Climate justice and the prospect of power By John Riddell

21 August 2016 — Climate & Capitalism

[Another excellent essay from C&C. WB]

No line 9

Climate justice activists have not yet found a path to transformational change. That can only emerge from the experiences of all working people here and worldwide, present and past.

A balance sheet of the movement to block the cross-Toronto ‘Line 9’ pipeline project, with notes on the meaning of “climate justice” and the relationship of socialism to social movements.

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Britain and Canada Involved in Foiled US Venezuelan Coup Plot By Stephen Lendman

16 February 2015 — Global Research

Venezuela leadersBritain and Canada were co-conspirators in the latest plot to topple Venezuela’s government.

TeleSUR provided detailed coverage of Washington’s war on Venezuelan democracy. Its dirty hands manipulate violence and instability worldwide.

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Canada funding Ukrainian armed opposition

21 February 2014 — Voltaire Network

The Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs has made an “exceptional contribution” to a Ukrainian NGO to pay for a previously ordered field hospital and medical equipment. Continue reading this...

Canada Busted Covering Up Spikes In Fukushima Radiation

5 December 2013 — WashingtonsBlog

Falsely Stated That There Were No Unusual Radiation Levels

The governments of Japan, America and Canada have covered up the severity of the Fukushima crisisvever since it started in March 2011.

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Five years since Canada’s constitutional coup By Keith Jones

4 December 2013 — WSWS

Five years ago today, Canada’s Conservative government used the arbitrary powers of the un-elected governor-general to shut down Canada’s parliament so as to prevent the opposition parties from defeating the government in a non-confidence vote.

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Democracy Canadian-style Part I: Abroad By Eric Walberg

25 February 2013Eric Walberg

Canada‘s role in the postmodern imperial world is as a poster child for promoting formal electoral democracy — at home and abroad. Internationally, instead of offering peacekeeping troops to the UN, as in days of yore, and promoting grassroots development in the third world, it takes orders directly from its US-Euro masters, helping them invade countries if necessary to set up the mechanisms for elections, and ignoring for the most part the real problems that the poor of the world face. It uses its foreign diplomatic service not to promote peace and social justice, but to support the needs of Canadian corporations abroad and facilitate their quest for profits.

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Video: Koch Brothers Driving Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada to Cut Out Venezuelan Oil

7 January, 2013The Real News Network


Greg Palast: Koch brothers could save two billion dollars a year if they can replace Venezuelan heavy crude crude with Canadian tar sands – one of the dirtiest sources of carbon emissions on the planet Continue reading this...

Video: Fractured Land- Confronting Big Oil the Ravages of Neocolonialism By grtv

19 January 2013GRtv 

Caleb Behn is a young, Indigenous warrior fighting to save his people’s land and culture. Deep in the exquisite wilderness of northeastern British Columbia, the ancestral home of Caleb’s Dene people, the multi-billion-dollar oil and gas industry emits chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects, the killing of brain and blood cells, and environmental harm. Caleb himself was born with a birth defect and spent long, painful years under the surgeons’ knives, face cut, lips sewn. He cannot show that emissions from the industry caused his condition; still, it made him tough, gave him a deep aversion to gambling with children‘s health, and helped drive him to action.

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How Ottawa’s Neoliberal Austerity Measures Affect Canada’s Aboriginal Communities By Carlo Fanelli

11  January  2013 — Global ResearchAlternate Routes


An Interview with David Newhouse

David Newhouse is Chair of the Indigenous Studies Department, and Associate Professor of Business Administration at Trent University. His works include Improving the Aboriginal Quality of Life: Changing the Public Policy Paradigm (2006), From Woundedness to Resilience: Urban Aboriginal Health (2006), Hidden in Plain Sight: Aboriginal Contributions to Canada (2005), Not Strangers in these Parts: Urban Aboriginal Peoples (2003) and Well-Being in the Urban Aboriginal Community (2012).

This interview was conducted prior to the start of the Idle No More movement and appears in Alternate Routes‘ latest issue Great Recession-Proof? Shattering the Myth of Canadian Exceptionalism. Continue reading this...

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Video: Indigenous Occupy: Canadian grassroots native movement on rise

12 January, 2013RT

An indigenous movement known as ‘Idle No More’ is gaining momentum in Canada. The First Nations people have promised to bring the country’s economy ‘down to its knees’ if aboriginals’ voices remain unheard.

Having begun with four members in November, Idle No More has now become reminiscent of other grassroots movements like Occupy Wall Street. Continue reading this...

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Harper Launches Major First Nations Termination Plan By Russell Diabo

10 January 2013 — The Bullet • Socialist Project • E-Bulletin No. 756

As Negotiating Tables Legitimize Canada’s Colonialism

On September 4th the Harper government clearly signaled its intention to:

1) Focus all its efforts to assimilate First Nations into the existing federal and provincial orders of government of Canada;

2) Terminate the constitutionally protected and internationally recognized Inherent, Aboriginal and Treaty rights of First Nations. Continue reading this...

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Canada’s First Nations: Expect resistance By Eric Walberg

7 January 2013 — Eric Walberg

“Respect Existence or Expect Resistance”, chant native Canadians as a showdown 11 January loams with Prime Minister Harper.

Idle no more tyendinaga dec 30Sparked by Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger strike on tiny ‘Victoria’ Island near Ottawa’s Parliament Hill, now in its third frigid week, the native uprising across Canada is in fact the latest manifestation of the world’s colonized peoples trying to throw off the shackles of imperialism. An exciting moment, one of vital import for us all. 

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