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Iran Newslinks 14-17 October 2007

Date: 17 October 2007

Caspian summit a triumph for Iran
By Naxal Watch(Naxal Watch)
The two day summit, coinciding with twin nuclear crises and escalating US-Iran tensions relating to Iraq and the Middle East, is bound to be regarded as a milestone in regional cooperation, with serious ramifications for a broad array …

Bush: Threat of World War III if Iran goes nuclear
Bush warned on Wednesday a nuclear-armed Iran could lead to World War III as he tried to shore up international opposition to Tehran amid Russian skepticism over its nuclear ambitions. Bush was speaking a day after Russian President …

Putin gave Iran ‘special’ atomic message
By rohanpinto
Russian President Vladimir Putin gave Iran a “special message” on its disputed atomic program and other issues, Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator was quoted as saying on Wednesday, without giving details. …

Targeting Iran
By Feminist Review(Feminist Review)
“Axis of evil” is a handy term, a sound bite purporting to tell you everything you need to know, but read the interviews in Targeting Iran and you’ll realize that this label obscures critical facts. Author David Barsamian speaks with …

Iran, Sanctions and War: the Oil Factor
The standoff over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program has prompted speculation about the significance of the “oil factor” in Iran’s domestic politics and in its relationship with the outside world. Is Iran importing gasoline because …

Administration Should Use Extensive Diplomatic Tools with Iran …
By Calif. Dem. Sen. Dianne Feinstein
I am of the very strong belief that the talk of military action against Iran is counter-productive and that it should not be the case. I do not believe Congress would authorize such an action and I do believe the Administration should …

No Russian alliance for Iran
BBC News – UK
But, in public at least, Iran secured few concrete commitments from the
Russian president during the meetings in Tehran on Tuesday. “Russia and
Iran are …

Top US Official Says Financial Clampdown On Iran Is Working
RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty – Prague,Czech Republic
By Jeffrey Donovan October 17, 2007 (RFE/RL) — If the United States is
waging a financial war against Iran, as some Western media say, then Stuart
Levey …

Democrats’ stance on Iran criticized
Jerusalem Post – Israel
By HILARY LEILA KRIEGER Republican presidential candidates jumped on their
Democratic opponents for lacking clarity of action on Iran during a
Republican …

News from Iran
By Nader Uskowi(Nader Uskowi)
On other regional news, Iran’s supreme leader called on all Muslim countries to boycott the US-sponsored Middle East peace conference scheduled for late November in Annapolis. On nuclear front, Iran expressed satisfaction in its talks …

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei wants a …
The IR Leader recalled the incessant US intimidation over the years after the Islamic Revolution was triumphed in Iran, noting however that the country has always harvested an otherwise reverse outcome. …

Iran: Russia Made Nuclear Proposal
The Associated Press –
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin made an unspecified
proposal about Iran’s nuclear program at a private meeting with the
country’s …

Caspian summit a triumph for Iran
Asia Times Online – Kowloon,Hong Kong
The two day summit, coinciding with twin nuclear crises and escalating
US-Iran tensions relating to Iraq and the Middle East, is bound to be
regarded as a …

Iran jails its conscience
Asia Times Online – Kowloon,Hong Kong
His crime: he’s Iran’s top human rights activist. finally received a visit
by his lawyer, Saleh Nikbakht. All Baghi’s books have been confiscated. …

Larijani, Solana to hold talks on Iran’s nuclear programme
TEHRAN (AFP) — Iran’s lead nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani and EU foreign
policy chief Javier Solana will meet next Tuesday for new talks on Iran’s
nuclear …

Pak, Iran hold talks on IPI gas pipeline
Economic Times – India
A total of 750 km of the pipeline will pass through Pakistan and it will
carry gas from Iran’s South Pars fields. The two countries are likely to
settle …

Will we fall for war vs. Iran?
Chicago Sun-Times – United States
It would appear, according to news reports, that the hard-liners in the
Bush administration, led by the vice president, are pushing for a war with
Iran. …,CST-EDT-greel17.article


Iran Sanctions Debate, Part 2
By Matthew Levitt
The IAEA process illustrates that Iran is less than forthcoming, and certainly not forthright, in negotiations over its nuclear program. As our European partners have insisted, a direct negotiation process with Iran without the …

