The Origins of Prism?

12 June 2013 —

Got this from Crypthome, the US Navy sponsored encryption system.  Dated 2004, it purports to be the description of PRISM, its structure and its functions.


Homeland Security: Requirements for Installation Security Decision Support Systems 

This tool would present one Common Operational Picture (COP), and provide common situational awareness in real time. Such a system must enhance the government’s ability to effectively combat terrorism and respond to large-scale emergencies and disasters in a coordinated fashion. Installation security is both a force protection and public safety assurance measure that must detect and identify threats, deter attacks, secure key facilities, and protect personnel to ensure national security and mission readiness. There are currently a number of endeavors being undertaken in parallel efforts to field such a system. None of these endeavors, however, are being coordinated to ensure compatibility or to prevent duplicative effort. 

The PDF also includes what looks like images from a Powerpoint presentation


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