Syria Newslinks 12 May 2013

12 May 2013 —

Syrian information minister rejects Turkish charges that his country was …

Washington Post

DAMASCUS, Syria — Syria on Sunday rejected Turkey’s allegations that it was behind two car bombs that killed 46 people in Turkey and wounded dozens more. Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi told a news conference that “no one has the right to make …


Syria refutes Turkish blame for car bombs

Jerusalem Post

Syria denied Turkish accusations on Sunday that it had a hand in twin car

bombings that killed more than 40 people in the Turkish border town of

Reyhanli on Saturday. “Syria did not and will never do such a act because

our values do not allow this. It …


Syria rebels free UN peackeepers abducted in Golan


Syrian rebels seized the four peacekeepers along the UN-patrolled

demarcation line separating the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights and Syria on

Tuesday, only two months after 21 Filipino peacekeepers were abducted and

held for three days by the rebels in …


Bumbling prez sees red on Syria

Boston Herald

WASHINGTON — You know you’re in trouble when you can’t even get your

walk-back story straight. Stung by the worldwide derision that met

President Obama’s fudging and fumbling of his chemical-weapons red line in

Syria, the White House leaked to The …


Syria peace conference already hitting snags – Russia


MOSCOW/BEIRUT (Reuters) – Russia said on Saturday there was disagreement

over who should represent the opposition in a Syrian peace process, only

days after Moscow and Washington announced a joint effort to bring

government and rebels to an …


Palestinian-Syrian group says forming units to fight for the Golan


BEIRUT (Reuters) – A militant Palestinian group in Damascus said it is

forming combat units to try to recapture Israeli-occupied territory, in

particular the Golan Heights, after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and

Hezbollah that they would support …


Syria’s Christians left in limbo


Christians in Syria find themselves damned if they support the regime of

President Bashar Assad, and equally damned if they join the rebellion. With

both the regime and Islamists looking to settle scores, the future looks

bleak. By Zvi Bar’el | May.12 …


Syrian rebels, government fight over key highways

In this citizen journalism image provided by Edlib News Network, ENN, which

has been authenticated based on its contents and other AP reporting,

anti-Syrian regime protesters hold a poster depicting Syrian President

Bashar Assad, left, and Russian …


PM to meet Putin amid concerns over Syria

Jerusalem Post

Fresh back from a five-day trip to China, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu

is expected to make a lightning visit to Russia this week, government

officials confirmed Saturday night, amid concerns Russia may deliver

advanced air defense missiles to Syria.


Claims Australians killed in Syria were fighters, not aid workers

Sydney Morning Herald

The four Australians killed in Syria’s civil war since August were fighting

Assad forces and not providing humanitarian aid as claimed, jihadist

websites say. Posts on online forums, including some linked with the

al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra …


43 killed, over 100 injured as blasts rock Turkish town on Syrian … – RT


Forty-three people were killed and over 100 injured when several explosions

struck a city in southern Turkey, near the border with Syria, according to



James Zogby: The Last Chance for Syria? – Huffington Post

By James Zogby

Make no mistake about it, Syria has become a proxy war, but neither the

Americans nor the Russians are calling the shots. More significant roles

are being played by competing regional groupings who are supporting, and

even driving, their …


Devastating Car Bombs Kill at Least 43 in Turkey — Syria-Linked …

By Erica Ritz

REYHANLI, Turkey (TheBlaze/AP) — In one of the deadliest attacks in Turkey

in recent years, two car bombs exploded near the border with Syria on

Saturday, killing 43 and wounding 140 others. Turkish officials blamed the

attack on a group …


Netanyahu to meet Putin amid reports of missile sales to Syria | The …

By Agence France-Presse

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will visit Russia for talks with

President Vladimir Putin, officials said Saturday, amid concerns Moscow may

be about to deliver advanced missiles to Syria. Putin’s spokesman Dmitry

Peskov confirmed …


Buying Time in Syria | Global Research

By Phil Greaves

The US government and its “Re-directional” middle east policy planners

are buying time in Syria. The current softening of US rhetoric is merely a

smokescreen to enable the US Government and its autocratic GCC (Gulf

Co-Operation Council) …

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