National Security Archive: Court Rejects Chiquita’s Bid to Hide Terror Payment Records

17 July 2015 — National Security Archive

National Security Archive * Public Citizen

Court Rejects Chiquita’s Bid to Hide Terror Payment Records

U.S. Appeals Court Upholds National Security Archive Victory in Fruit Company’s “Reverse-FOIA” Action

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The Real News Live-Streaming From Athens, Greece

17 July 2015 — The Real News Network

The Real News Live-Streaming From Athens, Greece

Dear Real News Viewers,

Tune in to our site right now to watch an exclusive Greece livestream of a panel featuring TRNN regulars Leo Panitch and Syrian MP Costas Lapavitsas.
This panel is part of three day conference in Athens, Greece called Democracy Uprising.
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medConfidential Bulletin, 17 July 2015: – Are you their guinea-pig?

17 July 2015 — medConfidential

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Are YOU their guinea-pig? 

NHS England has finally allowed the lists of pathfinder practices to be published. We are unsurprised that in one of the Leeds CCGs, only two GP practices have signed up.

medConfidential has been asking since last October for this information to be published, so that people can know if they and their family are to be guinea-pigs for ‘ round 3’. Some patients may also have questions as to why they have been volunteered in this way – so might some GPs – and we hope those supporting this mess have some sensible answers. (The boilerplate from NHS England hasn’t changed much, and isn’t very convincing.)

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ColdType Issue 101 17 July 2015

17 July 2015 — Coldtype

Mid-July – 
is now on line

Download and read it – free of charge – at

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Syriza Betrays Greece’s No Vote: Why the Left Should Form a Popular Front Against the EU By Stavros Mavroudeas

17 July 2015 — Greanville Post 

Tsipras and his party have completed betrayed the Greek people and unleashed an unpredictable hurricane.

Tsipras and his party have completely betrayed the Greek people and unleashed an unpredictable hurricane

On the 5th of July 2015 the huge majority of the Greek people (61%) rejected the insolent demands of the EU for the extension and deepening of the austerity and pro-capital restructuring policies in Greece. These demands were codified in the so-called Juncker Plan for Greece that set barbaric terms for the extension of the previous austerity program (the 2nd Economic Adjustment Program for Greece) in exchange for releasing much delayed tranches of the troika loans to Greece.

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The Constitution Of The EU’s Dictatorship By Eric Zuesse

17 July 2015 — Treaty consolidated 13-03-2014.pdf

That’s the treaty establishing (which was originally done in 2012) the ultimate lending-fund for what the EU now officially considers to be a permanent economic crisis in Europe, of member-nations that are experiencing “severe financing problems,” and that are therefore continually ripe for asset-stripping by aristocrats.

It’s called the European Stability Mechanism.

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US Military Launches Jade Helm Domestic Training Operations By Thomas Gaist

16 July 2015 — World Socialist Web Site

Jade helm

The US Defense Department (DOD) officially began continental-scale drills across a broad swath of the southern and western United States, including areas of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas on Wednesday.

The drills mark a new and ominous stage in the expansion of domestic military operations and planning.

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What a Difference a Year Makes By S. Artesian

16 July 2015 — The Wolf Report: Nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor

What a Difference a Year Makes

Mix and Match


 “This is not our Europe. This is only the Europe we want to change.  In place of a Europe of fear of unemployment, disability, old-age and poverty; in the place of the current Europe that redistributes income to the rich and fear to the poor; in place of a Europe in the service of bankers’ needs, we want a Europe in the service of human needs.”

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16 July 2015 — Pambazuka News

The authoritative electronic weekly newsletter and platform for social justice in Africa


Pambazuka News is delivered free to you with the support of donations from Friends of Pambazuka.




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Greece: Sound and Fury Signifying Much By Paul Craig Roberts

16 July 2015 — Strategic Culture Foundation

All of Europe, and insouciant Americans and Canadians as well, are put on notice by Syriza’s surrender to the agents of the One Percent. The message from the collapse of Syriza is that the social welfare system throughout the West will be dismantled.

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Greece: PM Tsipras Banishing Ministers Opposing Sellout to Creditors, Syriza Sharply Divided By Stephen Lendman

16 July 2015 — Global Research


Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis resigned after being pushed out – replaced by Euclid Tsakalotos.

After leaving, he said he’s no longer under “incredible pressure to negotiate for a position I find difficult to defend…”

He cited the “complete lack of any democratic scruples (displayed by) the supposed defenders of Europe’s democracy. (V)ery powerful figures look you in the eye and say ‘(y)ou’re right in what you’re saying, but we’re going to crunch you anyway.”

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Blaming the Victim: Greece is a Nation Under Occupation By Andrew Gavin Marshall

16 July 2015 — Andrew Gavin Marshall

Blaming the Victim: Greece is a Nation Under Occupation

By: Andrew Gavin Marshall

Angela-MerkelIn the early hours of Thursday morning, July 16, the Greek Parliament passed a host of austerity measures in order to begin talks on a potential third bailout of 86 billion euros. The austerity measures were pushed onto the Parliament by Greece’s six-month-old leftist government of Syriza, elected in late January with a single mandate to oppose austerity. So what exactly happened over the past six months that the first anti-austerity government elected in Europe has now passed a law implementing further austerity measures?

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Greek Guilt and Syriza Perfidy By F. William Engdahl

16 July 2015 — New Eastern Outlook

alexis-tsipras-angela-merkel-1-770x469At this sad and very dangerous juncture of the unfolding events surrounding Greece and the crushing demands of the Troika, it becomes clear that all this would never have come to pass had the Greek people not felt guilty over their country’s debt situation. As a consequence of their feeling guilty since the crisis began in October 2009, the situation is rapidly turning into a human tragedy where an entire people are now faced with likely destruction.

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The Hard Way By S. Artesian

16 July 2015 — The Wolf Report: Nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor

The Hellenic Parliament has voted to approve, and will presumably implement, the demands of the Troika accepted on July 12 by the prime minister, who now states he doesn’t support the agreement although he will implement it, and urges its approval.  This comes five days after the prime minister promised “the bigger the ‘No’ vote [on the referendum regarding the Troikas final, but expired and off the table offer], the better the deal.”   It takes a lot of processing power, and storage capacity to keep up with the prime minister’s different positions.

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