Neo-connecting the Dots to Iran (Part VI)
By Jeff Huber(Jeff Huber)
On October 7th, America’s top military commander in Iraq accused Hassan Kazemi-Qomi, Iran’s ambassador to Baghdad, of having been a member of the Quds Force, an elite unit of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. As the Jerusalem Post noted, …

Putin and Iran
Vladimir Putin’s warnings against military action against Iran deserve to be taken very seriously. Since we’re not contemplating actually conquering Iran and trying to occupy its territory, people need to understand that the post-strike …

Gates says all options on table for Iran
By infolution
US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Monday all options for dealing with Iran must remain open and called for international pressure and tougher sanctions to curb Tehran’s nuclear aspirations. “With a government of this nature, …

Iran Wins Pledge From Caspian Neighbors Not to Help US Attack
Bloomberg – USA
By Lucian Kim and Ladane Nasseri Oct. 16 (Bloomberg) — Iran, facing US
pressure over its nuclear program, secured a pledge from Russia and the
other three …

How McCain’s position on Iran faired better than Giuliani’s
Ha'aretz – Tel Aviv,Israel
Most of the time was dedicated to economic issues, but the part we focused
on dealt with Iran. Here are some of the highlights, and then the analysis
of the …

Russia to sell Iran 50 MiG-29 engines: report
Reuters – USA
MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to sign a
deal to sell 50 new jet engines to Iran for the Islamic Republic’s air
force …

Putin send strong warnings to Bush from Iran.
Putin want Iran nuclear issue to be resolved with negotiations without threatening Iran because Iranians are not scared at all to these threats. Ahmadinejad agree with Putin on what he said for military action and building piplelines. …

(Excerpts) “Bitter Friends, Bosom Enemies: Iran, the US and the …
Via the WashingtonNote, Excerpts from USAToday’s Barbara Slavin book on Iran “Bitter Friends, Bosom Enemies: Iran, the US and the Twisted Path to Confrontation”, as shared by the Nelson Report:. Barbara Slavin writes: …

Iran News Round Up
Iran seeks to inflame Afghanistan against USFormer chairman of the Iranian Parliament in the face of growing millenarianism: ‘Any one who claims he is aware of the exact date of the return of the 12th Imam is liar. …

In Iran, Putin Stresses Nuclear Talks
New York Times – United States
By NAZILA FATHI TEHRAN, Oct. 16 — President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia
arrived in Tehran today for strategic meetings with Iran and leaders from
other …

Putin warns against military action over Iran
Guardian Unlimited – UK
The first Kremlin leader to visit Iran since Stalin in 1943, Mr Putin is
holding talks with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, on Tehran’s
nuclear …,,2192195,00.html

Japanese envoy heads to Iran over kidnapping
TOKYO (AFP) — A Japanese envoy headed to Iran on Tuesday in an effort to
secure the freedom of a backpacking university student kidnapped by bandits
near …

Gates: United International Effort Required To Stop Iran’s Nuke …
RTT News – Williamsville,NY,USA
10/16/2007 6:36:12 AM US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Monday that
the United States alone cannot force Iran to give up its nuclear ambitions
and …

Iran, America, Iraq: Bush’s post-Saddam Saddamism — one flip-flop …
By drsubrotoroy
The behaviour of the President of New York’s Columbia University on 24 September was thus inexplicable when he gratuitously insulted his guest Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran, even before allowing him to deliver the speech he had …

Putin arrives in Iran
Russian President Vladimir Putin has arrived in Iran. He was met at Tehran airport by Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki and is meeting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad later. Iran’s controversial nuclear programme will top Mr …

Putin arrives in Iran for nuclear talks
Reuters – USA
By Edmund Blair TEHRAN (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin,
brushing off the threat of a reported plot to assassinate him, arrived in
Iran on …

Gates: United Front Needed on Iran Nukes
The Associated Press –
WASHINGTON (AP) — The United State alone cannot force Iran to give up its
nuclear ambitions, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Monday. …

Clinton open to military action against Iran nukes
Newsday – Long Island,NY,USA
Clinton said she would use unspecified incentives to encourage Iran to
renounce sponsorship of terrorism and its desire for nuclear weapons, …

Burma and Iran on EU agenda
The Press Association –
European Union foreign ministers meeting in Luxembourg are expected to
issue fresh warnings to Burma and Iran. They are planning new sanctions on
Burma’s …

Japan envoy heads to Iran over student kidnapping
International Herald Tribune – France
AP TOKYO: Japan dispatched a senior official to Iran on Tuesday to request
the government’s help in securing the release of a college student
kidnapped in …

Free Speech In Iran: Crime And Punishment
CBS News – New York,NY,USA
In 2004, another online political statement led to Mirebrahimi’s arrest in
Iran. He frequently reported stories perceived as critical of the regime.

