Lessons From A Defeat In Europe By Martin Hart-Landsberg

14 July 2015 — The Bullet • Socialist E-Bulletin #1142

The Troika are celebrating the end of negotiations with Greece, proclaiming that thanks to their tireless efforts the Eurozone remains whole. And why wouldn’t they celebrate. They have demonstrated their power to crush, at least for now, the Greek effort to end austerity and its associated devastating social consequences. Tragically, Syriza has not only surrendered, the nature of its defeat is likely to leave the country worse off, at least both economically and very likely politically as well.

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New at Black Agenda Report 15 July 2015: Obama’s Prison Charade, Towards a Socialist South Africa, Privatizing Public Schools

15 July 2015 — Black Agenda Report

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Barack Obama attempts to create a phony legacy as the prison “reform” president by extending clemency to 46 non-violent drug offenders – not all that many, by presidential standards. Yet, he went to the U.S. Supreme Court to keep 5,000 non-violent crack-cocaine offenders locked up. Obama’s “sudden desire to look like the Great Emancipator is an ongoing publicity junket.”

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Greek parliament’s president: ‘No to ultimatums, No to the Memoranda of servitude’

15 July 2015 — Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal

KonstantopoulouPresident of the parliament of Greece, Zoe Konstantopoulou. 

The following speech was delivered early in the morning of July 11, 2015, by Zoe Konstantopoulou, president of the Greek parliament, on the question of the government’s proposal to the creditor institutions. She voted “present”, in effect an abstention. Translated by Nicholas Evangelos Levis for Analyze Greece. First published in Greek on left.gr, July 12, 2015. Posted at Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal.

* * *

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Majority of Syriza’s central committee members reject Brussel’s deal – Tsipras has lost control of the party

15 July 2015 — In Defence of Marxism

Written by Majority of the central committee of Syriza Wednesday, 15 July 2015

A statement by 109 out of the 201 members of Syriza CC rejects the Brussels deal which it describes as a coup and says it cannot be accepted by Syriza. Tsipras has lost control of the party. Below we bring the statement:

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The Third Time Is the Charm By S. Artesian

14 July 2015 — The Wolf Report: Nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor

2010— The government of Greece is bankrupt and cannot service it’s sovereign debt.  The economy is near collapse.  First bailout memorandum, familiarly known as the Kick-The-Can-Down-the-Road Memorandum is agreed to.  Economy continues to contract.

2012— The government of Greece is bankrupt and cannot service it’s sovereign debt, most of which is owned by commercial and private financial institutions.  The economy is near collapse.  Second bailout memorandum, familiarly known as Eat-Shit-And-Die Memorandum is agreed to.  Commercial and private financial institutions balance sheets are rescued.  Economy is that much nearer to collapse.

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Statewatch News Online, 15 July 2015 (16/15): Statewatch coverage of the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean

15 July 2015 — Statewatch — e-mail: office@statewatch.org

You can access as a pdf file athttp://www.statewatch.org/news/2015/jul/eu-med-crisis-15-jul.pdf

Statewatch coverage of the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean

New key documents and Commentaries

1.    EU discussing common list of “safe countries of origin” and resettlement programmes
2.    Council of EU: Resettlement scheme & protection for Italy and Greece – Main outstanding issues 
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Greek Bailout Deal Highlights Monumental Scale Of Syriza’s Betrayal By Chris Marsden

14 July 2015 — WSWS

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has signed up to an agreement that transforms Greece into a de facto colony of the European Union and places the country under the dictates of Germany.

What remains of the Greek economy, above all its most valuable assets, is to be pillaged so that Athens can continue to pay back loans from the EU, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

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The problem of Greece is not only a tragedy. It is a lie By John Pilger

14 July 2015 — John Pilger

An historic betrayal has consumed Greece. Having set aside the mandate of the Greek electorate, the Syriza government has willfully ignored last week’s landslide “No” vote and secretly agreed a raft of repressive, impoverishing measures in return for a “bailout” that means sinister foreign control and a warning to the world.

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Dear Leo, Dear Sam By S. Artesian

13 July 2015 — The Wolf Report: Nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor 

Shut up, you should excuse the harsh language.  Put a sock on it.  Close your gob.  Be quiet.  Just shut up.  You don’t know what you’re talking about and you keep talking about it so it’s gone from simply being embarrassing to being  annoying to being pathetic to being downright offensive.  So shut  up.

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Researching health companies: a web search guide By Caroline Molloy and Richard Whittell

17 June 2015 — ourNHS

How to uncover the facts about the companies involved in NHS privatisation – a joint OurNHS/Corporate Watch guide, and the first in a series of bite-sized OurNHS guides to NHS campaigning. 

The more you know about the companies carving up the NHS, the better you can campaign against them. Chances are your first port of call will be the internet. This introductory guide, from OurNHS openDemocracy and Corporate Watch, shows you how to get the information you need as quickly as possible.

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Twits and Tweets By S. Artesian

12 July 2015 — The Wolf Report: Nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor 

Leo Panitch, “Distinguished Research Professor of Political Science and Canada Research” or so it says on his business card (“available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, IPOs, and reality TV shows” it says on the flip side) has published this gem on Syriza where he demonstrates that nothing is more distinguished when conducting research than the disavowal of reality. 

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Is Ukraine a Modern Day Colony? By Andrey Panevin

11 July 2015 — Slavyangrad


by Andrey Panevin / The Barricade

Western nations like to pretend that colonialism was all but wiped out in the years following the Second World War. However, those who know better than to trust the accounts of the western ‘victors’ of WWII understand that imperialism is alive and well. Constant military and political interventions in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa serve to uphold American hegemony in the world. While the US maintains that these incursions into the sovereignty of other nations are in the interests of promoting ‘universal values’, such as so-called democracy and freedom, it is clear in the aftermath of such attacks that the opposite is true. Rather than improving the countries that the US (among other nations) invades, the outcome is often mass bloodshed and severe degradation of the quality of life for the lower classes.

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All In By S.Artesian

11 July 2015 — The Wolf Report: Nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor

Worth repeating:

No, that was not the stake. 

At stake was another bailout of Greece. On top of debt forgiveness.  On top of a moratorium.

Greece is structurally incapable of retiring its debt in the next ten, twenty, or thirty years.   Greece is structurally incapable of generating sufficient revenues, no matter what level of austerity is applied, to meet more than a fraction of the costs of the “plan of four pillars.” Continue reading this...

Video: Debate Rages in SYRIZA Over Austerity Plan

11 July 2015 — The Real News Network

During the early hours of Saturday morning, the Greek Parliament passed the motion by a majority vote of 250 – 300, but Dimitri Lascaris says this is one of the worst political debacles in modern European history (inc. transcript).

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