Video: Unveiling the Curtain on the West’s Strategically Orchestrated & Executed Global Terror Campaign

1 February 2013 — Boiling Frogs

This groundbreaking investigative video report is Part I of series on Operation Gladio produced by James Corbett of Corbett Report. The episode includes an introduction to Operation Gladio and interviews with Sibel Edmonds and Tom Secker.

As one of the most thoroughly-documented examples of a decades-long program of officially-sanctioned false flag terror, Operation Gladio remains a woefully under-reported piece of the War on Terror puzzle. Today we go behind the trite summarizations of this program to look at it in-depth, examine its roots, and discover how it is continuing to operate right through to the present day.

We urge you to help us disseminate this program and expose the ‘Criminal States’ Secrets.’ Thank You.



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