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G20 Newslinks

Last Updated: Thursday, March 26, 2009 9:13 PM

G20 Newslinks 26 March, 2009

G-20 police: We won’t tolerate violent protests
Police divers carry out security checks near the site of next week’s G-20 summit in London. London’s three police forces are being brought under a single …

China Chastises West in Leadership Bid Before G-20 Gathering
Bloomberg – USA
“China is positioning itself to have a much more significant role and influence at this G-20 meeting than it has at any other international forum in the …

Brown Says G-20 London Summit Will Discuss Currencies
Bloomberg – USA
The leaders of the G-20 are aiming to find solutions to the financial and economic crises and looking for ways to avoid a repeat of them. …

EU chief critical of US stimulus before G20 – Don Mills,Ontario,Canada
“This subject is a cause of concern and I think it will be a subject of discussion at the G20,” Topolanek said, a day after his government lost a…

Brown Calls for $100 Billion G-20 Fund for Trade Finance
Bloomberg – USA
“I am going to ask the G-20 for $100 billion to help revive trade. The $100 billion proposal is the minimum we need.” World trade will decline at its …

Obama to push higher regulatory standards at G20
WASHINGTON (AFP) — US President Barack Obama will push new global financial regulatory standards at the upcoming G20 summit in London, US Treasury Secretary …

Brazil’s Lula: Crisis will worsen if G20 fails
Reuters – USA
BRASILIA, March 26 (Reuters) – Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said on Thursday that the global economic crisis will worsen if next month’s G20 …

UK Tsy’s Myners: G20 Seen Discussing Sanctions For Tax Havens
Wall Street Journal – USA
LONDON (Dow Jones)—The Group of 20 industrial and developing economies is expected to decide what sanctions should be placed on tax havens that don’t abide …

IMF: G20 Should Move On Fincl Plans, Consider Stimulus In 2010
Wall Street Journal – USA
Caroline Atkinson, the IMF’s director of external relations, said at a briefing that G20 leaders gathering in London next week should make further progress …

UK’s Brown urges G20 to back $100 bln more trade credit
Reuters – USA
BRASILIA, March 26 (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said on Thursday he would urge the G20 powers to back a $100 billion expansion of trade …

Downing Street Says “ Economy/G20
Yesterday he was in New York for a meeting with Ban Ki Moon, who would play an important role in the G20 meeting next week, as would President Lula. Emerging markets were important to the G20 process, especially on issues such as trade …

Brown revolutionises G20 aims! Not. | The Wardman Wire
By ThunderDragon
g20-london-2009 Gordon Brown is revolutionising the aims of the G20 summit with his statement that the aim of the G20 must be to act on the economy. We will have to take action in London to make sure that the banking system is reformed, …

G20 rioters to hang banker effigies from lampposts as city staff …
By admin
City workers are being urged to stay at home or to dress down during next week’s G20 summit to avoid being targeted by anti-capitalist protesters.

China may offer IMF $100b during G20 summit: expert “ In These New …
By smeddum
China may offer US$100 billion in additional financing to the International Monetary Fund during the upcoming G20 summit in London, giving the agency more ammunition to fight the unfolding global financial and economic crisis, …

Blogging the G20 Summit in London “ Black Looks
By Sokari
The G20 Summit is coming to town next week and I have been selected as one of 50 bloggers from across the world invited to attend the summit as part of the G20-Voice. The official G20 meetings will take place on the 2nd April but there …

U.K.’s Brown Denies G-20 Stimulus Split –
Mar 26, 2009 … UK Prime Minister Brown sought to play down a G-20 split over stimulus plans and said Britain is already cutting government spending and …

Obama urges G20 leaders to act fast to boost growth | Reuters
Mar 24, 2009 … BERLIN (Reuters) – US President Barack Obama urged fellow G20 leaders on Tuesday to agree immediate action to boost the global economy at a …

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