We know what they knew and we know when they knew it By William Bowles

5 June 2003 — williambowles.info

The London Independent today (05/06/03) has the headline:

‘The Niger Connection: Tony Blair. Bogus documents and the case for war’

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Go for the Jugular! By William Bowles

5 June 2003 — williambowles.info

Except of course, they won’t (the media that is). We’ll be lucky if they name and shame a pinky. On both sides of the Atlantic, the frantic search for scapegoats continues apace, one of the latest being Ahmed Chalabi of the INC (favourite of the Wolfie clan) on whose ‘intelligence’ both the Pentagon and the New York Times have relied on so much,

Unglued, unstuck, pear-shaped, wobbly…and sick By William Bowles

2 June 2003 — williambowles.info

Call it what you like, the events of the past week are a genuine watershed in the USUK campaign to sell the world ‘democracy’ out of the barrel of a gun. And even though the mass media still can’t bring itself to utter the words, ‘what are the real reasons?’ the desire to pursue the ‘story’ is so compelling that they just can’t let go of it. And the more Blair’s government rolls out one mouth after the other, to utter the words, ‘just you wait, have patience’, ‘we’ve got the evidence’, ‘you’ll see, we didn’t actually say that’, ‘read what we really said’, the more the media and critically, the public, look on in disbelief and increasingly, disgust.

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There’s News, News and then there’s damn lies! By William Bowles

29 May 2003 — williambowles.info

Am I angry or what?
The front pages of many of the newspapers in the UK today carried stories about Blair’s lies over the reasons for invading Iraq. The Independent carried the headline,

‘The case for war is blown apart’ (29/05/03)

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The coup de grace By William Bowles

10 May 2003 — williambowles.info

When in Baghdad?
Whatever pronouncements USUK have made over the past months, all are exposed for what they are, utter shams. Shams moreover, that they have been forced to make under public pressure, though it’s of little comfort and makes little difference.

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