Fascism and War: Elite Tools to Crush and Kill Dissent By Julie Lévesque

17 December 2014 — Global Research

Hitlergeorge 400x255

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor in 1937 with Adolf Hitler

Dr. Jacques Pauwels is not the kind of historian you often hear about in the mainstream media. He’s obviously not the kind of “expert” they refer to for historical facts. Actually, one crucial propaganda method consists in excluding current events from their historical context.

Listening to Pauwels makes one realize the scope of the lies we’ve been fed about the Second World War, fascism and democracy, and how myths related to previous wars need to be upheld in the mainstream discourse to satisfy never ending war propaganda needs.

In a speech held December 15 in Montreal, he explained that World Wars I and II were all about crushing mass revolutionary movements.

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Eddie Palmieri: ‘ La Perfecta’

18 December 2014 — Jazz on the Tube

Pianist Eddie Palmieri performs with his band “La Perfecta” featuring the saxophone of Donald Harrison.

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Black Agenda Report for Dec 17, 2014: Why I Don’t Do Kwaanza, Getting Rid of Sharpton & Misleaders, Ferguson Echoes Round Worldwide

18 December 2014 — Black Agenda Report

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Ron Karenga, the man who invented Kwaanza, headed the US organization, which was responsible for the murder of 4 Black Panthers in Southern California as a tool of COINTELPRO, and the torture of two of its own female members. Kwaanza may now be bigger than its inventor, but Karenga’s crimes continue to cast a shadow on the holiday for many of us.

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The “Shape-Shifting Sheik” and the “Sydney Siege” By Tony Cartalucci

16 December 2014 — Land Destroyer Report

Suspect had multiple aliases, granted political asylum by Australian government, interviewed by Australian media, spent years as fake pro-Western “Shia’a cleric” condemning Iran and Syria before recently “converting” to Sunni and supporting ISIS.

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Imperialism and the Politics of Torture By James Petras

16 December 2014 — James Petras

Author of The Politics of Empire

The US Senate Report documenting CIA torture of alleged terrorist suspects raises a number of fundamental questions about the nature and operations of the State, the relationship and the responsibility of the Executive Branch and Congress to the vast secret police networks which span the globe – including the United States.

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Totally Unexpected, Completely Shocking, Unbelievably Surprising….

14 December 2014 — The Wolf Report

…news:  Heavily redacted executive summary of US Senate Select Intelligence Committee  report on CIA interrogation methods reveals CIA tortured; CIA lied; CIA deceived; CIA didn’t actually obtain “intelligence.” Continue reading this...

New at Strategic Culture Foundation 6-13 December 2014: War?

13 December 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

South Stream 2.0: The Energy Wars Continue (I)

13.12.2014 | 00:00 | Pyotr ISKENDEROV

In the next few years, Russia’s decision to put a stop to the South Stream project will become a deciding factor in how the energy situation develops not just in Europe, but in the whole of the Eurasian continent… European players in the gas market are looking for ways to expand their energy cooperation with Russia, despite attempts by the European Commission to sabotage their aspirations. The Slovak gas transmission system operator Eustream is planning to build a pipeline from Slovakia to the Bulgarian-Turkish border, so is hurrying to join a new plan for the transportation of Russian gas to Europe through Turkey. It is the first specific consequence of revised plans to build the South Stream pipeline…

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Black Agenda Report for December 3, 2014: TFA’s Trojan Horse in Ferguson, Try Killer Cops, Don’t March With Sharpton

11 December 2014 — Black Agenda Report

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Teach For America has done vast and indisputable harm to black communities across the country, funded by hundreds of millions in deep corporate pockets and tens of millions of federal dollars. Could this be why the St. Louis TFA exec director was picked to meet the president, supposedly as one of the “young black activists”?

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‘Grievous Censorship’ By The Guardian: Israel, Gaza And The Termination Of Nafeez Ahmed’s Blog

8 December 2014 — Media Lens

In July, regular Guardian contributor Nafeez Ahmed examined claims that Israel is seeking to create a ‘political climate’ conducive to the exploitation of Gaza’s considerable offshore gas reserves – 1.4 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, valued at $4 billion – which were discovered off the Gaza coast in 2000.

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The Rise of German Imperialism and the Phony “Russian Threat” By Prof. James Petras

7 December 2014 — James Petras

The principle Nazi ideological prop that secured massive financial and political support from Germany’s leading industrialists was the Communist and Soviet threat. The main Nazi military drive, absorbing two-thirds of its best troops, was directed eastward at conquering and destroying Russia. The ‘Russian Threat’ justified Nazi Germany’s conquest and occupation of the Ukraine, the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Baltic states, with the aid of a substantial proportion of local Nazi collaborators.

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Donetsk’s faint hopes for new ceasefire in Ukraine

8 December 2014 — Vera Graziadei

by Ramil Zamdykhanov in Donetsk and Vera Graziadei in London. 

A few months ago Donetsk was a vibrant, thriving and ambitious city. Hosting the European football championship in 2012 coincided with the peak of its hopes for world recognition. Today it stands partially destroyed, sad, hopeless and fearful for its future. The European metropolis of one million people now has around 80% of its previous population – mainly working classes; wealthier people, who could afford it, left the city in order to escape the war. Donetsk has become a centre of the Ukrainian conflict, after the Kiev government announced an ‘anti-terrorist operation’ (ATO) against ‘pro-Russian separatists’ in mid-April 2014.

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“We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to build a socialist state in Europe”

7 December 2014 — Slavyangrad.org

Preamble: Of the two texts published below, the first is a translation of an article written some weeks ago from Lugansk for the Basque language magazine, Argia. Following its publication on Slavyangrad.es, in Spanish, part of the Spanish (mostly Catalan) Left used the article to try to discredit the volunteers. They argued that the fact that they were fighting alongside French nationalists meant that the Novorossiyans are no better than Kiev. In their argument it does not matter who bombs who and both sides are bad. In practice this meant whitewashing almost all Kiev’s actions, as well as mocking the Spanish volunteers themselves. Continue reading this...

New at Strategic Culture Foundation 30 November – 6 December 2014

6 December 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

US not Ready for an Agreement on Iran’s Nuclear Programme

06.12.2014 | 00:00 | Nikolai BOBKIN

A new round of talks on Iran’s nuclear programme could begin on 10 December. Started in November 2013, the annual marathon has still not reached the finish line. Both sides are hoping to have worked out the political framework for a future agreement by the end of March, and to have completed the signing of documents by July 2015. The essence of the as yet insurmountable differences is not exactly known, however. Most media reports suggest that the reason for the breakdown of talks is disagreements regarding the outline for the lifting of sanctions, the number of permitted centrifuges, and the fate of a reactor in Arak. However, the opinion that the White House is not ready or not willing to make strategic decisions on such a scale is more well-grounded…

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Black Agenda Report for December 3, 2014: WH Meeting on Ferguson — New Movement? Are We There Yet? Obama’s Reckoning

3 December 2014 — Black Agenda Report

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

After sending an extra hundred FBI agents to Ferguson in the days leading up to the grand jury decision, the White House invited young activists opposing police murder and impunity to a Monday meeting with the president. Black Agenda Report spoke briefly with Mr. Phillip Agnew of Dream Defenders, asking what was gained or lost.

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