1 May 2012

A couple of hours after being ‘stented’. Photo by Tonxti Vazquez



Posted 1st May 2012 by InI in category William Bowles

6 thoughts on “Success!

  1. Tad

    I thought you were a man in his sixties Bill, you look about thirty-eight in the picture!

    I have a stent or two myself. I didn’t have a heart attack though, just cursed pains in my chest caused by a blockage. They say the stents are painless. After two years, I can still feel mine if I move too far and in the wrong way.

    Living as I do in Cambridge, I am indeed fortunate that I have two world-leading cardio-vascular centres virtually on my doorstep, namely Papworth, and Addenbrookes, but I fear for other parts of the country that are not so fortunate.

    Obviously, I don’t know the severity of your own condition, and I hope the prognosis is good, but having been through this particular mill, I am reasonably sure you’re in safe hands, despite the shortcomings of the NHS.



    1. InI (Post author)

      The camera always lies but thanks. Actually the following day a doctor said to me that on the day I did look 67 but by the next day I’d lost 10 years. Feel great today, if a little tired but much less anxious. And thanks for the compliment.

      I don’t want to mention the actual hospital as I’m working on an essay about the NHS but the treatment was absolutely marvellous and especially the hard put upon nurses whose dedication and compassion is incredible. The female principle in action.

      1. Jasper Cook

        hey Bill. Got this link from Vauneen. You’re looking great. Glad you got it sorted.

  2. Andrew

    Congratulations! I myself had a stent put in a few years ago after what turned out to have been a pretty mild heart attack. I actually enjoyed the stay in hospital, once I was unplugged enough to hobble around on my own. Even the food wasn’t that bad.

    1. InI (Post author)

      Quality of food was atrocious but to be expected. Worse was the minute quantities so I was constantly hungry. But then food along with everything else has been ‘outsourced’. My pillows for example were one grade above sack cloth. Meals no doubt can’t cost more than 35p (see the 2nd Media Lens piece for details on the disgusting privatization which is eating the NHS from the inside, out, like something out of ‘Aliens’.


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