Video: Who said it, Trump or Clinton? Democrats Can’t Decide By Rania Khalek

20 August 2016 — TRNN

Got nothing else to do for five minutes? Check out this witty (but utterly depressing) video of Khalek interviewing Democratic Party members at their convention on who said what? The term ‘lesser of two evils’ was always stupid but now it’s totally meaningless. Continue reading this...

‘They Are Incentivized to Arrest People Because It Raises Money’

20 August 2016 — FAIR

Janine Jackson interviewed Donna Murch about for-profit punishment for the August 12, 2016, episode of CounterSpin. This is a lightly edited transcript.

Donna Murch
Donna Murch: “Nearly everyone who’s being arrested or incarcerated is incurring criminal justice debt. And in many states you can be stripped of your right to vote until you pay off all of your criminal justice debt. So I talk about that essentially as a modern day poll tax.” (image: Muhlenberg College)

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Felicia Kornbluh on the Politics of Welfare

19 August 2016 — FAIR

Welfare Reform
(image: Matt Wuerker)
This week on CounterSpin: It was 20 years ago this month that Bill Clinton eliminated the federal guarantee of assistance to poor families. Corporate media played a key role in persuading the public that Aid to Families with Dependent Children—representing less than 1-and-a-half percent of federal outlay from 1964 to 1994—was somehow bleeding the country dry.

Now we’re told we’re in a moment of reconsideration—of tough-on-crime policies, of the deregulation of banks and, perhaps, of the notion that depriving needy people of assistance would lead to their gainful employment and well-being. Our guest says a true reconsideration of the 1990s welfare overhaul would require a so-far invisible recentering of the people in its crosshairs: low-income women, particularly mothers raising children on their own. Continue reading this...

GMO: ‘If You’re So Proud of This Technology, Put It on the Label’

19 August 2016 — FAIR

Janine Jackson interviewed Patty Lovera about GMO labeling for the August 12, 2016, episode of CounterSpin. This is a lightly edited transcript.

Patty Lovera (image: Food & Water Watch)

Patty Lovera: “If we’re going to tell people that they are voting with their dollars and they’re making decisions, you have to give them all the information. And when we came to that line, the industry wasn’t willing to do that.” (image: Food & Water Watch)

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Do you want GP records shared, even if you’ve opted out?

19 August 2016 —MedConfidential may be gone, but Jeremy Hunt is asking whether you want to keep your opt out of your medical records leaving your GP’s practice. Will you tell him what you think?

There’s a government consultation going on on into the future sharing of your medical records. It doesn’t say it clearly, but what they are asking is do you want your GP to keep your medical history private?

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One World Governance and the Council on Foreign Relations: Selected Articles

18 August 2016 — Global Research News

One World Governance and the Council on Foreign Relations.“We Shall have World Government… by Conquest or Consent.”

By Joachim Hagopian, August 18 2016

The fact is the Council on Foreign Relations has been controlling US foreign policy for almost a century, and chief among its most obvious agendas has been building and maintaining US Empire’s global unipolar hegemony and military strength at all cost.

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Black Agenda Report for August 18, 2016: Ajamu Baraka Green VP Nominee, Obama DID Help Invent ISIS But Trump Can’t Explain Why

18 August 2016 — Black Agenda Report

Why Ajamu Baraka? Why Vice President? And Why the Green Party?

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

What does the Green Party nomination of longtime Black Agenda Report contributing editor Ajamu Baraka for Vice President mean for the Green Party and the 2016 presidential election?  Is he just a black face on the ticket, or is it really time to begin organizing in black and brown communities outside the matrix of the bankrupt black and brown misleadership class? 

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Black Agenda Report for August 8, 2016: Trump, Russia and Democratic Lies – Baltimore: Impunity for the Police and Prison for the Resisters

8 August 2016 — Black Agenda Report

BAR didn’t send out an issue last week, so here are the links to the stories I could have published:

Freedom Rider: Trump, Russia and Democratic Lies

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

The real story was that the Democrats rigged the primary elections. The manufactured story that has dominated corporate media is that Russia may hack the U.S. elections and Donald Trump is a “fascist” guilty of “treason” for failing to demonize Vladimir Putin. But the Republican nominee fails the fascist test, since the hard corporate Right is with Hillary and “Trump has no filter or political acumen and has run afoul of the Republican rulers.” Continue reading this...

Growing disquiet in Washington over Russian-Iranian actions in Syria By Bill Van Auken

18 August 2016 — WSWS

Russian bombers used an air base in the northwest of Iran for a second day Wednesday to attack targets inside Syria described by Moscow as arms depots and command centers used to support jihadist militias fighting Syrian government forces for control of the city of Aleppo.

The air strikes, carried out by Tupolev-22M3 long-range bombers and SU-34 tactical bombers, mark the first time that Russia has used a base inside a third country to prosecute the bombing campaign that it began last September against Al Qaeda-linked militias and in support of the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad.

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We help our sinister friends to commit war crimes in Yemen

18 August 2016 — Drone Warfare

A Saudi-led coalition air strike hit a hospital operated by Medecins Sans Frontieres in northern Yemen on Monday, killing at least 11 people and wounding 19, the aid group said. And who is in the coalition?

US and Britain have deployed their military personnel in the command and control centre responsible for Saudi-led air strikes on Yemen, having access to lists of targets.

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Donald vs. Hillary: A Still Uncertain Election: Selected Articles

17 August 2016 — Global Research

US-election-2016Donald vs. Hillary: A Still Uncertain Election. Both Candidates Remain Unpopular with the Majority of Americans

By Jack A. Smith, August 16 2016

Is it possible that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will self-destruct well before the election?  It certainly looked that way, given one major blunder after another in the days after his nomination at the July 18–21 Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Here’s another question: Or is it possible he can win? Both options are still on the table because despite voting polls both candidates continue to remain unpopular with the majority of Americans.

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NYT Touts Honduras as Ad for ‘American Power’–Leaving Out Support for Murderous Coup Regime

17 August 2016 — FAIR

New York Times: How the Most Dangerous Place on Earth Got Safer
The web version of the New York Times piece (8/11/16) offering Honduras as an example that should bolster “faith in American power.”

“How the Most Dangerous Place on Earth Got Safer” was the headline over the lead article in the New York Times‘ “Week in Review” (8/11/16), with the teaser reading, “Programs funded by the United States are helping transform Honduras. Who says American power is dead?”

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The “Hatred of Life”: The World System which is Threatening All of Us: Selected Articles

17 August 2016 — Global Research

The “Hatred of Life”: The World System which is Threatening All of Us

By Prof. Claudia von Werlhof, August 16 2016

I only have a few minutes to convince you of the usefulness of a new term; a term that will help us understand the dangerous times we are living in as well as the related struggles on a deeper level, that is, from the roots. The time for lighthearted jokes and uncertainties is over. The “storm” predicted by the Zapatistas is approaching faster than expected. Our confusion needs to end.

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Protect our Bees! Email your MP

17 August 2016 — 38 Degrees

Breaking: toxic pesticides are killing our bees. That’s the headline that pesticide company bosses have been dreading. And it’s splashed all over the news thanks to new research out today. [1] [2]

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