Attorney General speaks on legality of UK pre-emptive drone strikes By Chris Cole

12 January 2017 — Drone Wars

Jeremy Wright speaking at IISS. Click image for video of the speech

UK Attorney General Jeremy Wright’s speech at the IISS on Wednesday evening, “The modern law of self-defence“, trailed by advanced PR as “setting out the legal basis for British military strikes against terror targets overseas”, gained a flurry of advance media coverage.  I’m sure others far more qualified will comment in detail on the legal content of the speech.  However, as it undoubtedly relates to the operation of the UK’s drone fleet, it’s important to look at what the speech reveals.

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Worse than Imagined By S. Artesian

12 January 2017 — The Wolf Report: Nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor

Hulk Hogan in the White House, although it’s not quite clear if Hogan is quite as malicious, petty, mean-spirited as Donald Trump.

After today’s press conference, here’s a (chilling) thought:  Team Trump– Hulk Donald, son-in-law Thing Kushner, Spidey Reince Priebus, Rex the Wonder Dog Tillerson, Not Black Not Widow Ivanka–, an anti-brain trust for the ages, huddles around the office copy of the Erdogan Playbook For Dummies 

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Black Agenda Report for January 11, 2017: Who Owns The Movement, Dems For War Left For Peace, Contradiction in the Time of Trump

12 January 2017 — Black Agenda Report

Who Owns the Movement, and Where Are They Taking It?

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon As funders of the nonprofit industrial complex, the one percent of one percenters literally own what most of us call the movement. Last summer the “Ford Foundation and anonymous donors” pledged to invest $100 million to “strengthen the next generation of social justice leaders… in what many call the Movement for Black Lives.” Do we want to go where the owners of this movement are taking us? Is there any other destination or way to ride?

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ICH Headlines 12 January 2017

12 January 2017 — Information Clearing House

Trump Sex Blackmail, New Twist in Witch-Hunt
By Finian Cunningham

If Trump does not toe the line, then he is liable to be impeached as a “foreign agent” or have his character assassinated.

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WaPo’s Factcheck of WikiLeaks Highlights Paper’s Strange View of Facts

11 January 2017 — FAIR

Washington Post: Julian Assange’s claim that there was no Russian involvement in WikiLeaks emailsThe Washington Post (1/5/17) “factchecks” Julian Assange’s claims without either proving or disproving them.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (Fox News, 1/3/17) again denied that the leaked e-mails he published during the election came from Russia—an assertion contradicted by many anonymous US intelligence officials. “We can say, we have said repeatedly over the last two months, that our source is not the Russian government, and it is not a state party,” Assange told Sean Hannity.

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Housmans Books Newsletter 11 January 2017

11 January 2017 — Housmans


On Thursday 12th January, from 10am onwards, we will be kicking off a huge sale of second-hand and new books, as donated by the writer Tariq Ali and the estate of the artist Janet Hodgson.

Tariq Ali has very generously donated some 1,000 books, featuring many recent publications from Verso Books, as well as a wide range of other political titles, with a particular concentration of works focusing on the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. Most of these titles will be on display on the central tables, upstairs in the shop, priced at around £3. Other £1 titles of Tariq’s will be in our £1 basement.

Janet Hodgson was an artist whose work explored the interactions of time, history and language. She was a supporter of Housmans throughout her life, and we thank her family for donating her book collection to us. Janet’s books are primarily on art and art-theory, and will be put out on the central tables downstairs in the Vaults.  Please do have a read of Janet’s obituary, as printed in the Guardian

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ICH Headlines 10-11 January 2017

10-11 January 2017 — Information Clearing House

Everything in the World is Changing Regarding Syria
By President Bashar al-Assad

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Russian Hack: Bluffing and Blackmail; Trump, Goldman Sachs and Henry Kissinger: Selected Articles

9 January 2017 — Global Research

ciaThe Soft Coup Collapses – CIA Bluffing, Russia Did Not Hack, Blackmail Revealed – What Next?

