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NATO News & Information Links 9-10 July, 2009

10 July, 2009

Snuffysmith’s Blog: NATO Urged to Drop Dependence on Nuclear Arms
By Snuffysmith
Agence France-Presse The head of the UN nuclear watchdog urged NATO nations Tuesday to end their dependence on nuclear weapons, as the military alliance launched a re-think of its future direction. …

WindowonEurasia: Window on Eurasia: Moscow Special Services Again …
By Paul Goble
In making that statement, Fishbein argues, Medvedev not only declared that blocking Ukraine’s admission to NATO was “the work of Russian special services, the result of special operations that they had put into motion” but also …

Pakistan’s sovereignty should be respected: NATO
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
ISLAMABAD: Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola, chairman of the NATO military committee, on Thursday said the United States should respect Pakistan’s sovereignty and …

Bomb Kills 25 in Afghanistan
Voice of America – USA
Taliban insurgents have stepped up attacks on local and foreign targets in recent months, provoking NATO and US forces to launch a major offensive in the …

9 July, 2009

Top Nato official stresses respect for sovereignty – Karachi,Pakistan
Nato Military Committee Chairman Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola gives a press conference in Islamabad. -AFP Photo ISLAMABAD: Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola,… /news/

Former Commander Calls for Major Change at NATO
Voice of America – USA
By Al Pessin The former commander of NATO military forces has called for major changes in the way the alliance works, to require political leaders to …

Army picks 1st woman to lead drill sergeants
Greenville Daily Reflector – Greenville,NC,USA
King has held a wide variety of posts in the service, including serving as the top enlisted adviser to NATO’s military commander in Europe. …

No intention to conquer Afghanistan like Alexander: NATO
By bluelotus
ISLAMABAD: NATO’’s military committee chairman Admiral Giamcampo Di Paolo Thursday said he has no intention of conquering Afghanistan like Alaxender the Great (Sikandar-e-Azam). Admiral Giamcampo Di Paolo said: “We want to see durable …

The Torch: More on ANSF training problems/Future scale of operations
By Mark, Ottawa
Canada currently provides ~6 of those 53 teams, which under current policy will be leaving with the rest of Canada’s forces in 2011, at the same time NATO is trying to find 50 more on top of that. More on the security force kandaks in …

Free VOA English: Bomb Kills 25 in Afghanistan
By Learner
Taliban insurgents have stepped up attacks on local and foreign targets in recent months, provoking NATO and U.S forces to launch a major offensive in the militant-dominated southern province of Helmand. Thousands of U.S. Marines are …

Nato for operation in Balochistan too
The Nation, Pakistan – Karachi,Pakistan
ISLAMABAD – Nato on Thursday said that either Pakistan was already carrying out a military operation against militants in Balochistan bordering southern …

Serbia police wounded near Kosovo
BBC News – UK
At the end of Belgrade’s war with Nato over Kosovo in 1999, the Serbian government had to agree not only to the withdrawal of its security forces from the …

Analysis: Obama’s global reach only goes so far
The Associated Press
Less than six months into his presidency, he already has been through summits of the G-20, NATO, Western Hemisphere leaders, Russian leaders and now the G-8 …

Defence and Freedom: Is Germany at war because of ISAF?
By Sven Ortmann
Since NATO took command of ISAF in 2003, the Alliance has gradually expanded the reach of its mission, originally limited to Kabul, to cover Afghanistan’s whole territory. The number of ISAF troops has grown accordingly from the initial …

World News Journal: France/ UK: Joint declaration on defence and …
By David Barouski
NATO and the EU. Afghanistan: We are both engaged, alongside our Allies, in Afghanistan. We are both working to support Pakistan in countering the threat of terrorism extremism. Instability in the region is a primary challenge …

More Afghan and NATO troops are needed for southern Afghanistan …
By Lara Jakes
Generals: More forces needed for Afghan offensive.WASHINGTON — Senior US generals said Wednesday that more Afghan and NATO soldiers are needed to expand the fight against a Taliban-led insurgency in southern Afghanistan,…

