Hypocrisy in Hollywood: Why Hollywood backed PIPA and SOPA

 28 February 2012Paralegal.net

This infographic highlights Hollywood’s support for SOPA and PIPA. Grab it here: http://www.paralegal.net/hypocrisy-in-hollywood/

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Fukushima, the Criminal Complicity of Governments & What May Be in Store for US Reactors

28 February 2012 — Boiling Frogs

The EyeOpener- Marks to Market: America’s Nuclear Bombs

During the nuclear catastrophe at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan‘s northeast last March, the world watched in horror as conditions in the plant deteriorated by the day. Despite public reassurances that the situation was under control, we now know that three of the plant’s reactors actually began meltdown within hours and that plans were being made at the highest levels of the Japanese government to evacuate Tokyo, the world’s most populous metropolitan area.

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Video: The Syrian Opposition and the External Players

28 February 2012The Real News Network

The Syrian Opposition and the External Players
Bassam Haddad: The Syrian revolution must guard against interference by external powers and the Syrian National Council

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Video: Israel’s “New West Bank”

28 February 2012 — The Real News Network

New plan reveals gov’t relocating Bedouins in Negev Desert to create Jewish contiguity south of the West Bank.

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English Defence League unmasked: Did you hear him say it last night?

28 February 2012Hope Not Hate


English Defence League (EDL) leader Stephen Lennon revealed his true colours last night when he was filmed telling a Muslim security guard that he was from Norway and he will “shoot him”.

In a late night drinking binge in Luton town centre, Lennon was caught on camera telling a security guard to “f*** off”. When the man, who was simply walking past, said that not all Muslims were bad, Lennon replied “No I know they’re not all bad, just most of them.”



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Syria: Clinton Admits US On Same Side As Al Qaeda To Destabilise Assad Government By Michel Chossudovsky and Finian Cunningham

27 February 2012 — Global Research

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has acknowledged that Al Qaeda and other organizations on the US “terror list” are supporting the Syrian opposition.

Clinton said: “We have a very dangerous set of actors in the region, al-Qaida [sic], Hamas, and those who are on our terrorist list, to be sure, supporting – claiming to support the opposition [in Syria].” [1] (Click here to watch video)

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Stop NATO news: February 28, 2012: China And Russia Slam West Over Syria

28 February 2012 — Stop NATO News

  • China And Russia Slam West Over Syria
  • Libya “Close To Disintegration: Prime Minister
  • Turkey: U.S. Military Running NATO Interceptor Missile Site
  • Israeli Arms Shipments To Azerbaijan: Against Iran Or Armenia?
  • NATO’s Special Operations Network “Steadily Growing”
  • Mediterranean: Canadian Warship Participates In NATO Anti-Submarine Warfare Drills
  • U.S. Guided Missile Destroyer Headed To Arabian Sea
  • NATO Wants Azerbaijan As Wedge Between Russia And Iran

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 27 February 2012: Female detainee on hunger strike moved to isolation

27 February 2012 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Al-Quds Conference Decides To Head To UN
IMEMC – The Al-Quds Arab Conference, held in Doha – Qatar, concluded its deliberations on Monday with a decision to head to the United Nations over the ongoing Israeli violations and escalation against the Arab and Islamic Holy Sites in occupied East Jerusalem. …

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Information Clearing House Newsletter 27 February 2012: CNN Silences War-Skeptical Soldier

27 February 2012Information Clearing House


By Global Times

What the West wants from Syria is not democracy but the overthrow of the regime so as to eliminate Iran‘s influence over Syria.



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