Syria Newslinks 15-16 February 2012

16 February

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SPEAKING FREELY : Reason in a new age of regime change
Asia Times Online Today at 11:00
With China and Russia throwing a spanner in the works of international machinations to bring regime change to Syria, it is high time to consider how Western power play hijacks the rights of people to seek change and peaceful solutions to problems in their own countries. – Shahnaz Durrani (Feb 16, ’12)

UN stalemate over Syria resolution Today at 06:41
The UN General Assembly is due to vote on a second draft resolution stipulating the removal of President Assad to end the spiraling violence in Syria. It is the second attempt at passing a resolution after China and…

Russian UN Envoy Concerned With Embassies’ Closure in Syria
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 05:49

Circassian theme of Syria’s tragedy
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 05:41
The currently tense situation in Syria and around it has galvanized the propaganda clichés that the West is using to stigmatize Russia for the so-called ‘Circassian question’. The Circassians is a general terms for the kindred languages and cultures of the Kabardians, the Cherkess, the Ubykh people, the Adygs and the Shapsugs of the North Caucasus. Individual members of the Circassian diaspora in different countries have repeatedly manifested their wish to be repatriated to their historical homeland, – to Russia, and Circassians in Syria are no exception… That is why the US is trying to have the Circassian issue ‘entwined’ with the ‘lining’ of the Syrian problem…

Analyst: In Attacking Iran, U.S. Attacks Russia
Stop NATO Today at 03:15
Vestnik Kavkaza
February 15, 2012
Sergey Mikheev: ‘Attacking Iran, the US attacks Russia’
The head of the Political Situation Center, the head of the Caspian Cooperation Institute, Sergey Mikheev, comments on the situation around Iran

“Greater Azerbaijan” In West’s Plans To Disintegrate Iran
Stop NATO Today at 03:01
Armenian Mirror-Spectator
February 14, 2012
Commentary: Dreaming of a ‘Greater Azerbaijan’
By Edmond Y. Azadian
[T]oday, as the clouds begin to gather over Iran, Azeri leaders find a renewed chance of achieving those ambitious goals at the expense of a partitioned Iran, with the fallout extending over Armenia.

15 February 2012
Obama’s Human Rights Insouciance: Who will Liberate Americans from Washington’s Clutches?

The Greanville Post Yesterday at 22:55
by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
Is Obama a hypocrite or merely insouciant?  Or is he an idiot?
According to news reports Obama’s White House meeting on Valentine’s day with China’s Vice President, Xi Jinping, provided an opportunity for Obama to raise ‘a sensitive human rights issue with the Chinese leader-in-waiting.’  The brave and forthright Obama didn’t let etiquette or decorum get in his way. Afterwards, Obama declared that Washington would ‘continue to emphasize what we believe is the importance of realizing the aspirations and rights of all people.’

Newsweek and the ‘War on Christians’
Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
A cover that declares a ‘War on Christians’ is bound to get some attention.
Writing in the February 12 issue of Newsweek, author Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s argument is just as blunt. Enough with all this talk ‘about Muslims as victims of abuse,’ because really it’s the other way around:

Dangerous Tactic: U.S. Special Operations Throughout The World
Stop NATO Yesterday at 20:04r
Voice of Russia
February 15, 2012
A dangerous tactic
The US maintains the bulk of its special operations forces in the Middle East and Iran is obviously becoming a very likely target. Some experts say that the ‘new model’ is already being tested there, which explains the recent explosions at the country’s nuclear installations and attempts to kill its leading nuclear scientists.

U.S. Intentions To Militarize Asia
Stop NATO Yesterday at 19:57
U.S. Intentions to Militarize Asia
By Sajjad Shaukat
Balochistan’s mineral resources and geo-strategic location with the Gwadar seaport, connecting the rest of the world with Central Asia, have further annoyed America and India because China has already invested billion of dollars to develop this seaport. However, it is due to multiple strategic designs that the U.S., which signed a nuclear deal with India in 2008, intends to control Balochistan in containing China and subduing Iran. Balochistan has also shifted the Great Game to Pakistan.

Stephen Gowans: Syria’s Uprising in Context
The Greanville Post Yesterday at 19:01
This article was first posted on  what’s left, a fraternal site directed by Stephen Gowans.
Pro Assad demonstration. Many independent sources agree that the regime still enjoys substantive support among the population.

Since the beginning of the unrest in Syria, ‘the government has said that while some protesters have legitimate grievances, the uprising is driven by militant Islamists with foreign backing.’ [1] This hardly squares with the view of Western state officials and media commentators who say that an authoritarian regime is killing its people and violently suppressing a largely peaceful movement for democracy.

The Rape of the Middle East: brought to you by our Western sponsors
The Greanville Pos tYesterday at 18:46
We live in an age of simply breathtaking hypocrisy.

1 – Crimes in Syria committed by terrorists backed by Western and Arab countries 
Global Research, February 12, 2012
ITAR TASS and Strategic Culture Foundation
The Syrian Foreign Ministry sent last night a message to the United Nations, the Islamic Cooperation Organisation and the Arab League, concerning the terror acts in Aleppo.

Syria to Hold Elections and Enact a New Constitution in Less than Two Weeks … Will U.S. and Its Allies Attack Anyway? Yesterday at 17:39
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

Critics sceptical over Assad referendum
Morning Star Yesterday at 17:02
Syrian President Bashar Assad ordered a referendum today on a new constitution that establishes limits on presidential terms and bolsters political pluralism.

By George he’s done it again
Morning Star Yesterday at 16:55
A welcome analysis from George Galloway indeed (M Star February 10). The aggressive posturing aimed at Syria and Iran is a serious cause for concern.

Syria: Slipping into civil war
Morning Star Yesterday at 16:18
The danger signs are there for all to see, says Patrick Cockburn

Arab Winter: Libya, One Year Later
Stop NATO Yesterday at 16:07
Voice of Russia
February 15, 2012
Libya: a year on
Konstantin Garibov
It’s been a year since a bloody civil war in Libya broke out, which lasted into late October and ended in the manslaughter of the country’s leader Muammar Gaddafi after he was ambushed and captured by rebel forces near his home town of Syrte.

Moscow outraged at chemical weapons allegations in Syria
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 15:49

New Syrian constitution omits early presidential election
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 15:48

‘Elections in Syria better late than never’ – Lavrov Yesterday at 14:47
As Syrian authorities announce the adoption of a new constitution, Russian and European diplomats discuss a new UN Security Council resolution aimed at ending the civil strife in the embattled Arab republic.

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