The Link Tax must die!

21 March 2017 — Open Media

We believed that if enough of us spoke out together, we could make a huge difference in fighting against online censorship.

And we were right.

In the European Parliament MEPs have recently been turning against the link tax and mandatory online filtering in unprecedented ways.[1]

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The European Parliament has just dealt a major blow to the Link Tax

9 March 2017 — SumOfUs

A closely-watched report on the proposed laws from key MEP Therese Comodini Cachia recommends that the controversial “Link Tax” proposal be removed from the legislation.1 This is a huge step forward!

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The Link Tax Defeated?

2 March 2017 — OpenMedia

EU parliamentarians are listening! An important new report from MEP Catherine Stihler recommends that the European Parliament scrap plans for a Link Tax and content censorship.1 Stihler’s report concluded that the Link Tax is unnecessary and warned that content censorship will harm the interests of Internet users. Continue reading this...

Tell your MEP to stand up and say no to Censorship Machines and the Link Tax

11 November 2016 — OpenMedia

For the last year we’ve worked together to ensure that the huge new copyright law in the EU doesn’t crush our free expression online. But when the proposal finally came out last month, it confirmed our worst fears: The Link Tax is still alive.[1]

Act now

The European Commission came up with some of the worst copyright rules in the world. On top of plans to charge fees for links with snippets of text, they added new requirements for websites to monitor and censor content we upload. [2]

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BREAKING: The Link Tax is Officially on its Way

14 September 2016 — OpenMedia

It’s official.

The EU Commission has officially released some of the worst copyright laws in the world, including unprecedented new Link Tax powers for publishing giants.1, 2

Earlier today, the Commission presented these new rules to the world. Over the past few weeks, leaks suggested the rules were worse than originally feared,3 and today’s announcement proved it. We have to stop this now.

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The EU proposes a nightmare version of the Link Tax!

1 September 2016 — OpenMedia

Breaking Leak: The European Commission have chosen to ignore all the evidence and propose a copyright law that includes a nightmare version of the link tax, and a host of other ideas that only favour Big Media lobbyists.

We need you to share our Save the Link campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

Share now

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EU Commission: Yes, we will create new ancillary copyright for news publishers, but please stop calling it a “link tax”

25 August 2016 — Communia

No to a failed german-style ancillary copyright for the EU!

By Paul Keller

Well that was quick: just two days after Commissioner Ansip delivered a non-denial denial that “this Commission does not have any plans to tax hyperlinks” Statewatch published a draft of the Commission’s own Impact assessment on the modernisation of EU copyright rules which clearly states that the Commission will indeed propose the introduction of an EU wide ancillary copyright for news publishers.

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Lied to over Link Tax

26 August 2016 — OpenMedia

Documents leaked this morning1 prove that the EU Commission misled the public earlier this week when it tweeted, “The @EU_Commission does not have any plans to tax hyperlinks.”2

You were lied to. We were lied to. The public was lied to.

These out-of-touch unelected bureaucrats think that if they call the link tax something else – like “neighbouring rights”3,4 – they can trick people like you and me, and slip this terrible legislation past us when they think nobody’s watching. Well they’re wrong. Dead wrong.

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Link Tax: Old Wine now in New Bottle

24 August 2016 — OpenMedia

This is unreal. Yesterday, we asked you to tell the EU Commission to abandon plans for the link tax by sharing hard-hitting social media images.[1]

Thanks to you, later the same day, the EU Commission responded to our campaign on Twitter, saying “The @EU_Commission does not have any plans to tax hyperlinks.”[2] But here’s the problem: they’ve rebranded the link tax from ‘ancillary rights’ to so-called ‘neighbouring rights’.

They’re feeling the pressure, but why should we believe them?[3] They’ve tried to disguise the link tax before,[4]  and they’re not gonna slip it passed us this time either.

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Last Chance to Kill the Link Tax!

22 August 2016 — OpenMedia 

The EU Commission are wavering on whether or not to keep going with the link tax. They’ve heard you and thousands of Internet users speak out, and now they have the final decision to make as they write the law -– link tax law, yay or nay? We need you to stop it before it gets any further.

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No to Internet Toll Booth!

7 July 2016 — Open Media

We have just one week to stand against a plan, put forward by giant telecom conglomerates, to put a toll booth on the Internet.

Please take a moment right now to use our high impact tool to put a stop to this horrible idea.

Regulators in the European Union are about to review key Net Neutrality rules that fundamentally impact how the Internet works.

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Safe in Police hands?

6 July 2016 — Big Brother Watch

How Police Forces suffer 10 data breaches every week and still want more of your data.

A Big Brother Watch Report July 2016

Safe in Police hands? shows that between June 2011 and December 2015 there were at least 2,315 data breaches conducted by police staff. Over 800 members of staff accessed personal information without a policing purpose and information was inappropriately shared with third parties more than 800 times. Specific incidents show officers misusing their access to information for financial gain and passing sensitive information to members of organised crime groups. 

Download the PDF: Safe-in-Police-Hands.pdf

Last Chance to Save the Link!

13 June 2016 — Open Media

Time is really running out to save the link: If you haven’t already can you share our petition with as many people as possible on Facebook and Twitter before the final deadline 48 hours from now?

Save the Link

There’s only 48 hours left to tell the European Commission not to make link tax laws!

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The Internet: The future of the link depends on you

17 November 2015 — Save the Link

We all know it: hyperlinks are the foundation of the Internet. They are the virtual roads we use to travel from place to place, they are the tool we use to connect, explore, and share knowledge online.

But all of that could soon change. Legislators in the European Union have a plan — a terrible, Internet-breaking plan1 — that could soon see links lose their power to expose us to knowledge, culture and new ideas online. Tell them what you think of their scheme today.

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