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4 September, 2009: Weekend Edition – Pilger – Chomsky – Rall

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered Since The U.S. Invaded Iraq “1,339,771"

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq:  4,336
Number Of  International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 1355
Cost of War in Iraq
Cost of War in Afghanistan
The cost in your community

At Least 90 Killed In US Attack
Stench of Death Hangs over Afghan Riverbank
By Ameen Salarzai and Angor Bagh
The stench of burnt flesh hung over the banks of the Kunduz river in the early hours of Friday, the ground scattered with the body parts of villagers who just wanted something for free.

What is the CIA Still Hiding about Interrogations?
By Nat Hentoff:
If we are to believe this proud declaration by the CIA, it reveals how fastidiously the Bush-Cheney administration executed its policy of “cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment” forbidden by the international Convention Against Torture, the Geneva Conventions (both of which we signed), our own torture laws and the Supreme Court’s 2006 Hamdan v. Rumsfeld decision.

CIA Atrocities Revealed to a National Shrug
We Have met The Nazis, And They Are Us
By Ted Rall
Nazi crimes were also marked by public indifference, which amounted to tacit support. Here and now, only 25 percent of Americans told the latest Pew Research poll that they believe torture is always wrong.

Lockerbie: Megrahi Was Framed
By John Pilger
The American satirist Larry David once addressed a voluble crony as “a babbling brook of bullshit”. Such eloquence summarises the circus of Megrahi’s release.

‘Vladimir Putin’s Dark Rise to Power’
Why ‘GQ’ Doesn’t Want Russians To Read Its Story
By David Folkenflik
His investigative piece, published in the September American edition of GQ, challenges the official line on a series of bombings that killed hundreds of people in 1999 in Russia. It profiles a former KGB agent who spoke in great detail and on the record, at no small risk to himself. But instead of trumpeting his reporting, GQ’s corporate owners went to extraordinary lengths to try to ensure no Russians will ever see it.

Crisis and Hope
Theirs and ours
By Noam Chomsky
Bailing out banks is not uppermost in the minds of the billion people now facing starvation.

The History of a Campaign That Failed
By Sarah Palin – Former Governator of a Really Big State
By Clay Reynolds
Once upon a time there was a little boy named Barack Hussein Obama who was born in Hawaii, which is near Kenya, or maybe part of Kenya—who can tell?

US attack killed at least 40 civilians in Afghanistan:
The United Nations on Friday called for an investigation into a NATO airstrike that killed as many as 90 people – nearly half of them civilians – during an attack on two hijacked fuel tankers.

13 Afghan insurgents killed by Spanish troops:
13 Afghan “insurgents” have been killed in a fire-fight after they attacked Spanish troops. The resulting combat lasted for six hours and there were no injuries on the Spanish side. A further three Afghans were injured.

US, British occupation force soldiers killed in Afghanistan:
Two British and two American soldiers died in separate incidents in Afghanistan, their countries’ miltaries said overnight.

French occupation force soldier killed in Afghanistan: Sarkozy:
A French soldier was killed and nine others wounded when a booby trap exploded against their armoured personnel carrier as they carried out reconnaissance in Afghanistan, officials said on Friday.

British occupation force soldier killed in Afghanistan:
The soldier, operating with The Light Dragoons Battle Group, died as a result of a gunshot wound he sustained whilst on a foot patrol in the Babaji district, central Helmand province.

Gordon Brown rocked as aide quits over war in Afghanistan:
The British Government’s strategy in Afghanistan was thrown into crisis last night after the Defence Secretary’s right-hand man resigned in protest about the handling of the war.

Obama Urged to Rally Support for War:
With casualties rising, the administration is struggling to persuade voters that the war can be won or is worth the human and financial costs. Afghanistan is President Barack Obama’s top foreign-policy priority, but recent polls show that a majority of voters oppose the war for the first time since the conflict began eight years ago.

Embassy guards ‘dress as Afghans’:
Private security contractors guarding America’s embassy in Kabul dressed as mujahedin fighters and went out on unauthorised night-time military operations in the Afghan capital, according to reports being investigated by the US State Department.

Pentagon extends Army unit in Afghanistan:
The Army has ordered a headquarters unit in Afghanistan to remain up to 50 days past its yearlong tour in what officials say could be the start of longer postings in the war.

