-nominated director to screen documentary in Wichita
When WikiLeaks released the cockpit video of the incident, McCord felt the
need to speak out for the rights of PTSD sufferers, and against the
American wars in the Middle East. Spione says he was “obviously very
upset” about the footage, …

Zimbabwe finance ministry website taken down after hacking
Technology Zimbabwe
As diplomatic cables from Wikileaks dominated the news in December 2010, a
hackers group reportedly working in solidarity with Wikileaks defaced the
website resulting in it being taken down for several weeks. This is also
the second high profile …

Prince Harry’s promotion to ‘top gun’ helicopter pilot
Daily Mail
All captured on camera and uploaded to Wikileaks. London Mayor Boris
Johnson, who has four children with his dignified lawyer wife Marina, is
said to have an unofficial fifth one by wealthy brunette Helen Macintyre.
Will this be mentioned in his May …

Safe House
Detroit Metro Times (blog)
Coupled with the hidden memory stick that proves how intelligence bureaus
all over the world have been profiting off and covering up their murderous
misdeeds (can you say Wikileaks?), and you’d think you were stepping back
into the 1970s, …

Readers should pay attention to the kind of news they read: Siddharth Varadarajan
Business Standard
On the editorial side, we have broken the Bofors scam, the involvement of
Indian politicians in the oil for food scandal in Iraq, fake encounters in
Kashmir, WikiLeaks, farmer suicides, the Antrix-Devas space scam and so on.
None of this is evidence of …

Simpsons’ 500th Episode: Top 10 Facts about Homer’s Family
The landmark episode will be called “At Long Last Leave” and feature
controversial WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. In the show, the Simpsons
discover that everyone in Springfield is finally sick of them and wants
them out of their beloved home town.

Gazprom’s Empire at the End of the Earth
A US diplomatic cable revealed by WikiLeaks in December 2010 described the
regional pipeline junction as “the most critical gas facility in the
world.” “We were impressed when we learned how important we were,”
says Sergei Menshikov, 43, …

who is Anonymous?
(What is Megaupload?) DDOS attacks made Anonymous famous in 2010 when it
targeted the sites of MasterCard, Visa and PayPal. Anonymous claimed online
that it was lashing out at the corporations because they had stopped doing
business with WikiLeaks.

Turkmens to vote in one-horse race
San Francisco Chronicle
A US diplomatic cable obtained by the WikiLeaks whistle-blowing site
described him as having a “vain and conservative personality.” Nonetheless,
the only element of suspense in the race is whether Berdymukhamedov will
score more or less than the 89 …

The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2012: Documentaries
James Spione’s “Incident in New Baghdad” takes one of the most shocking
moments of the Iraq War – the 2007 videotape, released to the public by
WikiLeaks, of a US helicopter attack that resulted in the deaths of two
journalists and several unarmed …

Chongqing Police Chief Escapes to Beijing Via US Consulate
And recently Wikileaks revealed that Wen Jiabao said that he could not be
promoted to vice premier, because his reputation, international reputation
won’t give China a good image.” Using his international scandal as an
excuse, party leaders transferred …

Oscar’s Doc Shorts: So Serious — Except for the One About Elvis and the Nun
“Incident in New Baghdad” James Spione The footage caused a furor when it
was released by Wikileaks: a US military attack in Iraq that killed a
number of civilians, including a couple of journalists who were mistaken
for enemy combatants.

