Trust- Belief – Exaggeration By William Bowles

28 August 2003 —

Blair, Campbell, Goebbels and the Word
As the state is increasingly exposed as fraudulent, so the media has created a barrier that absorbs direct attack by deflecting criticism into the ‘nooks and crannies’ of the management of the state machine. How it does this is revealed by the nature of the relationship between the state and the media and the use of language, where the grammer and syntax becomes critical to the process of persuasion.

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A marriage made in hell By William Bowles

23 August 2003 —

The media’s complicity in putting spin on the spin
The media’s response to the ‘revelations’ of the Hutton inquiry reveals more about the nature of corporate journalism than it does about the role of the government’s propagandists. And especially, the back-peddling being performed in an attempt to justify the complicity of the media in not seeing what was patently obvious to anyone who cared to look, namely that the government lies and lies on a consistent basis about its reasons for invading Iraq.

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The Media’s killing fields By William Bowles

18 August 2003 —

Channel 4 TV broadcast a ‘documentary’ “Congo’s Killing Fields” (17/08/03) that purported to be a report on the current situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The hour-long doccie had me hopping mad from the very beginning to its very end and cursing the box sitting in the corner of the room.

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The continent from another planet By William Bowles

3 August 2003 —

Have you noticed that events in Africa are reported in a contextual vacuum? And predictably, coverage in the press has been nothing short of scandalous. Either, it’s ‘warlords,’ ‘corruption,’ ‘tribalism,’ ‘humanitarian crisis,’ ‘failed state,’ or some combination of the above. As far as Western media coverage is concerned, Africa has no history that’s of any relevance to contemporary events aside that is, from some form of ‘self-inflicted failure,’ that is intrinsic to the ‘African mind.’

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The bizarre mind of the white liberal By William Bowles

25 July 2003 —

“Arabs have never been squeamish about death” — Robert Fisk, the Independent, July 2003

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Mind your language! Part Two By William Bowles

21 July 2003 —

So we have the ironic situation of BBC News reporting on its own alleged unreliability. Can the news be trusted? What is the future of public broadcasting and so on. Yet of course, the nature of the lack of trust in the state media is entirely misdirected. It’s okay that the coverage of the war and the reasons for it, are, as a matter of course, misreported, but as soon as the media gets too close to reporting the real reasons, the roof falls in! Continue reading this...

Incredible! By William Bowles

26 June 2003 —

‘The charge against the Government is not one of lying, but that it failed to tell the whole truth’

This is the London Independent’s incredible editorial headline today (26/06/03) over the lies told by the UK government to justify the invasion of Iraq. Okay, for the sake of argument, we’ll accept the Independent’s outrageous head and ask the question, what is the whole truth? What did the government fail to tell us?

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Spinning out of control By William Bowles

26 June 2003 —

Wonderful! Alistair Campbell accuses the BBC of ‘lying’ because, he asserts, the BBC accused the government of lying over the ’45 minute’ scenario. Is this a desert storm in a teacup? Whilst the two monopolies go at each other, the essential issues simply don’t enter into the discussion at all, from either side. Whilst they squabble over whether or not one of the other lied, the real issue, why we went to war, disappears from sight.

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Through a glass objectively By William Bowles

25 June 2003 —

The idea that there is some kind of ‘objective’ ground from which to view events, particularly of the political variety, is a long-held fantasy, especially of British journalism. It’s still taught in British universities would you believe, that out there, somewhere, there’s a space that the journalist can occupy, which sits perfectly in the middle, between one view and another (pre-supposing of course, that there are only two sides to an issue).

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We know what they knew and we know when they knew it By William Bowles

5 June 2003 —

The London Independent today (05/06/03) has the headline:

‘The Niger Connection: Tony Blair. Bogus documents and the case for war’

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The Great Pretender By William Bowles

25 May 2003 —

As per usual, the corporate press are up to their old tricks of divorcing ‘facts’ from causes. So now, failing ‘smoking guns’, bland dismissals that the ‘it’s all about oil’ arguments as ‘nonsense’, imperialist strategies, possibly, et al, we arrive at the final ‘destination’ of the corporate media whereby, through some process known only to the corporate press, Iraqis are transformed into ‘Victims’ (London Independent, 24/05/03). Once they’ve been transformed into mere ‘bit parts’ with minor, walk-on roles (mostly on crutches), they can be added to the catalogue of the ‘victims’ of the various and sundry wars currently taking place but without anyone actually taking responsibility for it, except, as we shall see, the poor bloody ‘victim’.

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Advertising private enterprise By William Bowles

27 May 2003 —

At last, the truth is out. Bremer’s ‘state of the dis-union’ address this past weekend spelled out the real reason for the invasion of Iraq; the protection of private ownership as the best guarantee of political freedom. This was on BBC Radio 4 news but when I came to find this quote in the Guardian, the Independent or even on the BBC website, no luck, this critical quote was nowhere to be found. One has to ask the question why as it goes to the very heart of the issue of why the US invaded Iraq.

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The coup de grace By William Bowles

10 May 2003 —

When in Baghdad?
Whatever pronouncements USUK have made over the past months, all are exposed for what they are, utter shams. Shams moreover, that they have been forced to make under public pressure, though it’s of little comfort and makes little difference.

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DAMN LIES By William Bowles

28 April 2003 —

A couple days in the life of the corporate press
For months we’ve been bombarded with a never-ending stream of state propaganda utilising a vast array of techniques: satellite images, computer simulations, faked documents, ‘revelations’,‘pulpit pounding’ and pleading verging on the evangelical, dossiers, ‘expert analysis’ of one kind or another, exhultations to one’s patriotism, and threats of dire events if we, the people, don’t go along with what is probably the most sustained campaign of disinformation ever mounted by governments in modern times.

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