Turkey Forms Alliance With Iran Against Kurds
By Robert
US ally Turkey and US arch-enemy Iran have formed a military alliance to drive opposition Kurds from bases in northern Iraq they have used since 2004 to launch guerrilla operations inside Iran, rebel leaders told Newsmax at a secret …

Bombing Iran Would Bring More Conflict and More Repression
By George Eaton
When asked for an “airmail message” to send to Iran, the presidential hopeful subverted the Beach Boys’ previously innocuous Barbara Ann, singing to its tune, “Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran”. The amusement that followed McCain’s ditty …


Nadler: Hillary ‘Exactly Right’ on Iran
By Josh Benson
Representative Jerry Nadler says that all the talk of Hillary Clinton
paving the path to war with Iran by supporting a bill that labels the
country’s Republican Guards as a terrorist organization amounts
to “demogoguery on the part of …

No Legitimate Justification for War with Iran By Scott Ritter
By dandelionsalad
The geographic reality of Iran’s physical location vis-à-vis the
Straight of Hormuz, and the dire economic consequences that would
accrue should Middle Eastern oil supplies become choked off through any
closure or lengthy disruption of …

Putin told of Iran death plot
Scotsman – United Kingdom
RUSSIAN president Vladimir Putin has been told of a threat to assassinate
him during a trip to Iran. Sources in Russia’s security services were
reported to …

EU orders study of possible new Iran sanctions
Reuters – USA
By Mark John LUXEMBOURG (Reuters) – The European Union instructed experts
on Monday to study further possible sanctions on Iran unless its halts
nuclear …

Clinton on Iran: All options must remain on table
Reuters – USA
By Steve Holland WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democrat Hillary Clinton, under
fire from rivals for a muscular attitude toward Iran, said on Monday “all
options …

Iran expresses hope that kidnapped Japanese student to be released …
International Herald Tribune – France
AP TEHRAN, Iran: Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman expressed hope Monday
that a kidnapped Japanese college student would be released soon. …

China cancels Iran meeting over Dalai Lama
Reuters – USA
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – China pulled out of a meeting this week at which
world powers were to discuss further action against Iran in protest against
the US …

Oil Sanctions on Iran
By Jahanshah Rashidian (Iran/Germany)
Iran holds 11% of the world’s oil reserves. Government revenue of oil is 70%. A great proportion of this national revenue is not invested to improve the cause of people, but is mainly set aside to finance the repressive organs and …

Debate: Can Sanctions Be Effective in Halting Iran’s Nuclear Program?
By Matthew Levitt
This week I am participating in a week-long online debate for the Council on Foreign Relations on the question “Can Sanctions Be Effective in Halting Iran’s Nuclear Program?” I will post my three contributions as they go live, …

Clinton: No Nukes for Iran
The Democratic front-runner, in outlining her key foreign policy objectives in the coming issue of Foreign Affairs magazine, argues that her administration would be unwilling to accept an Iran with the capability to produce nuclear …

Will Hillary Clinton Bomb Iran?
By Ezra Klein
Iran poses a long-term strategic challenge to the United States, our NATO allies, and Israel. It is the country that most practices state-sponsored terrorism, and it uses its surrogates to supply explosives that kill US troops in Iraq. …

Putin Heads to Iran, Seeking Tighter Grip on Europe’s Energy
Bloomberg – USA
By Lucian Kim Oct. 15 (Bloomberg) — President Vladimir Putin will seek to
strengthen Russian control over Europe’s energy supplies when he meets in
Iran …