A Democratic Crisis Close to Home
Huffington Post (blog)
An August 2009 diplomatic wire from then-US ambassador to Panama Barbara
Stephenson, released by WikiLeaks, warned of Martinelli’s “autocratic
tendencies.” Stephenson described a meeting with the Panamanian president
in which he asked the US embassy …

Deadly drone strike signals renewed US-Pakistan cooperation
But diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks laid bare in December 2010 the
Pakistani government’s involvement, and security analysts say that
officials complain mainly about US drone strikes carried out without their

FORT MEADE, Md. (AP) — An Army private accused of leaking classified
material to the anti-secrecy website Wikileaks is scheduled to be back in a
military courtroom for an arraignment later this month. The arraignment for
Pfc. Bradley Manning is …

Per Aspera ad ACTA–Worse than SOPA and PIPA?
The negotiations received public attention after a discussion paper had
been published by Wikileaks. A challenge software engineers might face is
the section of ACTA that addresses “Intellectual Property Rights
Enforcement in the Digital Environment.

As the Charles Taylors betray Africa to Uncle Sam…
In Ghana, the recent revelations by Wikileaks have given us an insight into
how our public officials willingly blow their mouths to betray us. For a
mere pottage, they will sing like mad canaries to let out the very secrets
that they have vowed to …

Bungling Bundlers
National Review Online
In 2009, a State Department cable that was made public as part of the
WikiLeaks revelations noted that Cardona was suspected of orchestrating the
assassination of a business competitor and of making $5 million in illegal
campaign donations to Mexican …

Swiss banking secrecy
The Economist
Two whistle-blowers have rocked the banks: Rudolf Elmer, who gave documents
to WikiLeaks about the Cayman operations of Julius Baer, another Swiss
private bank, and Bradley Birkenfeld at UBS. Both have had legal troubles
as a result.

A Single Roll of the Dice: sharp analysis of Iran diplomacy
The National
He also read “confidential state documents of the parties involved” that he
obtained from government officials or via WikiLeaks. Presumably, he
developed many of these contacts through the National Iranian American
Council, which he established soon …

Drone hit kills key al-Qaeda operative
The Hindu
Meanwhile, asked to respond on the spurt in drone attacks — which
Pakistan officially opposes, though WikiLeaks disclosed
Islamabad-Rawalpindi’s tacit nod for the CIA operation — Foreign Office
spokesperson Abdul Basit said: “These attacks are …

Arraignment set for Bradley Manning in Wikileaks case
By Associated Press
FORT MEADE — An Army private accused of leaking classified material to
the anti-secrecy website Wikileaks will be back in a military courtroom for
an arraignment later this month. Pfc. Bradley Manning. The arraignment for
Pfc. Bradley …
Maryland Daily Record

WikiLeaks‘ Assange takes appeal to UK Supreme Court
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange launched his appeal in the U.K. Supreme
Court on Wednesday in his last attempt in Britain to avoid extradition to
Sweden to …

WikiLeaks revelation on US Embassy Ergenekon briefing sparks debate
Today’s Zaman
Diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks include claims that Turkish
security officials briefed the US Embassy in Ankara about Ergenekon in 2008
and 2009 and mention bribery allegations concerning former leader of the
Republican People’s Party (CHP) …

10 Strategies To Fight Anonymous DDoS Attacks
“Their major campaign, Operation Payback, during the WikiLeaks saga in
December 2010–against those supporting the US government–was the turning
point that shaped the security scene in 2011,” according to the report. In
short, by distributing …

The criminal probe of Sheldon Adelson’s casino empire
In State Department cables obtained by Wikileaks and released to Reuters
through a third party, US diplomats in 2009 reported the American casino
companies’ “unease about the earnings power, influence on government, and
organized crime connections of …

Turkish Foreign Minister Dr. Davuto?lu Comes to Washington
Huffington Post (blog)
Davutoglu’s last visit was shortly after the Wikileaks group launched Iraq
War Logs, which included over a 1000 damaging cables about Turkey. As the
first foreign minister that Secretary Clinton met in person after the
release of Wikileaks, …

Journalists will always have a purpose, says professor
Professor Petley said: “A good example of this is Wikileaks. “[Without
journalists] it was very difficult for people to find out what amongst all
of [the material it published] was interesting and useful.” Wikileaks,
which publishes classified …

