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Iraq News and Information

Iraq News-links 11 January 2008

Last updated: Tuesday, January 15, 2008 17:07

21 ‘Qaeda’ fighters killed in US air blitz: Iraq sheikh
… at least 21 militants while ground forces have wrested control of six villages in central Iraq from the jihadist network, officials said on Friday. …

Democrats, McCain and the Iraq War
New York Times – United States
It’sa long, broad worldview that encompasses many regions, not just Iraq. How do we know that? We were there, too, at the Opera House in Derry, NH, on Jan. …

Violent deaths have fallen recently in Iraq – London,UK
Turmoil in Iraq has dominated news headlines since Saddam Hussein’s statue toppled in Baghdad nearly four years ago. Full Story At least 100000 Iraqi…

Iraq still faces serious displacement crisis, says IOM
Xinhua – China
11 (Xinhua) — Iraq is still facing a serious displacement crisis with more than 2.4 million people internally displaced and some 2 million living in…

San Marcos soldier killed in Iraq
San Diego Union Tribune – United States
A soldier from San Marcos died during combat Wednesday in Iraq, the Pentagon has announced. Army Pfc. Ivan E. Merlo, 19, was killed in Samarra,…

Shiite Leaders Urges Outreach to Sunnis
The Associated Press –
BAGHDAD (AP) — One of Iraq’s most powerful Shiite political and religious figures on Friday issued a stunning call for the government to set aside…

News & Views 01/11/08
By dancewater(Cervantes)
The plateau, known as Iraq ‘s bread basket, is normally cultivated in September for the seeds to grow when rain starts pouring in October, November or December. “There has been no rainfall in October and November. …

Rebuilding Violent Tyranny in Iraq
By asim
Charles Tripp in his article suggests that it is time for Iraq to consider the political processes after the bloody wake of war. He also stresses upon the importance of creating the sense of stability and durability of present …

Kurds say Turkish army shells Iraq border area
ARBIL, Iraq (AFP) — The Turkish army on Friday pounded areas across the border in northern Iraq with artillery fire, continuing its assaults on suspected …

Snow Falls In Iraq
By Lorie Byrd
This is a neat story:. After weathering nearly five years of war, Baghdad residents thought they’d pretty much seen it all. But Friday morning, as muezzins were calling the faithful to prayer, the people here awoke to something …

Amid pounding noise and occasional indirect fire, Minnesotans in …
LSA ANACONDA/BALAD, IRAQ — As part of an assault helicopter battalion in Iraq, Minnesota National Guard members plug through the daily routine of war — and keep a bunch of Blackhawk helicopters in the air. Some of the deployed soldiers …

Radio Report: Snow in Iraq!
By Viewer Services
iraqsnow.wav. Click over to hear David MacDougall’s radio report of snow in Iraq! dscf0151.jpg. Share.

John Camp Reporting Again — From Iraq
By bbenidt
In the Q&A, he said, “After reading Iraq war stories for several years, I really, in my mind’s eye, don’t know what it looks like, or smells like, or sounds like; or really, what an infantryman does now.” He has an idea to take a single …

Iraq in Fragments: Interview with James Longley
By admin
Longley talks about the intimacy that results from fly-on-the-wall shooting, with clips from the visually stunning Sundance winner Iraq in Fragments. Producer:. Annie Young Frisbie. Spotlight Video URL: …

Comment on Post-Invasion Deaths in Iraq by John Emerson
By John Emerson
But why has the Iraq survey got 10 or 100 times more attention than the Ruanda and Bosnia surveys put together? Why do the same people nit-picking the Lancet story throw out ex recto estimates of the number of Saddam’s victims? …

Iraq’s Chilling Message For America.
A new video has been released by a major insurgent group in Iraq warning President Bush that they they will not be defeated by the US. The Al-Rashdeen army video also focuses on the US Election, and says America need to heed the lessons …

Commanders Tout Success of Iraq Strikes
The Associated Press –
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) — One of the largest bombing campaigns of the war destroyed extremists’ “defensive belts” south of Baghdad, allowing American soldiers to …

US army clears Abu Ghraib officer
BBC News – UK
The only US army officer to be charged over the Iraq jail abuse scandal has been cleared of any wrongdoing by the US military authorities. …

Kurdish source: Turkish artillery shells N Iraq
Xinhua – China
MOSUL, Iraq, Jan. 11 (Xinhua) — Turkish artillery pounded Iraqi areas near the border in Duhuk province on Friday morning without causing casualties,…

21 ‘Qaeda’ fighters killed in US air blitz: Iraq sheikh
He said the air strike, which involved two B-1 bombers and four F-16 fighter-bombers and which was one of the largest since the US-led invasion of Iraq in …

Family reports Chesapeake soldier killed in Iraq
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS CHESAPEAKE — The family of a Chesapeake soldier promoted to Army staff sergeant just a week ago said he was killed during combat operations in Iraq. Carl Dozier said the Army told him his son, Jonathan Kilian …

US blitz highlights shaky progress in Iraq
Detroit Free Press – United States
By JAMIE GUMBRECHT and NANCY A. YOUSSEF BAGHDAD, Iraq — The US military dropped 40000 pounds of explosives southeast of Baghdad on Thursday in air strikes …

Anti-War Lessons from New Hampshire
AlterNet – San Francisco,CA,USA
While Dem contenders spouted rhetoric about “ending the war,” the real Iraq War continued safely unchallenged. Thousands of idealists marched door-to-door …

Bend soldier, 20, reported killed in Iraq
By The Oregonian
BEND — A Bend man was killed Wednesday in Iraq, one of nine US soldiers dead in recent days. Army Spc. Zachary McBride, 20, died while fighting in Diyala province, said Roger Austin, a spokesman for his family. Austin said…

News & Views 01/10/08
By dancewater(Cervantes)
Of course this bit of information no longer has any meaning for Iraqis as it has become an integral part of Iraq ‘s media discourse in the years since US invasion of 2003. But it assumes a special significance right now since it comes …

Fort Lewis soldier dies in Iraq
Seattle Post Intelligencer – USA
AP MINNEAPOLIS — A Fort Lewis-based soldier who was a resident of Minnesota’s Iron Range and a native of Wisconsin has been killed in Iraq.…

US Troop ‘Surge’ in Iraq One Year Old
Voice of America – USA
By Bill Rodgers It was one year ago that President Bush addressed the nation to announce an increase of US combat forces in Iraq. …

Wasn’t Arab Jabour safe three weeks ago?
By LadyBird
As reported today, the US military dropped 18144kg bombs on a rural area Arab Jabour claiming to be a safe haven for al-Qaeda in Iraq. You see we will talk about the civilian died but about three weeks ago the same US military claimed …

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