Make that call to MIchael Gove to ban Glyphosate!

18 July 2017 —

The European Commission hasn’t learnt a bit. They officially presented a proposal to licence a toxic pesticide called glyphosate for ten more years, even though we’ve just submitted over 1.3 million ECI signatures for verification. The Commission is moving forward on glyphosate before they have to address our ECI, and now it is national ministers who will decide. Crucially before that vote, representatives of our governments will meet to discuss the proposal in Brussels this week.

This is a moment that our community can have a big impact on the decision — whether glyphosate finally gets banned, or if it’s approved to be sprayed all over our parks, playgrounds and fields for another decade. With an orchestrated call-your-minister action across Europe we will make sure they hear that EU citizens don’t want glyphosate in our food or our agricultural system. We need you, will you make a call?

It will only take five minutes of your time to call the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Michael Gove MP, and urge him to recommend the UK votes to ban glyphosate. He’s head of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, which will have key influence in the UK vote. It is extremely unlikely you will be put through to Michael Gove himself, but you can leave a message with reception or an assistant. Don’t worry, lots of messages left with assistants make their way up to decision makers!

Yes, I’ll make a callIf enough of us call in, our talking points could make it into the discussion the UK has with other member states on glyphosate! Although the UK is preparing to leave the EU, this decision will have a massive impact on the UK while it remains an EU member state. Last summer we never thought the EU member states would stand up against Monsanto and pesticides industry, but after pressure from our community and our partners, they did. Since then we’ve found out even more of Monsanto’s dirty tricks in trying to get glyphosate re-licensed. Let’s remind our governments that we’re still watching!

You can take part in this action with 3 simple steps:

  • Prepare what you want to say by looking at the calling tips and FAQ below, but basically your key messages are:
    1. Have you decided how the UK will vote on relicensing of glyphosate? I would like to know how the United Kingdom is planning to vote.
    2. Last summer, the UK voted to relicense glyphosate, but since then there has been increasing evidence that glyphosate is harmful and regulatory agencies have taken serious mis-steps to have glyphosate re-license.
    3. Please vote to ban glyphosate. A European Citizens’ Initiative to ban glyphosate has collected over 1.3 million signatures because Europeans are fed-up with an agricultural system based on harmful toxic pesticides like glyphosate
  • Go to our phone-in action page to get the toll-free number for us to connect you free of charge to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Michael Gove MP’s office.
  • On our phone-in page, you can see more talking points and report-back to let us know how the call went. It’s important to hear the responses we receive as a community, to know where to best place our energies to continue this fight until the end, and for us to learn from you to make this easier next time.

On Wednesday, when EU countries will first discuss the Commission’s proposal, we’ll be in Brussels with our ECI partners, and together we’ll topple a huge Monsanto Roundup Bottle! With our combination of a public action in the heart of Brussels and the call-in action of our community, we can make our voices heard loud and clear across every government in the EU: we want a total ban on glyphosate! Please help to ensure that our message reaches the key decision-makers.

Can you help by making a call to Michael Gove’s office to tell them what you think about glyphosate? 

Yes, I’ll make the call.With determination,
Martin (London/Berlin), David (Brussels), and the rest of the WeMove.EU team


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