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21 November 2016

Update: Yes, the original site is down but a new one has opened up: http://joebageant.net/

Joe has a site that contains I assume, all his published work but this site appears to be down http://www.joebageant.com/ so I constructed a freebie at WordPress to house the 65 essays I’ve published here.



Posted 19th November 2016 by InI in category "Joe Bageant", "William Bowles


  1. By Randy on

    Thank you William Bowles. Appreciate your love of Bageant’s work. He’s missed. While I’m here; appreciate your steadfast work here as well. Best to you.

    1. By InI (Post author) on

      Hi Randy, yes Joe is missed, really missed. I keep thinking about how he would respond to the election of the Orange Menace. He’d probably never leave Belize!


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