Russia: No indication of change to Putin’s Iran visit
Africasia – London,UK
There is no indication that Russian President Vladimir Putin will change
his plan to visit Iran after reports of a possible assassination bid, his
spokesman …

Iran rules out deal with bandits holding Japanese
Reuters – USA
TEHRAN, Oct 15 (Reuters) – A Japanese student kidnapped in Iran last week
was alive, the authorities said on Monday as they ruled out any deal to
secure his …

EU assesses ways to apply more pressure on Iran over nuclear plans
International Herald Tribune – France
AP LUXEMBOURG: European Union nations on Monday were considering more
sanctions or other measures against Iran to get it to meet international
demands over …

Putin Confirms Iran Trip, Despite ‘Plot’
The Associated Press –
WIESBADEN, Germany (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin insisted
Monday he would travel to Iran despite reports about a possible
assassination attempt, …

Vladimir Putin murder plot revealed on Iran visit eve
Melbourne Herald Sun – Australia
A KREMLIN spokesman couldn’t confirm Russian President Vladimir Putin’s
plan to arrive in Iran later yesterday as scheduled. ``There is no
information that …

Iran News Round Up
National Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran asks for permission to issue 100000 rial bills due to inflation, declining value of the Iranian currency.Currency in free-fall because of government adherence to IMF recommendations, …

By Aurora(Reliapundit)
As a result, the west appears to be distancing itself from Russia after all the flexing of muscle employed by Putin; his arming of Iran and Syria, his loud jabs at the United States, his flagrant disregard for the rights of the UK to …

Putin’s Iran trip in doubt after report of planned assassination …
By Marisol
TEHRAN, Iran – Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared ready to cancel his first trip to Iran following reports about a possible assassination attempt — a move that would badly strain Moscow’s relations with Tehran. …

Putin confirms Iran visit, brushes off ‘plot’ reports
By Emsie Ferreira
Russian President Vladimir Putin insisted he would push ahead with a visit to Iran October 15 despite reports of a possible assassination plot against his life by suicide bombers.

Putin to Visit Iran Despite Assassination Plot
By The Associated Press
WIESBADEN, Germany (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin insisted Monday that he would travel to Iran despite reports about a possible assassination attempt, saying if he paid attention to all the threats against him “I would never …

Kremlin: No Info on Putin’s Iran Trip
The Associated Press –
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — A Kremlin spokesman said Monday he couldn’t confirm
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plan to arrive in Iran later Monday as
scheduled. …

Putin, Merkel to Discuss Iran After Plot Warning (Update2)
Bloomberg – USA
By Sebastian Alison and Brian Parkin Oct. 15 (Bloomberg) — German
Chancellor Angela Merkel will seek to forge common ground on Iran’s nuclear
program with …

Clinton ripped for flip-flop on Iran
Jerusalem Post – Israel
By HILARY LEILA KRIEGER Iran is the focus of debates between the
presidential candidates as they sharpen their attacks in anticipation of
the first …

Kazakh president leaves for Iran for official visit
ITAR-TASS – Moscow,Russia
The sides are to sign several documents in the field of culture, tourism
and cooperation of ports of Kazakhstan and Iran on the Caspian Sea. …

Putin Iran trip in doubt after “plot” report
Reuters Canada – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
By Michael Stott MOSCOW (Reuters) – A historic visit by President Vladimir
Putin to Iran was thrown in doubt on Monday after a news report that
Russian …

Hezbollah & Iran: Trouble in Paradise?
Both are pro-Iranian, but one, the Nasrallah wing, wants a semi-independent Hezbollah that serves Iran’s interests but also, equally, its own and Syria’s — which at the moment are geared toward toppling the Siniora government in …

Iran Plot to Kill Putin?
Russia’s security services say they have uncovered a plot of assassinate President Vladimir Putin on his upcoming trip to Iran. Russia’s Interfax news service says “suicide bombers were preparing to kill or capture Putin”. …

Putin, Merkel to Discuss Iran After Assassination Plot Warning
Bloomberg – USA
A visit by a US delegation to Moscow Oct. 12 ended without yielding a
breakthrough on the proposed missile shield, on arms sales to Iran and
Syria or on …

Solidarity With Iran
Wall Street Journal – USA
By AKBAR ATRI As I write this, close friends of mine are sitting in cells
of Evin prison in Iran. They are suffering from torture, solitary
confinement and …

