Islamophobia, Trumps War and the French Elections

26 April 2017 — Global Research

Finance Capital and Neo-Fascism: The French Elections Mirror the Crises of Western States

By Abayomi Azikiwe, April 26, 2017

A runoff between National Front leader Marine Le Pen and the 39-year-old banker and former Minister of Finance Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche (Onwards) is slated for May 7.

These two candidates represent the dominant sectors within the French ruling class being the aggressive anti-immigrant and neo-fascist electorate and the pro-European Union (EU) elements who view the status quo as sufficient to guarantee the continuation of capitalism and Paris’ role in the international division of economic power and labor. Neither party nor movement, in the situation of Macron’s En Marche, represents any clear vision of a prosperous future for the people of France. Continue reading this...

US Destabilization Plots, Trump on Wikileaks

25 April 2017 — Global Research

Destabilization Plots Against Syria and Venezuela

            By Hugo Turner, April 24, 2017

Trump is massively expanding every dirty war and destabilization campaign the Empire is involved in and doubtless in future months we will learn of countries now peaceful being thrown into chaos as a result of CIA/NED operations now being launched of which we have no idea. We can only hope that Russia and China are working on some plans of their own. Continue reading this...

France’s Presidential Elections: Selected Stories

23 April 2017 — Global Research

In line with the first round of the 2017 French Presidential Elections, take a look at the articles below for some issues concerning France’s future and potential threats on the day of the elections.

The Main Issue in the French Presidential Election: National Sovereignty and the Future of France

            By Diana Johnstone, April 21, 2017

The 2017 French Presidential election marks a profound change in European political alignments. There is an ongoing shift from the traditional left-right rivalry to opposition between globalization, in the form of the European Union (EU), and national sovereignty. Continue reading this...

Earth Day 2017. Humans are the Most Destructive Species on Planet Earth

22 April 2017 — Global Research

Earth Day 2017: Humans Are The Most Destructive Species On Earth

            By Pratap Antony, April 20, 2017

Our planet is not in danger. Humans are in danger. From ourselves. Humankind is on the road to extinguish ourselves. Sooner rather than later. The future for all of us is bleak. The planet will continue as it has for the 99% of the time before man, it will adjust and continue. Perhaps with other life forms, other vegetation, other landscapes. Continue reading this...

Foreign Policy and “False Flags”: Trump’s “War and Chocolate” Reality Show By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

21 April 2017 — Global Research

Who is the Butcher, Mr. Trump?

What kind of president do we have?

Cynical and diabolical?  The plush dinner event with China’s president Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago on the evening of April 6 was carefully planned to coincide with Trump’s missile strikes against Syria.

Xi and Trump were accompanied by their wives; guests, family members and high-level officials from both countries were in attendance at the Palm Beach Mar-a Lago “replicate” of Rome’s Palazzo Chigi 16th Century dining room. Continue reading this...

America’s War Machine, Death of Democracy in Turkey

20 April 2017 — Global Research

End Game: The War Machine Goes On

By Arthur D. Robbins, April 20, 2017

To yearn for peace is to embrace war. What we need is a society where war and peace are not two choices, like night and day. What we need is a society in which war is not an option, where peace becomes irrelevant. Perhaps JFK got it right when he said, what we want is not peace but, “a warless world founded in warless societies.” (Carroll, 285) Continue reading this...

Attack Against Syria, Threats against North Korea

19 April 2017 — Global Research

The US-NATO military intervention is simultaneously taking place in several regions across the world. Articles below talk about the attacks against Syria and the nuclear threats against North Korea.

Trump Administration Takes Warmongering Directly to Korean Peninsula

By Abayomi Azikiwe, April 18, 2017

In recent weeks, the Trump administration has intensified already existing sanctions on Pyongyang. Tactical nuclear weapons stationed in South Korea remain aimed at key installations inside the DPRK. U.S. military officials have openly announced that they are considering a preemptive strike against the DPRK through targeted assassinations of its leaders and the attempted neutralization of its military defenses. Continue reading this...

A Government of War Criminals

18 April 2017 — Global Research

Trump Delegates Warmaking to Generals. “A Nuclear War could Start without Trump”

By , April 18, 2017

He’s letting hawkish generals make battlefield decisions – overseen by Defense Secretary Mattis, National Security Advisor McMaster and Joint Chiefs chairman Dunford. Continue reading this...

The Dangers of Nuclear War

17 April 2017 — Global Research

Below is a compilation of a few articles on the dangers of nuclear war. 

Report from the UN: The US, UK, France and South Korea Are In Violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

            By , April 17, 2017

The morning of March 27, 2017 US Ambassador Nikki Haley, accompanied by the Ambassadors of the UK, France and the Republic of Korea held a press stake-out outside the United Nations General Assembly hall, and announced their boycott of the “United Nations Conference to Negotiate a Legally Binding Instrument to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons, Leading to Their Total Elimination.” Continue reading this...

North Korea “Fully Prepared” If US Attacks, The “Terrorism of Money” in India

15 April 2017 — Global Research

North Korea: If We are Attacked, “We Will Not Keep our Arms Crossed … We are Fully Prepared”

By , April 14 2017

Misunderstanding prevails regarding the threat of a US preemptive strike against North Korea. The intentions of the Pentagon are unclear. Moreover, Washington does not have the endorsement of its regional allies including South Korea and Japan. In the wake of ROK President Park’s impeachment, strong opposition has been building up within South Korea against US military presence in the region. Meanwhile Beijing has warned Washington. China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, intimated that:  “one has the feeling that a conflict could break out at any moment”. Continue reading this...

Syria: Trump’s First Step Towards World War III?, Australia Wants War With China

12 April 2017 — Global Research

The Trump /Syria Conundrum: Will Trump Deliver Deep State’s World War?

By , April 12 2017

In appearance, Trump’s April 6, 2017 missile attack on Syria is the first step towards a regime change, a massive regional conquest, and possibly World War III. The event marked a point of no return for Trump’s presidency. We have entered uncharted territory, with the future of humanity at stake. Continue reading this...

Selected Articles: Syria Chemical Weapons Saga

12 April 2017 — Global Research

Articles below are among the most-read on the ‘chemical attack’ in Syria.

The Gassing Game in Syria: Regime Change and Beyond

By , April 11, 2017

US-Russia ties are not the only issue adversely impacted by the US’s 7th April bombardment. If the US escalates its military involvement, it will have far-reaching consequences for the on-going conflict in Syria, politics in WANA and global peace in general. Continue reading this...

Washington False Flag, UN Confirmed that Syria “Rebels” Were Using Chemical Weapons

10 April 2017 — Global Research

Syria: Trump May Just have Started World War III

By , April 08, 2017

Syria is a mere square on this murderous chess board, as was Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, and many more to come. The purpose is not ‘winning a war’ – that would be too simple. The purpose is creating and leaving behind chaos, eternal chaos. In the case of Syria a balkanization of the country, what Clinton did to Yugoslavia. The old ‘divide to conquer’ – it still works after hundreds of years. People are still blinded to these oldest and most rudimentary of war strategies. They still fall for it; don’t notice; swallow the lies. Continue reading this...

Fake News and the Unravelling of US Empire, Yemen Genocide: US-NATO Using Saudi Arabia

27 March 2017 — Global Research

Fake News: The Unravelling of US Empire From Within

By Prof. John McMurtry, March 27 2017

The ruling big lies of the US money party and corporate globalization have divided into opposing camps. The Press and the President denounce each other non-stop on the public stage, while US dark state agents take sides behind the scenes.

Continue reading this...