medConfidential Bulletin, 24th March 2017

24 March 2017 — medConfidential

It has been a while since we last sent a newsletter. Our apologies for that, but we have been kept busy!

We are entering a period where a lot of things are happening – and are likely to happen – in quick succession, so we wanted to provide a perspective and some context that we hope will help explain at least some of what is going on.

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Video: Bankruptcy Protection, Debt Jubilee, Students Debt and the Credit System

20 March 2017 —  TRNN

Part 3 of an interview with Richard D. Wolff, Marxist economist and founder of Democracy at Work –

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The terrifying mathematics of the Anthropocene

19 March 2017 — Climate & Capitalism

The Anthropocene Formula

For four billion years, one formula summarized global change. That has changed in just four decades, and if we don’t act quickly, human civilization may not survive.

Owen Gaffney is co-founder Future Earth Media Lab, and Director of media at the Stockholm Resilience Centre. Will Steffen, former Executive Director of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Program, is now an Adjunct Professor at the Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University.

This article, from The Conversation, summarizes key findings of The Anthropocene Equation, a paper by Gaffney and Steffen that was published in The Anthropocene Review, February 2017. Continue reading this...

Secret City – A film about the City of London, the Corporation that runs it

28 April 2014 — Youtube
A film about the City of London, the Corporation that runs it, and its role in the economic crisis. By Michael Chanan and Lee Salter. See

IT’S ALMOST A YEAR since anti-capitalist protestors, intending to set up camp in front of the London Stock Exchange in Paternoster Square under the banner of Occupy LSX, were ejected from the square and parked themselves instead in front of St Paul’s Cathedral. The result was one of the starting points for this film: a highly public debate about capitalism and the Church. Continue reading this...

Video: What is Money? Why Do Some Have More Than Others?

19 March 2017 — TRNN

Part 2 of an interview with Richard D. Wolff, Marxist economist and founder of Democracy at Work –

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Video: What is Capitalism & Socialism? What Differentiates Them from Each Other?

18 March 2017 — TRNN

Part 1 of an interview with Richard D. Wolff, Marxist economist and founder of Democracy at Work –

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Following Up, or Down By S. Artesian

15 March 2017 — Anti-Capital

An audio version of this article is available on SoundCloud

The editors over at The North Star are inviting readers to submit responses to ten (10) smoldering sub-sections of the single, eternally burning question for our movement:  What Is To Be Done?

As much as this may sound like virtual Leninism, it isn’t; nothing Lenin did was virtual.

Indeed, TNS claims a pedigree, with papers to prove it, of being a departure from “Leninist orthodoxy.”

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The crisis of the ideology of neoliberal globalization By Takis Fotopoulos

12 March 2017 — Inclusive Democracy

The crisis of the ideology of neoliberal globalization*

It is generally recognized today that globalization goes through its most serious crisis since it developed into the present New World Order (NWO) of neoliberal globalization at the end of the 20th century, as even the flagship of globalist ‘Left’ admitted very recently reflecting the views of multinational corporations’ chief executives.[1] I am talking of course about neoliberal globalization because a capitalist globalization can only be neoliberal, as it implies   open and ‘liberalized’ markets for capital, labor, goods and services—the infamous ‘four freedoms’ of the EU Maastricht Treaty.

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California Judge Enables Cancer Warning on Monsanto’s Roundup

11 March 2017 — Sustainable Pulse

California has been enabled to become the first U.S. state to require Monsanto to label its blockbuster weed killer, Roundup, as a possible carcinogen, after a ruling issued Friday by a California judge.

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With White House Embracing Climate Denial, Will Corporate Media Treat It as Science?

10 March 2017 — FAIR

CNBC: EPA chief Scott Pruitt says carbon dioxide is not a primary contributor to global warmingCNBC‘s Joe Kernan interviewing climate denialist EPA chief Scott Pruitt.

If the public rollout of the Trump administration’s new EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, is any indication, the Earth’s climate will suffer even greater, irreversible damage during the next four years. And the corporate media’s coverage of it may only make it worse. Continue reading this...

Heatwave frequency rises twice as fast in the poorest countries By Ian Angus

8 March 2017 — Climate & Capitalism

Climate Injustice

New research proves that the countries least responsible for global warming, those least able to adapt, have already been hit much harder by deadly extremes than rich nations — and the gap is growing

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The European Parliament has just dealt a major blow to the Link Tax

9 March 2017 — SumOfUs

A closely-watched report on the proposed laws from key MEP Therese Comodini Cachia recommends that the controversial “Link Tax” proposal be removed from the legislation.1 This is a huge step forward!

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Imperialist Wars And Interventions Fuel Refugee Crisis In Africa By Thomas Gaist

9 March 2017– WSWS

Large numbers of persons fleeing war and famine in sub-Saharan Africa are transiting through Libya in a desperate effort to reach Europe, UNICEF reported last week.

An estimated 80,000 refugees, including 25,000 children, left Libyan ports in an effort to cross the Mediterranean Sea and enter southern Europe last year, with 4,000 of them dying during the crossing.

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Video: Empire in Decay: Federal Government Falling Apart as Spying Allegations Fly

7 March 2017 — TRNN

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson says there is a theory circulating in the intelligence community that the CIA asked the British to spy on Trump on behalf of the Democratic Party; the politicization of the intelligence agencies is a reflection of a dying empire

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