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26 May 2014

bill-portugal.jpgAbout InI
This site started life in 2003 although its actual birth is sometime earlier, around 1984 in fact, when I launched New York Online (NYOL), on a dial-up Bulletin Board System, or BBS. NYOL did pretty much what InI does and it ran until 1992 when I left New York for Africa. NYOL broke new ground in networking out independent news to the planet (in 1984 only the big corporates had access to leased lines).

At first, I used InI to publish my own essays but as with NYOL it grew into what is now an archive of getting on for four-plus gigabytes of articles and links to articles, tens of thousands of them in fact.

Here’s a link to an archive by month of almost every article on the site from September 2004 to February 2010. There has to be something like 25,000 pages in total plus thousands of links by subject including extensive archives of Information Clearing House (almost from Day 1), VTJP Palestine Newslinks, Military Resistance, URUK Net, CounterCurrents, IPS and so forth. In addition there are currently over 17,000 articles on the WordPress site).

You can also find my own work published on a number of sites including Global Research, Dandelion Salad, Strategic Culture Foundation, ColdType, Black Agenda Report, Dissident Voice, 4th Media and a bunch of other sites across the world as well as being translated into an unknown number of languages which include Portugese, Spanish, Arabic, Serbian, German…

William Bowles, Writer, Editor and Publisher


  1. By Dan Lieberman on

    (1)Alternative Insight has updated and expanded its website and is soliciting links to its progressive and meaningful website.

    Articles may be retrieved with appropriate authorship:
    Dan Lieberman
    Alternative Insight
    (2) Here is a link to my timely and carefully developed article on the U.S. debt crisis.
    Government Debt is not the Problem
    The economic system generates the problem

    By not directly challenging the principal cause of the increasing debt, the trade deficit, Congress uselessly debates a debt crisis.

    If you entertain publishing the article, you can either link or copy.

  2. By Romi Elnagar on

    Mr. Bowles,
    Thank you for your excellent website.
    I have been researching the situation in Libya, and I ran across your article about German TV and the Berlin nightclub bombing.

    Wanting to know more, I look at your sources for this article. They are all from the WSWS website, which I have read many times, but when I searched for those articles, they were no longer on the WSWS website.
    How strange! How ORWELLIAN! When I searched WSWS website on “Mossad” it gave me ONE article blaming Al-Qaeda for the Kenya embassy bombing, but buried in the article was a line about how a Mossad agent admitted being involved in the Berlin bombings (which is why I could find the article), but only very briefly. http://www.wsws.org/articles/2002/dec2002/keny-d05.shtml

    I thought you might be interested in this. I certainly think that you correctly researched your own article, and since WSWS has other articles which date back to 1998, it seems strange to me that NONE of the article about Mossad are in their files.

    Am I missing something? There is very little on the Internet about Mossad involvement in so many of the violence episodes in the Middle East, yet I am inclined to think their hand is in a lot of it.

    Peace and best wishes,
    Romi Elnagar

  3. By InI (Post author) on

    Hi Romi,
    Yes, that’s one of the problems with online sources, they can be moved, deleted or renamed. I do have a quite few stories on the Hariri assassination on the site:



  4. By Sean Mulligan on

    Dear Mr. Bowles, I like a lot of your articles. Please give me an email address that I can send comments to.

    1. By InI (Post author) on

      Hi Sean,
      I’d rather you leave comments here if that’s okay with you?


  5. By Devan Maistry on

    Re: banging on about the BBC. Maistry v BBC (2010) is worth following. The BBC argues that it’s values are no more than a mission statement like that of other corporations. The implications are obvious and I’d be happy to provide more detail.


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