Statewatch: Austerity, democracy and civil liberties

7 May 2013 — Statewatch

The new issue of the Statewatch Journal (volume 23 no 1) is now available to download:

The Journal has been redesigned and each issue will now have a thematic focus. This issue focuses on the nexus between austerity, civil liberties and democracy.


Discipline and discontent: coalition government extends “slave labour” welfare policy, by Chris Jones

Kick ‘em all out? Anti-politics and post-democracy in the European Union, by Leigh Phillips

Austerity policies also cut rights and liberties in Spain, by Peio M. Aierbe

Using the Italian crisis to impose control: a shift towards a fiscal surveillance state? by Yasha Maccanico

Golden Dawn and the deafening silence of Europe, by Jerome Roos

Collective punishment and pre-emptive policing in times of riot and resistance, by Nick Moss

Belgian ‘municipal fines’ cause growing dissent, by Kees Hudig


1. The Statewatch Journal was launched in 1991 and is now in its 23rd year of publication. It is published quarterly and includes articles, reviews and research sources analysing policies and practices adopted by European national governments and EU institutions and their impact on civil liberties. Contributors include lawyers, academics, journalists, researchers and community activists drawn from 18 countries across Europe.

2. The Journal and all back issues are also now freely accessible online, having previously required a user name and password. We hope this change will allow Statewatch’s work to reach a wider audience and would appreciate help publicising the new Journal.

3. Back issues of the Journal can be accessed here:

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