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Afghanistan News-links 30 August 2008

US military deaths in Afghanistan region at 512
The Associated Press –
29, 2008, at least 512 members of the US military had died in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan as a result of the US invasion of Afghanistan in late …

Rolling back on eight years of the Bush White House – UK
The central element is the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq, under a 16-month timetable, and providing more resources for Afghanistan. …

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – An old man waits with his two sons outside of a United Nation’s distribution centre on a scorching hot August day in Kandahar City. …

Time to Target the Taliban Drug Cartel
U.S. News & World Report – Washington,DC,USA
This week the United Nations released new statistics on Afghanistan’s opium production, and the upshot is that the country will remain the world’s top…

500 Afghans attend service for slain NGO worker
The Daily Yomiuri – Osaka,Japan
He relayed information passed on by Tetsu Nakamura, a medical doctor who represents the group in Afghanistan and Pakistan, about the ceremony and other …

Prince Harry Desperate to Return to Front Line in Afghanistan
AP March 1: Britain’s Prince Harry steps off a plane at RAF Brize Norton, England, on his return from Afghanistan. March 1: Britain’s Prince Harry steps off …,2933,413207,00.html

Nearly a dozen militants killed in Afghanistan: coalition
KABUL (AFP) — The US-led coalition in Afghanistan said Friday its troops had killed almost a dozen militants after coming under attack while operating near …

Afghan base is “world’s busiest trauma hospital”
Reuters UK – UK
By Luke Baker CAMP BASTION, Afghanistan (Reuters) – From the outside it’s a prefabricated building in the midst of the desert, an unremarkable one storey …

US-led coalition: 12 militants dead in Afghanistan
The Associated Press –
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — The US-led coalition says a dozen militants were killed in a gunbattle with coalition forces in Afghanistan. …

US Toll in Iraq, Afghanistan
By Fergie(Fergie)
29, 2008, at least 512 members of the US military had died in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan as a result of the US invasion of Afghanistan in late 2001, according to the Defense Department. The department last updated its figures …

Surging in Afghanistan: Too Much, Too Late?
By chrisy58
Bush’s claim that he’s “truly not that concerned” about Osama bin Laden, the administration is erecting 10 “Wanted” billboards in Afghanistan, offering rewards of $25 million for bin Laden, $10 million for Taliban leader Mullah Omar, …

Barack Obama and Afghanistan
By Bill Totten(Bill Totten)
If we examine candidate Obama’s most important prepared foreign policy speech to-date, that given on July 14 2008, we find the elements of what as president he might do in Afghanistan. He forthrightly casts his interest in Afghanistan …

Bruce Rolston is off to Afghanistan
By markc
Sometime in the next few weeks I’ll be leaving to take up a position with the Canadian Forces mission in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. There I’ll be working with the Afghan national security forces upon which so much of any hope for …

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