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23/09/07 – Ignorance Of Iraqi Death Toll No Longer An Option


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Ignorance Of Iraqi Death Toll
No Longer An Option
By Les Roberts & Gilbert Burnham

Not wanting to think about civilian deaths in Iraq has become almost universal. The average American believed approximately 9,900 Iraqis had died as a result of the war according to a February 2007 AP poll. Unfortunately, recent evidence suggests that things in Iraq may be one-hundred times worse than Americans realize

The War On Gaza’s Children
By Saree Makdisi

Israel’s sanctions are leaving a generation of Palestinian children poorly educated and hungry

Israel’s Collective Punishment Of Gaza
By Chris Marsden

Declaring the Gaza Strip as a “hostile entity” and limiting its supply of fuel and electricity is an act of collective punishment by Israel. The Kadima-led coalition government has also said it will further restrict the transfer of goods and people in and out of Gaza. The moves are part of an escalating offensive against Gaza’s one-and-a-half million residents that could culminate in an armed attack

Who Allies With Whom Against Iran?
By Umur Talu

USA (and Israel) who want to use “Turkey (at least its territory, bases and airspace) for attacking Iran” are also using the “PKK for attacking Iran “

We Have Nothing But Fear Itself
By David Swanson

Most Americans appear paralyzed by fear. And that includes many Americans with the power to put a halt to our slide into martial law. We have an opposition political party afraid to oppose anything. We have grassroots groups that swear obedience to the opposition party, even as the useless unopposing party condemns the activists. Those with the power to end national crimes are afraid to do so

Next Step To 9/11 Justice
By Joel S. Hirschhorn

Everyone thinks of terrorism and homeland security for lessons learned from 9/11. There is another opportunity. Make our government trustworthy and truthful

A Conservative’s Garden Of False Narratives
By Phil Rockstroh

What has an era of conservatism wrought? Answer: a culture that has all the value, integrity, sustainability and safety as a toy manufactured in China. Apropos, contemporary life, as conceived and manufactured by conservative “values”, is shoddily made, toxic and not a lot of fun

Nail Biting Time
By David Truskoff

The Fed cut the interest rates. Newspapers clear across the USA had front page Headlines such as, “Rate drops, Dow leaps. The New York stock exchange gained more than three hundred points. All that it means to the average American is that the rich will get more rich and the poor will get poorer

Response From An Ordinary
Indian Citizen To Mr. Vishwaranjan
By Anoop Saha

If there are serious questions regarding police’s conduct, it is the moral responsibility of the DGP to own them, and to find out ways to correct the institutional maladies

Police Torture And Good Governance
By Gladson Dungdung

Though a bit of good governance is being seen in Bihar in the regime of the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. But the way cases of police torture and Dalit atrocities are increasing is a big question mark to the existence of good governance in Bihar

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