Truthout / Buzzflash 16 January 2013

16 January 2013Truthout / Buzzflash


A Window Into Infiltration: The FBI Informant File of Sheila Louise O’Connor

Aaron Leonard, Truthout: The story of 1970s FBI informant Sheila O’Connor provides lessons for today’s progressive organizations about infiltration by the state security apparatus.

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Obama Unveils Plan to Curb Gun Violence, Asks Congress to Ban Assault Weapons

Mike Ludwig, Truthout: President Obama unveiled a sweeping plan to address gun violence which includes 23 executive orders, closing background-check loopholes and asking Congress to restore a ban on military-style assault weapons.

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Aaron Swartz’s FOIA Requests Shed Light on His Struggle

Jason Leopold, Truthout: It is clear that the information Aaron Swartz sought, particularly in areas pertaining to government surveillance, would have greatly benefited the public. However, his efforts to pry loose materials from a highly secretive administration were mostly unsuccessful.

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Watch Out for Fake Gun Control Reforms

Bernardine Dohrn, Truthout: The challenge is to make sure that the push toward a new wave of gun control does not include the failed cliches of more police in schools, more searches of children and adolescents, or greater criminalization of young people.

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How to Stop the Next Pandemic: End Factory Farming

Thom Hartmann and Sam Sacks, The Daily Take: Factory farms are the perfect storm environments for the emergence and spread of super-strains of influenza, such as the deadly and contagious form of bird flu, H5N1.

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New Study Shows Anti-Choice Policies Leading to Widespread Arrests of, and Forced Interventions on, Pregnant Women

Jeanne Flavin and Lynn Paltrow, RH Reality Check: A recent study makes clear that post-Roe “pro-life” measures are being used to do more than limit access to abortion; they are providing the basis for arresting women, locking them up and forcing them to submit to medical interventions, including surgery.

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Obama’s Second-Term Chance to Fulfill No-Nuke Pledge

Richard Falk and David Krieger, Truthout: It’s not too late for the president to demonstrate his first-term pledge of “America’s commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons.”

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On the News With Thom Hartmann: More Than 8,000 New York City School Bus Drivers Go On Strike, and More

In today’s On the News segment: In New York City, more than 8,000 school bus drivers walked off the job in a strike on Tuesday; a school shooting in eastern Kentucky claimed the lives of two people; Louisiana Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal wants to get rid of personal income and corporate taxes – and replace them with a higher sales tax in his state; and more.

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Abortion as a Blessing, Grace, or Gift: Changing the Conversation about Reproductive Rights and Moral Values

Valerie Tarico, Away Point: In the end, the real morality of our position lies in the right of babies to be truly loved and wanted, and in the right of parents to bring babies into this world when they’re fully ready to welcome them with open arms.

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Debate on Armed Police in Schools: Needed for Kid Safety or Part of the Student-to-Prison Pipeline?

Nermeen Shaikh and Amy Goodman, Democracy NOW!: As the National Rifle Association pushes for armed guards in every school, there is a debate over what type of security measures should be taken in schools to prevent future tragedies.

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President Obama Puts His Life on the Line for Gun Control

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: With his forceful backing of 23 executive orders to reduce gun violence, President Obama is courageously facing the wrath of the jihadist wing of the gun lobby.

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Gun Mania: The Illusion of Safety and Power

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Movement to End High-Stakes Standardized Testing Steps Up in Seattle

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The Demise of the GOP? Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

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House Approves $50 Billion for Sandy Relief

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Big Shoes to Fill: Solis’ Departure Calls for Nomination of Workers’ Rights Advocate

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Court Continues Order Targeting Voter Intimidation

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Call to Open Up Emergency Shell Arctic Review

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