Taliban’s Tank-Killing Bombs Came from U.S., Not Iran:
The increased damage to NATO tanks by Taliban forces has come from anti-tank mines provided by the United States to the jihadi movement in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

Army: 5 militants killed in northwest Pakistan:
Pakistan says paramilitary troops have killed five suspected militants and arrested 24 in an ongoing operation in the northwestern Khyber tribal region.

Two paramilitary troopers killed in militants attack in Pakistan:
At least two paramilitary troopers were killed and three others were wounded in a militant attack on their convoy on Thursday in a Pakistani district, said officials.

Saudis tell Musharraf to apologise:
“Musharraf has left Saudi Arabia empty-handed and it is expected that some other international friends of the former president could intervene to save his neck. Musharraf who arrived in Saudi Arabia by a royal plane departed the Kingdom by a commercial flight,” the report said.

Eight dead in attack on Shiite shrine in Iraq :
Eight people were killed in a bomb attack on a shrine in southern Iraq Thursday evening, security forces said Friday.

Five dead in Iraq attacks:
At Mahauil, 80 km south of the capital, a booby trapped car near another Shiite tomb killed two people and wounded nine others, the officer said.,27574,26024825-38201,00.html

Faster troop withdrawal may save $1 trillion:
A speedier withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan would shave $1.1 trillion off the budget in the next decade, a new congressional budget projection says.

Iran: U.S. forged documents about our nuclear program:
Iran is accusing the United States of using forged documents and relying on subterfuge to build its case that Tehran is trying to build a nuclear weapon.

White House Slams Israeli Illegal Settlement Expansion:
“We regret the reports of Israel’s plans to approve additional settlement construction. Continued settlement activity is inconsistent with Israel’s commitment under the Roadmap.”
U.S. Congress members to EU:
Condemn IDF organ harvesting article: Meanwhile, on Thursday, additional U.S. officials wrote a letter to Sweden’s prime minister, urging him to condemn the article.

MSNBC removes Buchanan column “defending Hitler”:
MSNBC took down the Pat Buchanan column “defending Hitler”’s actions hours after a Jewish group urged its removal.

Pat Buchanan: Did Hitler Want War?:
Why did Warsaw not negotiate with Berlin, which was hinting at an offer of compensatory territory in Slovakia? Because the Poles had a war guarantee from Britain that, should Germany attack, Britain and her empire would come to Poland’s rescue.

Israel envoy: Spain must rein in Leftists’ anti-Semitic attacks:
“The fault is not of the anti-Semites, who are everywhere, but rather of the editors and directors who decide to publish them,” Schutz told the audience.

Hidden in Olmert Indictment Are Charges That He Swindled U.S. Jews:
The indictment against former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert has riveted Israelis with its allegations that the ex-prime minister took envelopes of cash from supporters for his personal use. But another aspect of the August 30 indictment, one directly relevant to American Jews, has been all but lost amid the fallout:

Tribunal declares Internet hate speech law unconstitutional:
A ruling from a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal member says a controversial law banning Internet hate messages is unconstitutional because it violates free speech protections.

‘Big power’ Brazil stands by Iran, Venezuela: Lula:
Brazil is poised to become one of the 21st century’s great powers, President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva told AFP, as he fended off international criticism of its role as a “conciliator” in dealings with Iran and Venezuela.

U.S. unemployment rate jumps to 26-year high of 9.7%:
U.S. payrolls have dropped by 6.9 million to a total of 131.2 million since the recession began in December 2007, the government data showed. Unemployment has increased by 7.4 million during the recession to stand at 14.9 million.

1.3 million to lose jobless benefits by year’s end:
The human toll is devastating. Here are some excerpts for people who have gone to the end of their benefits:

Food stamp list soars past 35 million: USDA:
More than 35 million Americans received food stamps in June, up 22 percent from June 2008 and a new record as the country continued to grapple with the worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Obama Regulation Czar Advocated Removing People’s Organs Without Explicit Consent: –
President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), has advocated a policy under which the government would “presume” someone has consented to having his or her organs removed for transplantation into someone else when they die unless that person has explicitly indicated that his or her organs should not be taken.

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