Bradley Manning Newslinks 28 June 2012

28 June


Bradley Manning defense claims victory on due process motion

Democratic Underground

“The Obama administration can’t hide from reality forever” said Jeff Paterson, a lead organizer with the Bradley Manning Support Network. “Any ruling in favor of …

Letter: Manning’s act a moral tradition


Photo credit: AP | Bradley Manning, the U.S. Army private suspected of

being … In that moral tradition, will Bradley Manning‘s revelations about

the U.S. role in …


Military Judge Orders Obama Administration to Turn over Proof that …


If the Obama administration wants Private Bradley Manning convicted for

releasing classified documents to WikiLeaks, federal prosecutors first must

disclose …


A National Biometric Database, DARPA’s Zombie Satellites, and More

SYS-CON Media (press release) (blog)

A military judge has ordered prosecutors to show they are not withholding

evidence from Bradley Manning after his defense accused them of withholding


Incinerating Assange: The Liberal Media Go To Work

Dissident Voice

In addition, once he comes to the United States—we just hold up Bradley

Manning as example one of what will happen to Julian Assange: a underground

cell, …


CNN journalist: don’t be nosy


For the “Revolutionaries” category, Julian Assange is listed as #1,

Anonymous is #8, and Bradley Manning is #9. That category and the others

can be seen here.


Bradley Manning Support Network » Update 6/27/12: Bradley wins …

By nathanlfuller

Ed Pilkington & Kevin Gosztola discuss Bradley’s discovery document

victory, and Alexa O’Brien details Ft. Meade’s attempt to silence her



This Day in WikiLeaks: 06/27/12

By m_cetera

Firedoglake’s Kevin Gosztola was on The Alyona Show discussing the latest

in Bradley Manning‘s motion hearings, as well as Julian Assange’s decision

to seek political asylum. Julian Assange News: Ecuadorian Embassies have

been …


My “Interview” with Michael Moore – I Own The World

By BigFurHat

BFH: I see that you’re featured on a site called Revolution Truth. It’s a

site dedicated to freeing Bradley Manning. Michael Moore: Yes. That is a

topic near and dear to me. BFH: Bradley Manning is a hero? Michael Moore:

Of course. BFH: Why?


President Correa, as President of Ecuador we urge you to grant …

By Organized Rage

Prior to that, the case of Pfc Bradley Manning, the USsoldier accused of

providing US government documents to WikiLeaks, provides an illustration of

the treatment that Assange might expect while in custody. Manning has been

subjected to …


SteveLendmanBlog: Commemorating Anti-Torture Day

By Steve Lendman

“The United States Army is so concerned about Bradley Manning‘s health that

it is subjecting him to a regime designed to drive him insane….This is a

total disgrace. It shouldn’t be happening in this country.” In a New York

Times commentary …


TED Blog | Peeking behind the curtain at Anonymous: Gabriella …

By Helen Walters

Anonymous scales and is participatory; it is not just hackers. 2011 was the

“summer of endless hacks,” she acknowledges. The CIA website was taken

down (again). PBS was defaced after an interview with Bradley Manning.

“But the hacking …


Bradley Manning Defense Claims Victory over Bid for Withheld …

Common Dreams staff. Pfc. Bradley Manning‘s legal defense team won a

partial victory on Monday as Military Judge Denise Lind ordered federal

prosecutors to …


Supporting Bradley Manning at Pride

They jumped over the barricade and helped us pass out 3000 “Free Bradley

Manning” postcards and about 1000 stickers to the thousands of people

watching …


Judge Orders Bradley Manning Prosecutors to Explain Evidence …

Associated Press: WikiLeaks Prosecutors Must Detail Evidence Search Summary

: Yesterday, a military judge ordered the prosecution in the Bradley



Bradley Manning Defense Wins Small Victory – YouTube

Bradley Manning has already spent 765 days behind bars but at Fort Meade

yesterday a one …

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