Black Agenda Report for 12 April 2017

12 April 2017 — Black Agenda Report

Remembering South African Struggle Hero Chris Hani: Lessons for Today

By Arianna Lissoni

South African communist leader Chris Hani was assassinated by white racists 27 years ago, removing him from the scene during the nation’s transition to Black rule. Hani fought careerism and corruption in the revolutionary movement. Today, the “tradition of internal debate” that Hani promoted “has become eroded, and criticism keeps being silenced as sowing disunity.” Continue reading this...

Black Agenda Report 5 April 2017: MLK = Peace, Obama = War; Black Misleaders Act Like GOP: Towards a Black Peace Movement

5 April 2017 — Global Research

MLK and Obama: Two Diametrically Opposed Legacies

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Dr. King spoke of the Triple Evils: racism, militarism and materialism – “meaning, in contemporary society, capitalism.” However, “the decisive blow to the Black movement for self-determination and against U.S. imperialism was delivered by forces internal to the Black community”: the Black Misleadership Class. The question confronts us: “Have Black people shed their anti-imperialism and embraced war?” Continue reading this...

Black Agenda Report 29 March 2017

29 March 2017 — Black Agenda Report

No Tokens with Trump, No time for Fear: These are Revolutionary Times

By Danny Haiphong

by Danny Haiphong The corporate media would have you believe that stark differences divide the duopoly parties. The opposite is true. Democrats and establishment Republicans “have united on questions of war, austerity, and state-sponsored surveillance.” If anything, the major parties have solidified their “bipartisan consensus on privatization of education, healthcare, and the public sector” – as demanded by their corporate masters in this time of systemic… Read more » Continue reading this...

Black Agenda Report for March 22, 2017: Don’t Give Your Vote To Black Misleaders, the Black Political Class and Peace, Hillary Returns

22 March 2017 — Black Agenda Report

Don’t Give the Black Misleaders Your Vote (They’ll Just Cash It In)

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The Democratic Party acts like it owns Black America. It certainly owns most of the Black political (Misleaderhip) class, who “have used their local, state and national offices to facilitate the mass Black incarceration regime at every stage of its deployment.” These servants of the police state and war need to be challenged by candidates that reflect the left-leaning politics of Black America. The Black Is Back Coalition is seeking candidates.

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Black Agenda Report for March 15, 2017: The Deep State Rules, Bright Lines, When America Interfered in a Russian election

15 March 2017 — Black Agenda Report

The U.S. Deep State Rules – On Behalf of the Ruling Class

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford The various organs of the Deep State, including the corporate media, work hard to convince the public that the Deep State does not exist. (Kind of like that story about the Devil.) In fact, the Deep State runs the show. “The truth is that an oligarchy rules, and makes war on whomever it chooses — internationally and domestically — for the benefit of corporate capital.” It has neutralized a sitting president, less than two months in office.

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Black Agenda Report for March 8, 2017: Counting Cadence to Fascism, Trump & Russia, the Perfect Lie, fighting Trump the Man But Not His Plan

8 March 2017 — Black Agenda Report

Corporate Media Counting Cadence to Fascism
by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The ruling class/War Party/corporate media campaign for regime change in Washington has moments of pure silliness, with grown men claiming that U.S. presidents don’t have the power to wiretap people. Someone should have informed Dr. Martin Luther King. But, if self-described “progressives” can believe that the CIA is a benign, democratic institution, they can believe anything. “The destabilization of the U.S. bourgeois state is a project, not of the Kremlin, but of multinational and finance capital headquartered in the U.S.” Continue reading this...

Black Agenda Report for March 2, 2017: HBCUs and Free Tuition Movement, Sheepdogging Thru Trumpland, Liberals Expose Themselves

2 March 2017 — Black Agenda Report

Time For A Movement For Free Tuition at HBCUs and Public Colleges amd Universities

A Black Agenda Radio Commentary by Bruce A. Dixon
Instead of worrying about where Kellyanne Conway’s feet are, or blasting Betsy DeVos’s ignorance on HBCUs we should insist that black college presidents start or join a movement for free tuition at HBCUs and public colleges and universities. Millions of college grads of all colors carry unpayable debt and are frustrated by lack of opportunities. This demand earned Bernie Sanders millions of votes. It’s a mass movement in waiting Continue reading this...