Iran Arrests Prisoners’ Rights Activist
The Associated Press –
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — The head of an Iranian human rights group was
arrested on charges of violating national security, official media reported
on Sunday. …

A parley with Putin
Boston Globe – United States
And if Putin wants an American concession on missile defense sites in
Europe, he must exert all Russia’s influence to dissuade Iran from pursuing
nuclear …

Israel: Goldwasser, Regev not in Iran
Jerusalem Post – Israel
The paper further claimed that a deal was in the works involving Iran and
Germany, whereby Germany would release Kazem Darabi, an Iranian sentenced
to life …

Kouchner urges EU for fresh Iran sanctions
Financial Times – London,England,UK
… France’s foreign minister, says it has been many years since the
world faced a crisis as dangerous as that prompted by Iran’s nuclear
programme. …

Sneh: Iran could destroy Zionist dream
Jerusalem Post – Israel
By SHEERA CLAIRE FRENKEL A nuclear Iran could destroy the Zionist dream by
deterring immigration to Israel, Labor MK Ephraim Sneh said Sunday. …

Nuclear plans under scrutiny as Putin visits embattled Iran
Moscow (AFP) Oct 14, 2007 – President Vladimir Putin’s trip to Iran this week, the first by a Kremlin leader in three decades, comes at a vital moment for the Islamic republic’s controversial Russian-backed nuclear programme.

Edwards Hit Clinton On Iran, Again
By hotlineblog
On, 10/13, Clinton repeated her response to Edwards’ criticism, saying that she saw her vote as a way to apply diplomatic pressure to Iran. In 10/14 New York Times, however, “backers” were cited as saying it was a sign that Clinton was …

Assassins Planning to Kill Putin in Iran
By News Admin
Although Iranian officials and President Putin himself are denying the threat, highly credible intelligence sources report there is a plot to assassinate the Russian President while he visits Iran, next week. …

Rumors Spread of Planned Assassination Attempt on Putin in Iran
By Ish
Russian President Vladimir Putin has been warned of a plot to assassinate him during a visit to Iran this week, Kremlin officials have said. The Interfax news agency cited sources in the Russian special services saying a gang of suicide …


Iran May Replace US Presence In Latin America
By bosskitty
Bush takes a hostile stance against Iran’s nuclear program, through applying a clear strategy Iran is boosting diplomatic ties with its new allies in Latin America,” Al Watan wrote. “What concerns the US government even more is the fact …

Assassins plot to kill Putin in Iran: Interfax
By xxxevilgrinxxx
Condi Rice worries that Bush’s Putin’s broad powers undermine democracy; “Seven countries in five years”; Iran, the Inflatable Bogey; Cus one Cold War wasn’t Quite Enough… Inside the Army’s Radiological Weapon Research …

Iran says report of Putin murder plot “baseless”
Reuters – USA
TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Sunday dismissed as “totally
baseless” reports about a plot to assassinate Russian President Vladimir
Putin …

Iran imprisons leading dissident
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
Emadeddin Baghi, a writer who has campaigned vigorously against the death
penalty in Iran, was taken during a hearing in Tehran’s Revolutionary
Court, …

Putin on (and off) Iran
International Herald Tribune – France
Vladimir Putin is a master at bluster and hyperbole, but his latest
comments on Iran were especially counterproductive. Last week, Putin
asserted that “we …

Myanmar, Iran focus of stepped up retaliatory measures by EU …
International Herald Tribune – France
On Iran, the 27 foreign ministers are expected to agree to send a fresh
warning to Tehran that time is running out for the country to meet
international …

Iran’s top cleric calls for boycott of peace talks
International Herald Tribune – France
By Steven Erlanger JERUSALEM: Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali
Khamenei, called Saturday for all Muslim countries to boycott an
American-sponsored …

No news on abducted Japanese, says Iran
TEHRAN (AFP) — Iran said on Sunday it has no new information about the
fate of a Japanese student who was kidnapped last week by bandits in the
restive …

Captive Israeli soldiers ‘held in Iran’
DUBAI (AFP) — Two Israeli soldiers captured by Lebanon’s Shiite movement
Hezbollah in 2006 have been handed to Iran and could be freed in a
German-brokered …

