Truthout / Buzzflash 25 January 2013

25 January 2013 — Truthout / Buzzflash

Can a Paradise Be Built in Hell?

Rebecca Solnit, Viking Books: Rebecca Solnit has no patience for those who are paralyzed by despair and helplessness in an age of doubt about the human condition and the sociological/political situation in the United States. To be passive in the face of disappointment is to ensure that injustice prevails.

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Occupy Everyone: Making Revolutionaries, Not a Revolution

Zachary Bell, Truthout: If the dynamic of a diverse safe space in which people dismantle oppressions through conflict resolution is at the root of Occupy’s transformative potential, then perhaps there’s not a distinct formula that can be reproduced, but simply spread – a culture – that people can choose to adopt.

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Seventy Years of Nuclear Fission, Thousands of Centuries of Nuclear Waste

Gregg Levine, Truthout: The lesson of the first 70 years of fission is that we cannot endure more of the same. The government – from the DOE to the NRC – should re-orient its priorities away from creating more nuclear waste, to safely and securely containing what is now here.

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The Right’s Attack on Roe v. Wade at 40: The Hyde and Helms Legacy

Malika Redmond, Truthout: Those who celebrate the enduring legacy of Roe v. Wade must also be mindful of the barriers to reproductive autonomy that remain.

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Protecting Press Freedom From the Market: The UK Press After the Leveson Report

Simon Dawes, Truthout: There’s a lot of talk about the freedom of the press at the moment, and the UK parliament seems to be considering putting the obligation upon itself to protect that freedom – against the wishes of the majority of the press.

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Finally, the Republicans Are Afraid

Robert Parry, Consortium News: House Speaker John Boehner warned his fellow Republicans that President Obama may be preparing “to annihilate” the GOP, surely an overly dramatic claim but one that marks a stunning reversal of fortune for swaggering Republicans who once dreamt of their own one-party state.

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Robert Reich | The Myth of Living Beyond Our Means

Robert Reich, Robert Reich’s Blog: In coming weeks you’ll hear there’s no serious alternative to cutting the social safety net. But most of the people who are making this argument are very wealthy or are sponsored by the very wealthy.

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Five Days Before Latest College Shooting, Texas Legislator Introduced ALEC/NRA Bill to Allow Guns on Campus

Brendan Fischer, PR Watch: Just days before three people were shot in an altercation on a college campus in Texas, 14 Texas state senators co-sponsored an ALEC-modeled, NRA-backed bill to prohibit colleges from restricting concealed handguns on campuses.

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How the NRA Undermined Congress’ Last Push for Gun Control

Joaquin Sapien, ProPublica: The NRA has already begun to lobby on Capitol Hill to counter the Obama administration’s sweeping proposals on gun control. To get a sense of what the NRA might do, look at how it scored a victory during the last major federal initiative to tighten gun control.

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After Tiller: 40 Years After Roe v. Wade, Abortion Providers Continue the Work of Slain Kansas Doctor

Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!: Forty years after the landmark Roe v. Wade case that legalized abortion, the new documentary After Tiller follows the only four doctors left in the United States who are known to provide abortions in the third trimester.

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The Covington & Burling Trio Overseeing the Department of Justice Criminal Division: An Injustice

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: When the Department of Justice becomes a revolving door for top brass recruited from top-dollar corporate law firms, justice loses out.

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Matt Taibbi | Conservatives Have Their Worst Week Ever

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The 18,437 Perpetrators of Steubenville

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Maddowblog: Filibuster Reform Dead Until at Least 2015

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“Not My Thing”: Geithner Never Felt Compelled to Seek Justice Against Wall Street

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America’s Electile Dysfunction

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White House Working Around Capitol Hill as It Pushes Far-Reaching Gun Measures

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Report: New Vets Showing Gulf War Illness Symptoms

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