Global Research – Week in Review 2 March 2013: Hollywood Revisionism and Media Manipulation

2 March, 2013Global Research

Historic Court Hearings: The BBC in the Dock for Manipulating Evidence and Providing Biased Coverage of the September 11, 2001 Attacks


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Video: Class Struggles in Crisis: From Walmart to the State

22 February 2013TorontoLeft Streamed

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New at Strategic Culture Foundation 24 February – 2 March 2013: Empires / Kosovo / Iraq / Cuba / Niger-Uranium / Bulgaria

2 March 2013Strategic Culture Foundation

Kerry Brings Image of Dapper Diplomacy to Ugly Face of Washington’s Imperialism
02.03.2013 | 00:00 | Finian CUNNINGHAM

Any illusions about a possible change in direction for American foreign policy were blown away this week with Kerry’s visit to Europe. And it was Kerry himself who blew away such illusions with his own words. The US secretary of state may have sounded multi-lingual and looked urbane in his pinstripe suit, with all its hints of diplomacy, but what he had to say on the issues of Iran and Syria, and by extension Russia, revealed Kerry to be a consistent operator of the same openly militarist agenda that has become such a hallmark of post-9/11 Washington…

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The Return of Empires (IV) By Dmitry MININ

3 March 2013 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Modern-day military-political alliances and coalitions as analogues of empires

The rebirth of imperial policy in modern international life demands an answer to the question: why are seemingly long obsolete geopolitical projects being dragged into the light of day at all when there are organisations like NATO and the European Union?

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