Iran president to nominate oil minister in days – report
Reuters India – Mumbai,India
TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iran’s president is expected to nominate caretaker Oil
Minister Gholamhossein Nozari as permanent minister by the end of this week
or …

Putin to Visit Iran Amid Nuclear Tension
The Associated Press –
Russia has resisted the US push for stronger sanctions against Tehran and
strongly warned Washington against using force in its standoff with Iran
over its …

Bush leagues: How GWB lost the World Series to Iran
By Dave
He struck out on 9-11, in Afghanistan and Iraq — and now he\’s swinging wildly at Iran. IRAN? We used to play top teams like Russia and China. Now we\’re up against second stringers because Bush keeps striking out. …

Iran: Ebadi Says Military Attack ‘Would Worsen Our Situation’
Former Nobel Peace Prize winner and human rights lawyer Shirin Ebadi says that conditions, including human rights, in Iran would become worse if US attacks Iran. The recent tension and threats of attack have already worsened the human …

Iran News Round Up
Ali-Akbar Velayati, Former foreign minister and current advisor to Supreme Leader, ‘If there was not a nuclear issue, the West would make up another issue to pressure Iran, such as Iran’s missile technology.’Former IRGC commander Mohsen …

Video: Hillary and the Iran contradiction
During a campaign event in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton decided to change her position on Iran. She stated that she would negotiate with Iran without preconditions. However, three months earlier during the CNN/Youtube debate she said …

Putin to visit embattled Iran
Melbourne Herald Sun – Australia
By Olga Nedbayeva RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin’s trip to Iran this
week, the first by a Kremlin leader in three decades, comes at a vital
moment for the …

Clinton Urges Diplomacy With Iran
The Associated Press –
FLORENCE, SC (AP) — Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton said Saturday that
President Bush has made a mistake in failing to push direct diplomacy with
Iran …

Iran calls to boycott Mideast peace conference
China Daily – China
TEHRAN — Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khameneion Saturday urged the Muslim
countries to boycott the upcoming Mideast peace conference in the United
States, …

Analysis: Vladimir Putin raises the stakes
Times Online – UK
The US says that the missile shield is a safeguard against the risk of
surprise attack by rogue states such as Iran. The Kremlin insists that the
plan …

A sober analysis of Iran
Ynetnews – Israel
Iran’s firebrand President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad received the worst
possible welcome in New York, yet he managed to walk away the winner. …,7340,L-3459623,00.html

Paghah: Analyst Daad Nurani asserts Iran supporting forces in …
By paropamisus
Afghan observer Daad Nurani believes Iran has been supporting and organizing forces in the border areas of Afghanistan and also can’t rule out it is supplying weapons to the Taleban. He says Iran is pursing a “policy of double …

AIPAC is pushing us to war with Iran for Israel
By infolution
Barbara Slavin discusses her book, “Bitter Friends, Bosom Enemies: Iran, the US & the Twisted Path to Confrontation,” as well as the current US stance toward Iran and her thoughts on how to deal with the country and its president. …

US Military Technology Being Exported Illegally Is a Growing Concern
Washington Post – United States
Under US sanctions since its 1979 revolution, Tehran had been trying for
years to illegally obtain spare parts for the fighters, which are used only
in Iran …

Swiss proposal on Iran’s nuclear program worth study: Majlis speaker
Tehran Times – Iran
TEHRAN (IRNA) — Parliament Speaker Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel said here
Thursday evening Swiss proposal on Iran’s nuclear program is worth
studying. …

Report: Goldwasser, Regev dead; bodies transferred to Iran
Jerusalem Post – Israel
COM STAFF Kidnapped IDF reservists Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev are
dead, and their bodies have been transferred to Iran, Asharq alawsat
reported on …

Iran’s CBI issues foreign bank setup permit
Tehran Times – Iran
TEHRAN – A permit was issued here on Saturday by the Central Bank of Iran
(CBI) for the establishment of a foreign bank. The Money and Credit Council

Will the Military Halt an Iran Attack?
By admin
The initiative responds to the growing calls for an attack on Iran from the likes of Norman Podhoretz and John Bolton, and the reports of growing war momentum in Washington by reporters like Seymour Hersh of The New Yorker and Joe Klein …


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