Truck Bomb Targeting NATO Troops Kills 25 in Afghanistan …
By national
The attack near Kabul seemed to be targeted at NATO troops in the area, but there were no reports of casualties or injuries to coalition troops, said Deen Mohammed Darwesh, a spokesman for the governor of Logar province. …

Ryan444123 dot Com “ Blog Archive “ 2 NATO soldiers killed in …
By admin
2 NATO soldiers killed in southern Afghanistan (AP). admin 9 July 2009 Bizzare and Offbeat No Comment. A US helicopter lands at a base in Nijrab district, Afghanistan. An overturned truck AP – NATO says a roadside blast in southern …

Years of NATO occupation fail to end violence, rapes against …
By News Editor
A new report details a disturbing picture of widespread abuse, rape, forced marriages, exchange of women to settle disputes despite NATO presence in the country.

NATOSource: NATO chief says alliance threats lie outside Europe
By Farmer
From CCTV: (Xinhua) NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said Tuesday that threats facing the alliance lie outside Europe and that there should no longer be a distinction between security at home or abroad. …

The main obstacle to a normal U.S.-Russian relationship is the
militarization of the U.S. presence in Russia’s neighborhood through NATO expansion. This has been the key problem for some fifteen years, and it will remain so as long as …

Troop deaths are a risk worth paying, says Nato leader in Afghanistan – United Kingdom
General McChrystal, who took over as commander of Nato’s International Security Assistance Force last month, said: “We want to protect the lives of …

2 NATO soldiers killed in S Afghanistan
Xinhua – China
KABUL, July 9 (Xinhua) — Two soldiers of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) were killed on Wednesday in south Afghanistan, …

Massive bomb blast in central Afghanistan kills 25
The Associated Press
Another bombing in the south killed two NATO soldiers. The central Afghanistan bomb was detonated in a stationary timber truck, killing 21 civilians and …

Roadside bomb attacks in Afghanistan shatter record
USA Today – USA
He is the top commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan. Troops are attempting to dismantle the organizations that build the bombs and pay insurgents …

NATO: Relic or Revitalized? | Atlantic Council
By Harlan Ullman
Yesterday in Brussels, NATO kicked off a yearlong process to draft a new strategic concept. The last strategic concept was adopted a decade ago at the Washington Summit marking the alliance’s 50th anniversary, when NATO was at war in …

Pissed off Former Democrat- ADAP2K: NATO launches another …
By JRohio
“In addition to the maneuvers in Georgia, NATO launched another event near Russia’s borders. This time the drills take place in the north, in Scandinavian countries and in the Baltic States. Over 2000 servicemen from ten countries of …

Nato starts soul-searching process | NOSInt
By Kobus
The current strategic concept dating back to 1999 “clearly belongs to the last century,” although the ground principle of collective defence still remains valid, outgoing Nato secretary general Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said in his opening …

THE TENSION: Pentagon: 1230 Report Cites Afghanistan Challenges
By Steven Moyer
Shortfalls in NATO International Security Assistance Force personnel and materiel remain, the report concludes. Although neither the International Conference on Afghanistan in March nor the NATO Summit in April yielded significant new …

William Bradley: Obama Does Moscow, And Vice Versa | ICT magazine
And land scored with Obama movement US contract on NATO expansion. Following that daylong gathering with Putin, Obama changed US contract on NATO treatment in his Moscow address. The modify comes around the 27-minute evaluation of the …

Generals: More forces needed for Afghan offensive.
The Associated Press
WASHINGTON (AP) — Senior US generals said Wednesday that more Afghan and NATO soldiers are needed to expand the fight against a Taliban-led insurgency in …

Retiring US commander predicts easy Karzai win
The Associated Press
… critical for that nation, in terms of what the people see him bringing to them,” said Craddock, who oversaw the NATO operation in Afghanistan. …

Obama Does Moscow, And Vice Versa
Huffington Post – New York,NY,USA
They discussed ballistic missile defense, and Russian dislike of America establishing bases in Poland and the Czech Republic, NATO expansion, …

Pentagon Report Cites Continued Challenges in Afghanistan
Systems – Atlanta,GA,USA
About 57000 US forces are in Afghanistan, with NATO troops numbering some 34000. Today’s report, which captured data recorded from October to April,…

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