ACTA global protests set for February 11th
Death and Taxes
ACTA has been part of multi-lateral talks since 2006, but it was only in
2008 that its details came to light thanks to a leaked discussion paper
obtained by WikiLeaks. Under ACTA, copyright holders (known in ACTA‘s legal
language as “a Party”) will be …

Leveson inquiry: Paul Staines AKA Guido Fawkes, Keir Starmer appear
The Guardian (blog)
12.49pm: Barr asks about WikiLeaks and a Guido Fawkes post in 2008. The
post was a show of support to WikiLeaks in relation to a leaked memo about
the bank Northern Rock. The Financial Times also received the memo but was
“hit with injunctions,” says …

A New Weapon Against Nukes: Social Media
The WikiLeaks disclosures raise directly the question of what’s a secret
and what’s public information, Cirincione says, and as a result, the gap
between them narrowed even further. “States still have very deep, dark
secrets that they guard jealously.

Leaks, National Security, and Freedom of the Press
Secrecy News (blog)
But it arguably misapprehends the harsh new policy landscape in the wake of
the WikiLeaks episode (which is also discussed in the book). The status quo
has been transformed in response to WikiLeaks in two ways that are
unfavorable to leakers, …

AKP says police ‘might have briefed Embassy’
Hurriyet Daily News (press release)
The controversy has been lingering since last week, when it emerged that US
cables published on the whistle-blowing WikiLeaks web site, reported
briefings by Turkish police on the Ergenekon investigation on at least two
occasions in 2008 and in 2009.

IRAQ: Unspoken Crimes against Humanity Committed against the People of Iraq
Center for Research on Globalization
On 26October2010, you have urged Iraq and the United States to investigate
allegations of torture and unlawful killings in the Iraq conflict revealed
in the Wikileaks documents. You demanded for all alleged abuses against
Iraqi civilians by US troops …

How did we step into the missionary threat trap?
Today’s Zaman
This process had also been disclosed in WikiLeaks documents the Taraf
newspaper published. In these negotiations, the US cautioned that the
ongoing harsh discourse might lead to a wave of violence against Christians
living in the country, in which case …

Senegal’s Wade hits campaign trail
Those opposing Wade are fatigued by corruption, electricity cuts, rising
fuel and food prices while the president focuses on legacy construction
projects using what a US diplomatic cable published on Wikileaks refers to
as “pie in the sky” rhetoric.

Leveson Inquiry: as it happened February 8
“When that became boring I gave it to Wikileaks.” He uploaded it in
different jurisdictions after working hours, so the lawyers got no answer
when they contacted, for example, Yahoo India, to pull it down. “When
you’re considering £50bn in public money …

Watershed in campaign against Damascus
Middle East North Africa Financial Network
In an April 2009 cable published by WikiLeaks, a top ranking US diplomat in
Damascus wrote that the authorities “would undoubtedly view any US funds
going to illegal political groups as tantamount to supporting regime

Is the West united with its Gulf allies over Syria?
BBC News
So, for example: it backed anti-American insurgents in Iraq; the US cables
released by Wikileaks revealed a Saudi plan in 2008 to send troops to
Lebanon; they led the GCC contingents into Bahrain; and now they back the
anti-Assad opposition.

Amir’s efforts to root out bad apples in SBY’s party turn sour
Jakarta Post
Last year, a 2006-dated US diplomatic wire published by whistle-blower
website WikiLeaks, said that Silalahi “served as an intermediary, who
delivered funds from Tomy to Yudhoyono”. Silalahi was implicated in a
graft case in 2007 in which he allegedly …

Open Weekend: economics events
The Guardian (blog)
There will also be sessions dedicated to the future of the newspaper and
its role in major stories including WikiLeaks and the phone hacking
scandal. We’re looking to welcoming thousands of readers to the weekend for
an extraordinary mix of debates, …