By Robert David Steele, January 09 2017

CIA was bluffing, produced no evidence – Russians did not “hack” the election. Is this the beginning of the end of the Deep State in the USA? Can Trump clean house & wage peace? Continue reading this...

US Government Tries and Fails to Play Media Critic on RT

9 January 2017 — FAIR

The US intelligence community looks at RT programming.

The much-anticipated Office of the Director of Intelligence (DNI) Report—the combined assessment of the CIA, FBI, DHS and others—on alleged attempts by Russia to influence the 2016 election was released on Friday to a combination of uncritical boosting and underwhelmed perplexity. To many, it was further proof of Russia’s involvement in the DNC and Podesta hacks; to others–even to typically bullish Daily Beast–it was remarkably thin on details and evidence.

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Black Agenda Report for January 3, 2017: Locating Fascism At Home, Obama’s Gift To Trump

3 January 2017 — Black Agenda Report

Locating Fascism on the Home Map

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

In decadence and decline, the U,S. has produced two strong strains of fascism that now vie for supremacy. The First Black President, now outgoing, represents the “cosmopolitan, global obsessed” variety of fascist. Donald Trump hails from an older fascist strain, “crude and petty, too ugly for global prime time.” At this stage in history, the two corporate parties seem incapable of producing anything other than fascists of one kind or the other Continue reading this...

Obama’s War against Truth, Cracks in the US Empire, Working for Israel, Propaganda Attacks on Burundi: Selected Articles

9 January 2017 — Global Research

The War against the Truth, When the Lie Becomes the Truth. Is Obama Preparing War Against Russia?

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, January 07 2017

At the end of Obama’s presidency, Fiction has become Fact. A world of fantasy permeates the mainstream media. The Lie has become the Truth. “Fake New” has become “Real News”.  And “Real News” by the independent online media is now tagged as Russian propaganda. What we are dealing with is a War against the Truth

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Examining India’s Demonetization: Social Impact, US Backing and Global Implications: Selected Articles

8 January 2017 — Global Research

  modiIndia’s “War on Cash”: The Demonetization Blitzkrieg. The “Ice Nine” Solution

By Sridhar Chakravarthi Raman, December 11 2016

The demonetization blitzkrieg of the NDA government was served to the unsuspecting Indian public as a moral crusade to destroy the twin evils of black money and counterfeit notes. But as the days went by the stated objects of the demonetization fell apart and the government did a series of embarrassing flip flops to put forth the view that the object was to usher in a cashless society where the digitally baptized citizens would swipe their plastic cards and waft to and fro in digital wallets with consummate ease. If the overt objectives of the demonetization, i.e eradication of black money and counterfeit notes were indeed laughable, then other concerns about its covert objectives gave rise to legitimate concerns. What then is the hidden agenda of the demonetization exercise?

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Signs Look Grim for Media Picking the Side of Liberty and Dissent

6 January 2017 — FAIR

This is a kind of “which side are you on?” moment for journalists. Will they defend the rights and liberties of the many communities under threat—Muslims, women, those reliant on government assistance? Will they keep alive a space for dissent and critical questioning in the face of a White House that declares itself indifferent to rules about conflicts of interest, among many other things, and that threatens revenge on those it calls “enemies”?

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Russian “Hacking” and Fake News Inconsistencies, Endgame of War on Syria: Selected Articles

6 January 2017 — Global Research

“The Russian Hacking”: How the “Leaks” From Clinton and the DNC Happened

By Eric Zuesse, January 06 2017

Julian Assange, who received the computer-data from what U.S. President Barack Obama alleges was ‘Russian hackers’, had an opportunity, in his 3 January 2017 interview with Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity, to deny the allegation by Craig Murray (a former British Ambassador and longtime friend of Assange) that no Russian or any other hackers were involved passing that information to Wikileaks; and, in reply, Assange declined the invitation to deny it, and he said, in short: Obama and his Administration are flat-out lying about this matter.

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