Statewatch News Online, 11 August 2014: Mass surveillance of communications in the EU: CJEU judgment and DRIPA 2014/RIPA 2000 in the UK

11 August 2014 — Statewatch News Online


1.    Statewatch Analysis: Mass surveillance of communications in the EU: CJEU judgment and DRIPA 2014/RIPA 2000 in the UK
2.    EU: Data adrift on the high seas: work continues on connecting maritime surveillance systems
3.    UK: National Extremism Coordination Unit: Re-visiting NETCU – Police Collaboration with industry
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India: Selling Out To Monsanto. GMOs and the Bigger Picture By Colin Todhunter

8 August 2014 – Global Research

On 15 August, India will mark its 67th anniversary of independence from Britain. It may seem strange to some that a nation would publicly celebrate its independence while at the same time it less publicly cedes it to outsiders. The gleaming façade of flags and fly-pasts will belie the fact that national security and independence do not depend on military might and patriotic speeches. Eye-catching celebrations will take place in Delhi and much of the media will mouth platitudes about the strength of the nation and its independence. The reality is, however, an ongoing, concerted attempt to undermine and destroy the very foundation and security of the country.

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Transcarpathian Gambit By Alexander Donetsky

8 August 2014 – Strategic Culture Foundation

The third wave of mobilization is launched in Ukraine to compensate for losses suffered in Donbass. It hits big bumps on the way.  Nobody wants to be cannon fodder for the ruling regime to add to the death toll of thousands.  People run away from different regions of the country, even the ones situated far from the conflict zone, to find refuge in Russia. Many of them are male citizens of the right age to be called for military service.

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Washington Threatens The World By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

7 August 2014 – Global Research

The consequence of Washington’s reckless and irresponsible political and military interventions in Iraq, Libya, and Syria has been to unleash evil. The various sects that lived in peace under the rule of Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, and Assad are butchering one another, and a new group, ISIS, is in the process of creating a new state out of parts of Iraq and Syria. 

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VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel News and Articles 8 August 2014: UN’s Ban Ki-moon is a partner in Israel’s crimes

8 August 2014 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Foreign Journalists Refuse to Meet Netanyahu’s Expectations
IMEMC – Foreign correspondents covering Gaza have rejected Israeli PM Netanyahu’s allegations regarding their reports, which have been described as “unbalanced” and “biased” towards Palestinians due to pressure exerted by Hamas. …
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New at Strategic Culture Foundation 3-9 August 2014

9 August 2014 – Strategic Culture Foundation

Will Cameron Prevail Over Germany?

09.08.2014 | 00:02 | Arkady DZIUBA

On August 4 Prime Minister David Cameron visited the NATO Allied headquarters in Brussels. Formally the event was timed with the marking the 100 year anniversary of the British Empire’s entrance into the First World War, but Russia and the events in Ukraine were the issues to dominate the discussions.
A few days before visiting HQ in Mons he had sent a letter to other NATO leaders. It says that as the mission in Afghanistan is winding up the alliance should re-focus on deterring Russia as before. The military expenditure of each member should not be lower than 2% of GDP.

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VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 7 August 2014: Israel cracks down on dissent

7 August 2014 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Israel Orders Halt on Palestinian Home Construction near Bethlehem
IMEMC – Settlers uproot more trees, near Ramallah Israeli forces have ordered several Palestinians working on their houses in the village of al-Khader, to the south of Bethlehem, to stop construction, under the pretext of “building without a permit”, according to local mayor, Tawfiq Salah. …
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UK: Take action for public rail!

7 August 2014

The Tories are scared. Publicly owned East Coast has made over £1bn profit for the taxpayer – showing that public trains can be efficient and effective. They’re now trying to sell it off before more people notice.

Which is why we need to ramp up the pressure for public rail.

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Video: Flight #MH17: What You’re Not Being Told

27 July 2014 —

Preamble: An excellent overview of some of the key damning evidentiary red flags inexorably pointing to the real culprits behind the collapse of Ukraine as a country, the genocidal fratricidal civil war, and, most recently, the devastating catastrophe of Malaysian Airlines Boeing MH17 that took away almost 300 lives. These culprits are the gang of murderers we have termed the Ukrainian Junta and their overseas patrons and masters, the leadership of the world’s expiring superpower – the USA. Continue reading this...

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