Black Agenda Report Feb 22, 2017: Hi-Speed Sellout Black Misleadership Class, EZ-Pass Privatizatn, Corporate Media Enemy

22 February 2017 — Black Agenda Report

Black Misleadership Class: High-Speed Sell-Outs

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The NAACP and the Urban League want to leave Internet neutrality to the tender mercies of the Republican-controlled Congress. But that’s nothing new. The Black Misleadership Class has been selling out the people’s interests to giant telecom companies since 2006, in exchange for organizational and campaign funding. Eminently buyable, they constantly seek to position themselves close to Power — and then cash out. Continue reading this...

Black Agenda Report for February 15, 2017: Shamnesty International, the Human Rights Industry, Protecting African Burial Grounds

15 February 2017 — Black Agenda Report


Freedom Rider: Human Rights Industry Protects Imperialism
BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

When so-called Human Rights organizations are financed by the one percent they dependably echo the priorities and prejudices of their influential sponsors.  So it is that Amnesty International is an energetic source of war propaganda on behalf of US imperial efforts in the Middle East and elsewhere. Their “report” of a supposed “human slaughterhouse” operated by the Syrian regime is the latest installment in a campaign to justify US intervention in the Middle East. Continue reading this...

Black Agenda Report February 8, 2017: Roland Martin- That Hustla Ova There, Enemies of Public Education, Resist Trump AND the Democrats

8 February 2017 — Black Agenda Report

Roland Martin: That Hustla Ova There Tryna Sell Us School Privatization
by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Roland Martin pretends to be a journalist. But what does a guy do when the one percent won’t pay for an informed public? Roland is a hustla for hire, and he’s found a dependable set of clients. Roland is all about blackening up and selling us the destruction and privatization of public schools, which is what both elite Democrats and Republicans want. Journalists tell the truth without fear or favor. Hustlas do what they’re paid to do, and the charter school sugar daddies pay well. Continue reading this...

Black Agenda Report for Feb 1, 2017: If Americans Cared About Muslims, Hypocrite of the Month, Trump as Less Effective Evil

1 February 2017 — Black Agenda Report

If Americans Truly Cared About Muslims, They Would Stop Killing Them by the Millions

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford
Americans welcome only token numbers of people from countries devastated by U.S. wars of aggression. Donald Trump’s current ban on travelers affects nations that were already targeted by President Obama, “a perfect example of the continuity of U.S. imperial policy in the region.” The memo from State Department “dissenters” contains “not a word of support for world peace, nor a hint of respect for the national sovereignty of other peoples.” Continue reading this...

Trump’s Neo-Fascism will be Built on Neo-Fascism of Obama and Democrat Party By Ajamu Baraka

3 January 2017 — Black Agenda Report

White “radicals” and Black “nationalists” join with corporate Democrats and “latte” liberals” to mouth nonsense about Russians. Clinton Democrats attack Trump from the right — and sweep know-nothings of all stripes along with them. “Collaboration from the left with the new McCarthyism is providing an opening for the isolation and repression of those of us who were going to have to fight no matter who would have been elected.”

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Black Agenda Report for Jan 25, 2017: Cory Booker Corporate Hooker, Trump to Dump Cop Consent Decrees, Dems Attack Trump From the Right

26 January 2017 — Black Agenda Report

Cory Booker, Corporate Hooker: The Perfect Establishment Opposition to Donald Trump

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon
After losing the White House to the most unpopular president in history, Democrats have lots to say, but even more to avoid saying, lest they expose themselves as every bit as much corporate tools as their Republican foes. New Jersey Senator Cory Booker is their ideal spokesperson, a cynical, photogenic and utterly dependable corporate whore who can be counted on to keep the anti-Trump rabble safely inside the Democrats’ big stinky tent. Continue reading this...

Black Agenda Report for January 18, 2017: Revoking John Lewis’s Hero Status, The Obama Legacy, No Tears For John Lewis”

18 January 2017 — Black Agenda Report

Is It Time To Revoke John Lewis’s Lifetime Civil Rights Hero Pass?

A Black Agenda Radio Commentary by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

John Lewis was a hero 52 years ago. What’s he doing nowadays with his Lifetime Civil Rights Hero pass? He’s a 14 term Atlanta congressman with nary a word to say on gentrification or the privatization of schools, roads, nature and the commons. He’s a pacifist with a US Navy ship named after him who votes for the NSA, Pentagon budgets, and re-arming apartheid Israel. Now his sainthood is useful again. But to whom and for what? Continue reading this...