Drug Companies are Still Ripping Off the NHS

15 June 2016 — 38 Degrees

Rogue drugs companies are still taking our NHS for a ride, draining it of millions of pounds a year. [1] A small number of dodgy companies have been exploiting a loophole that lets them buy up the rights to everyday medicines, hike up the price, and hold our NHS to ransom.

130,000 members of 38 Degrees signed a petition demanding the government close the loophole, and it was delivered to health minister Jeremy Hunt’s doorstep last week. [2]

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Video: Orlando Shooter Proclaimed Allegiance to Rival Terrorist Organizations

14 June 2016 — The Real News Network

Vijay Prashad says that terms like “radical jihadist terrorism” explain nothing and only spread fear

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When Media Learned Killer’s Ethnicity, Then They Knew to Call It ‘Terrorism’

15 June 2016 — FAIR

News coverage over the past 48 hours of the Orlando nightclub attacks has shown how corporate media use specific vocabulary to manipulate public perceptions and perpetuate harmful stereotypes and xenophobia.

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COLDTYPE Issue 120 Mid-June 2016 – is now on line

14 June 2016 — Coldtype

Download and read it – free of charge at www.coldtype.net

THE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE: This issue we focus on some of the big issues that are plaguing American society: Pay inequality at Wal-Mart, inner-city poverty, the arms build-up by school boards, and the continuing executions fiasco. Articles by Chris Hedges, Sarah Lazare, William Watson and Annelise Orleck.

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Historical Documents Withheld Under FOIA’s Sprawling B5 Exemption Could be Freed

13 June 2016 — National Security Archive

FOIA Reform Passed Today by Congress would Mandate 25-year Sunset for B5 Exemption

Next Step is President’s Desk 

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FOIA Commands Headlines as Law Approaches 50th Anniversary

13 June 2016 — National Security Archive 


What Links Operation Condor Convictions to News of Widespread Medicare Overcharging? FOIA!

50 of the Year’s Most Important Stories Made Possible by the Freedom of Information Act, Signed 50 Years Ago this July 4

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Washington DC, June 13, 2016Today the National Security Archive celebrates the Freedom of Information Act’s upcoming 50th birthday by highlighting 50 of the year’s biggest news stories made possible by FOIA. The diverse front-page news shows how FOIA can impact human rights, government accountability, and even what you eat.

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Last Chance to Save the Link!

13 June 2016 — Open Media

Time is really running out to save the link: If you haven’t already can you share our petition with as many people as possible on Facebook and Twitter before the final deadline 48 hours from now?

Save the Link

There’s only 48 hours left to tell the European Commission not to make link tax laws!

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Exiting the EU By William Bowles

10 June 2016 — Investigating Imperialism

I haven’t written a single word about this non-event, precisely because it is a non event. It’s an artificially created argument, with the mainstream reasoning used on both sides, being equally fallacious. A gigantic deception played out with all the pomp and circumstance of a Royal Wedding and just about as empty.

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50,000 deaths a year: An “toxic air pollution crisis”: Sign the Petition

10 June 2016 — 38 Degrees

A public health emergency: that’s what MPs are calling Britain’s air pollution crisis. [1] Thousands of lives are cut short every year from toxic air polluted with chemicals like nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide. [2] There’s even evidence that it’s permanently damaging our childern’s lungs. [3]

But we’ve got a chance to end the emergency. In ten days’ time, ministers across Europe will meet to agree new laws to cut air pollution – but British politicians are deliberately blocking them. If the deal falls apart, lives will keep being lost. [4] But if we cause a public outcry, we could force our politicians into agreeing to cut toxic pollution.

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For NYT, Fair Use Depends on Who’s Doing the Using

10 June 2016 — FAIR

Making Health PublicPolitico (6/9/16) reports that the New York Times is under fire for demanding that two media critics—Daniel Hallin and Charles Briggs—pay the newspaper a total of $1,884 for using three brief quotes from Times articles in their new book Making Health Public.

Critics do not generally need to seek permission nor pay royalties for quotations from the works they criticize—the “fair use” provision in copyright law authorizes such quotes for the purposes of commentary and criticism. But the Times, it seems, has a very restrictive view of fair use when it comes to its own material. As the authors write in a Kickstarter trying to cover the costs incurred by the Times‘ demands:

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Statewatch 10 June 2016: Statewatching Europe Conference, 25 June: Final programme

10 June 2016 — Statewatch • e-mail: office@statewatch.org

Conference PROGRAMME: http://www.statewatch.org/conference/conference-2016.pdf
See list of groups supporting the Conference: http://statewatch.org/conference/supporters.html

European conference marking Statewatch’s 25th anniversary

Civil liberties, the state and the European Union

09.45 – 17:00, Saturday 25 June 2016
Resource for London, 356 Holloway Road, London N7 ( map)

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Another Tamriel is Possible: Brexit Proposals vs Solutions by Elliot Murphy

7 June 2016 — Counterpunch

Virtually the entire British political elite is in favour of remaining in the European Union. Aside from a handful of Tory careerists like Boris Johnson and Michael Gove who see a disagreement with David Cameron’s leadership as a way to secure their own position within the party, the forces of reaction and business across the wingspan of British politics are flocking to support the EU. Once we examine the Brexit situation in terms of what would best undermine the more neoliberal forces of the EU, it soon becomes clear that a vote to Leave would pull the EU in a considerably less neoliberal direction, likely benefiting other European countries – not to the mention the global South, in particular Africa, which has enjoyed a fundamentally exploitative relation with the EU since its inception.

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Lobbyists trying, for the second time to have ban on bee killing pesticides lifted!

9 June 2016 — 38 Degrees

BREAKING: last night powerful lobbyists put in yet another application to bring back bee-killing pesticides to our fields. [1] And government advisers will be approving or blocking the application this Tuesday. [2]

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Media Lens: How The Press Hides The Global Crimes Of The West: Corporate Media Coverage Of Chad

9 June 2016 — Media Lens

Guest Media Alert By Richard Lance Keeble

One of the essential functions of the corporate media is to marginalise or silence acknowledgement of the history – and continuation – of Western imperial aggression. The coverage of the recent sentencing in Senegal of Hissène Habré, the former dictator of Chad, for crimes against humanity, provides a useful case study.

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