Woman behind Egypt’s NGO pursuit a Mubarak holdover
CBS News
In February 2008, Abou el-Naga demanded that the United States stop funding
four American and six Egyptian NGOs that had received money for democracy
and governance work, according to a US diplomatic cable published by

Dylan Ratigan Thinks We’re All Greedy Bastards
For someone who looks like he could be a “bankster” himself, Ratigan
clearly has common cause with the Occupy Movement and even Anonymous and
WikiLeaks. “The unique and exciting part of where we find ourselves,”
Ratigan continues, “and also the scary …

Economist debate on sharing
Business Insider
If WikiLeaks has taught us nothing else, it is that no secret is safe and
that too much government information has been classified as secret
(consider the role of leaks in the Tunisian uprising and the subsequent
Arab spring). Openness is proving to be …

PM to Meet Hardliner in Chongqing as Top Cop Disappears
The Epoch Times
According to a US cable posted online by Wikileaks, Bo was removed from his
national role and denied the vice-premiership position he sought at the
time because of the prominent role he’d played in the Communist Party’s
ongoing persecution of Falun …

Tweet, Tweet Justice: Company’s Censorship Policy Probed
Human Rights First
It successfully challenged a US federal court’s gag order associated with
Wikileaks and then informed the targets of the subpoena so that they could
challenge the order. In conveying its new policy, Twitter should make clear
that it will aggressively …

China-Africa Oil Ties
Council on Foreign Relations
China’s engagement in Africa has also raised concerns in Washington, as
some recent diplomatic cables leaked in December 2010 by the
whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks show. A US diplomatic cable, as reported
by the Guardian, noted that if oil or gas is …

Idera Announces New SharePoint Encryption Product
MarketWatch (press release)
We’ve seen recent examples in the news such as the WikiLeaks security
breach in which information was pulled directly out of SharePoint,” said
Wayne Washburn, Director of SharePoint Products at Idera. “SharePoint
encrypt provides multiple safeguards …

Ralph worked as a principal at large advertising firm DDB
His time in Afghanistan in 2008 advising the Independent Elections
Commission on how to improve its public image saw him star as a protected
source in a US diplomatic cable published by WikiLeaks. “It makes me feel
vaguely Austin Powers,” he says.

Going Beyond the Public Statement on Iranian Oil
Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses
The WikiLeaks cables speak of the fear and trepidation of Iran’s Arab
neighbors. While India sought to delink its relations with Iran from its
newly found proximity with the US over civil nuclear cooperation, the
agenda of Washington was different.

Anonymous Brazil targets bank sites.
Anonymous has previously targeted the sites of Bank of America, PayPal,
Visa, MasterCard and others in support of WikiLeaks. In October CabinCr3w,
a loose hacktivist collective associated with Anonymous, posted the
personal data of Vikram Pandit, …

Guyana Observer News – Wikileaks Cable: “Rohee and Greene are …
Welcome to the Guyana Observer News; unbiased news from in and out of
Guyana. Letters, editorials, columns, press releases and more from Guyanese
both local and abroad. Get updates from the Mark Benschop Foundation and
more at …

Leaks, National Security, and Freedom of the Press – Grendel Report
the WikiLeaks episode (which is also discussed in the book). The status quo
has been transformed in response to WikiLeaks in two ways that are
unfavorable to … And second, WikiLeaks, which targeted legitimate and
illegitimate secrets …

Times Higher Education – Sway: WikiLeaks, universities and ‘soft …
The diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks articulate the importance of
the academy in the ‘great game’ of international politics. David Matthews
investigates …

WikiLeaks Appeals To Maritime Law?
In a bid to keep its servers out of the hands of global jurisdictions and
evade prosecution, WikiLeaks has been allegedly reported as looking into
ways to relocate …

Twitter / WikiLeaks: WikiLeaks: US threatened t …
WikiLeaks: US threatened to hit @sweden with watchlist sanctions if they
didn’t prosecute Pirate Bay

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