Statewatch News Online, 16 February 2017 (03/17)

16 February 2017 — Statewatch 

Press release

EU border agency targeted “isolated or mistreated” individuals for questioning

Guidelines produced for border guards participating in an EU joint operation instruct the targeting of “migrants from minority ethnic groups, and individuals who may have been isolated or mistreated during their journey, as such people are often more willing to talk about their experiences.” [1]
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Glyphosate Banned… For 18 Months… in Europe

2 February 2017 — SumOfUs

[But not, it seems in Lambeth in London where the stuff is sprayed regularly on the pavements in my neighbourhood, WB]

We made something amazing happen. The EU refused to give Monsanto’s cancer-causing ingredient – glyphosate – the green light. It’s delayed the decision 18 months while glyphosate is re-evaluated. Continue reading this...

Statewatch News Online, 30 January 2017 (02/17)

30 January 2017 — Statewatch


1. Analysis: EU: Eighth report on relocation and resettlement: Commission welcomes increase in relocations and ignores harmful systematic effects


1    USA: Executive Order: Executive Order: Border Security and Immigration Enforcement 
2.   EU: PNR: Belgium, France, Netherlands to introduce rail ID checks
3.   EU: Re-Build Refuge Europe, a new project to counteract the discourses of crisis
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It’s Austerity, Not Globalization, That Pulls European Workers to the Right

23 January 2017 — FAIR

The Washington Post failed to mention that the Socialists’ declining fortunes are the result of anti-worker austerity programs.

Both the Washington Post (1/22/17) and New York Times (1/22/17) had pieces about declining support for the left in France and the rise of a nationalist right in both Italy and France. Both pieces attributed the rise in support for the right to people losing from globalization, implying that this is some impersonal process that is causing these people to be losers.

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Statewatch News Online, 5 January 2017 (01/17)

5 January 2016 —

You can also access as a pdf  file here:


1.  Eurodac: Member States want wider police access to biometric database despite most never use it
2.  The EU’s military mission against Mediterranean migration: what “deterrent effect”? :
3.  Viewpoint: Migration, EU Cooperation and Authoritarianism
4.  The visible hand: the European Union’s Security Industrial Policy 
5.  A missed opportunity to open up secret trilogue decision-making in the EU

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EU Votes For Citizens To Fund Their Own Brainwashing By Finian Cunningham

27 November 2018 — RT

A fledgling group set up by the European Commission to allegedly counteract “Russian propaganda” is to be expanded with more public cash and resources. European citizens will be funding mechanisms inducing their own ignorance and misinformation.

This week, the European Parliament in Strasbourg voted by a dubious majority for a cash injection to expand the work of a media watchdog aimed at “debunking Russian propaganda.”

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This is in your food

23 November 2016 — SumOfUs

After almost 170k of us across Europe spoke out, the EU Commissioner has delayed a vote on a weak food safety regulation written by and for big corporations. But the Commissioner is meeting with national governments this Friday to discuss how to proceed.

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Tell your MEP to stand up and say no to Censorship Machines and the Link Tax

11 November 2016 — OpenMedia

For the last year we’ve worked together to ensure that the huge new copyright law in the EU doesn’t crush our free expression online. But when the proposal finally came out last month, it confirmed our worst fears: The Link Tax is still alive.[1]

Act now

The European Commission came up with some of the worst copyright rules in the world. On top of plans to charge fees for links with snippets of text, they added new requirements for websites to monitor and censor content we upload. [2]

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Statewatch News Online, 7 November 2016 (19/16)

7 November 2016 — Statewatch

You can also access as a pdf  file here:


1.   Statewatch Intervention: Unaccompanied child asylum-seekers: European Court of Human Rights
2.    EU: Council of the European Union: IT and border management & Japan MLA
3.   Austria Postpones Presidential Election Re-Run Due to Faulty Postal Ballots
4.    UK refused access to British father ‘in fear for his life’ on Ethiopia’s death row
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Video: Iceland’s Pirate Party Wins Big Gains in Parliamentary Election

31 October 2016 — TRNN

The Reykjavik Grapevine’s Paul Fontaine discusses the possible outcomes after Saturday’s parliamentary vote

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Statewatch News Online, 24 October 2016 (18/16)

24 October 2016 —  • e-mail:

1.   Statewatch Analysis: Civilizing the torture and execution trade
2.   UNHCR: (22.10.16): 319,826 arrivals 2016: 168,873 in Greece, 145,982 in Italy
3.   CoE: “Combating anti Gypsyism: calls for better access to social rights and legislative measures
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“The Kremlin’s Playbook”: Russia-EU Cooperation, A Threat to US National Security? Selected Articles

20 October 2016  — Global Research

“The Kremlin’s Playbook”: Washington Views Russia-EU Cooperation, A Threat to US National Security

By Fort Russ, October 20 2016

Europe is dependent on financial and energy resources of Moscow, according to a report by the Washington Center for strategic and international studies. On October 13 in Washington, a study was published, “The Kremlin’s Playbook: Understanding the Russian Influence in Eastern and Central Europe”, which on the example of five countries – Latvia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Serbia, explains the mechanisms of the workings of the Kremlin with the economies of European states.

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Leaked EU documents show that big corporations have seized control of our food safety regulations

10 October 2016 — SumOfUs

Under corporate pressure, the EU is set to adopt meaningless “guidelines” that will mean dangerously high levels of a substance called acrylamide in our food. Even the EU’s own food safety experts say this substance could damage our DNA and increase the risk of cancer.

It’s a dream come true for the industry giants. In the coming days, the European Commissioner for Health will consider the draft proposal. And even after Brexit, these rules could set the baseline for future UK regulation, too. But a public outcry across Europe for real, legal limits that protect people (not profits!) can still beat the lobbyists. 

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Statewatch News Online, 30 September 2016 (17/16)

30 September 2016 — Statewatch


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EU-Afghanistan returns plan: Another “dodgy” deal

– Deal to be signed next week to start immediate refugee “return” flights
– Is Afghanistan a “safe country”?
– Quick return of 80,000 refugees planned
– “effectively implement readmission commitments”
by-passing parliamentary scrutiny

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